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Jun 16, 2009
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Jun 16, 2009
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Mar 24, 2009

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1) hockey is the greatest sport i don't want to have an argument about it...if you don't agree then we can agree to disagree
2) Emmett Cullen/Kellan Lutz is the best thing to grace planet earth...again if you don't agree: see above!
3) i'm dating a four year old! but it's only b/c his bday in february 29th which we all know only comes around in leap he's really 17 like me, but technically he's only had four real birthdays...
4) Favorite all time show is hands down Gilmore Girls...and because of that it is my life long dream to run and own my own bed and breakfast....thank you lorelai gilmore!
5) I write fanfiction because i have no i'm kidding there...we fanfiction writers have lives.... anyway... looking4theultimateluvstory11 on ...that's me.... and i write mainly because my friends wanted to read them... because for some odd reason they like what i write... i know crazy right? but supposedly i'm a good writer... and those stories on there... aren't even the best...they haven't even read the A.N.N. stories....which are like WOAH!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)? expect me to remember? really? okay....well.... i bought it right after it came out on paperback... like the day it came out on paperback actually.... it says copyright of 2005 so let's go with that! aka: back before it was cool! hehe

how many times have i read it? really?! at least 40....closing in on 50....i never go on any extended vacation without's like my left hand!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Okay these are really hard questions!!!

book: Team Edward....Jake seemed coniving as all get out in the books....i just didn't like him in the books....but i am glad that he found someone... even if it was in a half vampire/half human child.... btw: that idea...still not sure about it... i didn't mind it.... but ... eh...

Movie: as long as jake keeps being played by the amazing taylor lautner and taylor lautner keeps working out.... he's got my vote!!! cause just between you and me... i can't turn down a good view of some abs!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
i just had this conversation with my best friend the other day! Bella....i know i know...everybody says that! but seriously...i trip over everything! like a flat surface....isn't flat to me! and i have this thing for the "bad guys" you know the ones who say they're bad.... hmmm what were my other reasons? oh... getting kinda personal here... but you know how edward always kisses bella just under her ear? yea... that's like THE spot for me.... it's kinda weird actually... and there were other points... but i can't remember them right now!
Favorite Books
i read this series all the time called twilight...i don't know if you've heard of them but they are awesome! the 39 clues....which i am way too old for...but you get to play a game too! any sarah dessin books....i've got them all! meg cabot is my favorite author and i've read pretty much all of them too....geeze...i read so much anymore... um....oh i just got into this series called the bodyguards....they're a romance/action series....way more mature than i should be reading but....i write mature things... so i need like a bouncing board i guess you could say...oh and i read harry over and over and over...
What is Your Favorite Music
i listen to it all! i constantly joke that my MP3 player goes from Disney Princesses to AC/DC... which it does.... but i'm really into the 80s bands.... you know...twisted sister (is that even 80s?), metallica, AC/DC, motley crue, def leppard, scorpions, poison....and the best ever: BON JOVI!!! yea...i have for recent music...taylor swift is awesome...secondhand serenade and daughtry are my life stories....nickelback is for when i'm feeling particularly...naughty?...yea....naughty....
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Movies: miracle (hott guys and hockey! yay!), twilight (duh!), coyote ugly (hello! they dance on a bar!), fool's gold, sahara (ok...matthew mcconaughey...he's just awesome!), the pirates movies, 10 things i hate about you, he's just not that into you (hilarious btw!)

tv shows: gilmore girls, gossip girl, secret life of the american teenager, kyle xy, greek, 90210 (it has kellan lutz in it sometimes....honestly that's the only reason), lost, house, supernatural

Games: game?! idk...CLUE!! i love that game! and monopoly is great....i'm like an old school kind of girl! and life is the best!
Favorite Quotes:
"i think this time i'm really going to give up. i can't handle it doesn't matter what i say or what i do, you're never gonna want me & i have to finally accept that. it's not doing me any good at all and i'm really really hurting. i know you might not think it's true but just because i don't let you see me when i'm upset doesn't mean i'm not hurting & you have to understand that because i don't think i can handle another one of your STUPID. LITTLE. GAMES."

"the truth is she thinks about you constantly. she would do anything for you. smiles inside when you notice her. thinks about you before she falls asleep & right when she wakes up. she notices every time you look her way. but unfortunately, you don't look her way often enough to see these things. & i bet you never will. it HURTS. A LOT."

"& i'm jsut going to pretend like i never knew you. like i never saw you. like i never loved you. like i never fell for you. because i kinda have to accept the fact that YOU LOVE HER."

"you're upset and you're saying hurtful things right now!" --Baby Mama

"In my mind Edward is my boyfriend, Alice is my best friend, Emmett is the big brother i wish i had, and jake...he's around if I get cold"

"that's an oops! baby!"--me on my "brothers" new baby

"JE MANQUE TOUJOURS DE TEMPS"--angstgoddess003....u wanna know what it means? look it up

i could quote a bunch of don't feel like it
Favorite Activities
colorguard, soccer games, hockey games, movie nights with the girls, talking hockey with jon...redhead not "no no zone"...., reading, writing, talking smack behind the backs of people i hate (i know...i'm a good role model!), drinking bottles and bottles of code red so you end up with a sugar hangover the next morning, the after-hockey game parties i end up at....whether it's the local team's weekly get together or the one at a friends house...singing is always involved!!!

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