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yin and yang: the twins have someone to take care of them now.... we are very pleaced

It’s a dark night, it’s raining a lot… and you have been hearing strange noises form the house next to yours… it’s an abandoned house…or at least you thought so… you don’t play attention…and keep with your life….but then…you hear two beating hearts and cries of babies…. You can’t just left them…so you go in order to check…

Image Hosted by

The entrance it’s all dirty and full of dust…you go up stairs and see the living room, you get scared but you feel something is calling you… so you keep looking for the two beating hearts….suddenly you find them…they are two little baby girls laying on the floor over something that once was a mattress, but it’s all messed up now… so you start to walk in order to hold them…

april sisies.jpg

but you tripped with something… it´s a weird book…

book of shadows.jpg
So you open it and read something about a prophecy…of two girls… who reprecents duality…dark and light

yin yang.jpg

…night and they…

star and moon.jpg

they are the daughters of the constellation of April… one of them is April and the other one is Aprily…at lest that is what the book says…April represents the dark side of life, the ice… Aprily reprecents the light, the fire… together they are a complete unity…

You left thebook on the floor where you found it…and keep walking… you are almost next to them when two cats jumo from nowhere… one of them is white with yellow eyes


The other one is black with blue eyes…


You are a little scared so you stay looking right to their eyes…they are just cats right?...what can they do …you are much stronger than them…that is a fact…

Want to continue with this? Want to know what happen next? Comment then and open the door to something different…

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