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Aussies;; Weston && Wisteria
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Aussies;; Weston && Wisteria's Friends

  • ღωє.¢αи'т.вє.тαмє∂™
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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Spechual;Memorable Comments;
At 9:46pm on November 2, 2010, ღBottoms.Up;;-™
Blake:[Laughs softly and nods, looking at the stars. Places a forefinger on your chin and tilts your chin up, looking down at your dark eyes] Your eyes are so beautiful. Just like your soul and heart. They sprakle like faraway stars. [Looks up at the stars again and down at your sparkling eyes] If I could, I would reach each and every one of them just for you, Wisteria.
At 10:08pm on November 2, 2010, ღBottoms.Up;;-™ s
Blake:[Chuckles] I believe that. [Smiles softly and kisses your nose] And you will always own my heart soul and everything I have. Either you want ti or not. Cause I love you so very much. [Smiles tenderly and strokes your cheeks with my thumbs]
At 9:24pm on November 2, 2010, Everything Never Wanted ♥.
[giggles and smiles, hugging her back, Smiles] Well, Wisty, I'ma call you . . Wisty-Pop.! [giggles and stands next to West, looks at him] You's shorter then me. ;D [thinks] Your . . Shawty W. [Laughs, smiles] Speshul nickinames for speshul persons :D.

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When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?

01 - John Mayer - Heartbreak Warfare

Wisty;| [smiles warmly;blushing] I just love him so muchie![giggles gently] I can't describe it!:)


She said, "Once upon a time" ;he said,"The End."
Lets learn a little bit about this Sheila;
I recently moved down here to La Push;Washington from Sydney,Australia; yes I have an accent hun:) I know; Aussies beh beastin[chuckles].

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At 7:16am on November 12, 2010, נα¢σв вℓα¢к said…
[looks down and sighs] I know there's no point giving you this now, when your b-day was days ago..I wanted to give it to you while we were in that ice cream store but apperently you've just dissapeard..I hope everythings good between us. [smiles] Here you go Misty-Wisty:

At 9:48pm on November 11, 2010, Pray;;-Tristian said…
[laughs] A Cookie? Im In [grins,grabs a pen and paper] [thinks,starts writing] [finishes in 10 minuets] [chuckles] Ready? [starts singing]

At 7:30pm on November 10, 2010, Love like stone. said…
ღ[ smiles thinking ] You know what, Wist? I'm just going to say this, you are special, very special, I think! [ laughs lightly and looks at the hill we gotta walk up to to the hose. ] Piggyback ride? [ I offered with a smirk {
At 5:51pm on November 10, 2010, Love like stone. said…
ღYes! Yes I did! [ Chuckles lightly and takes your hand ever so gently in my hand, bowing down to you, and pressing my warrm lips to your skin very softly, keeping them pressed there for a secod as I looked up at you and my lips turned into a curve, and I smiled eventually pulling away, and realising your hand carefully, ] No, the pleasure is mine, Little Miss Wist. [ laughs softly. ]
At 11:30am on November 10, 2010, W r o n g Direction;; said…
Dear W i s t y - N i s t y
Chu mean da World to meh,Babe.! And l luberz yew even if chu are a stubborn pain in da ass sometimes.! llGiggles softlyll Did l ever tell yew that chu light up mah life? Well yew do..Chu came in mah life and it made B a a m.! llNodsll Yesh that's exactly what happened.! Yew and Meh are not just Bestehs, More like Sistahs....Nahh that's not covering..Uh.! Now l got.! S o u l m a t e s.!
Yours, and Yours onleh D e l i l a h
At 10:51am on November 9, 2010, נα¢σв вℓα¢к said…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISTY! [hugs you tight, then spins you around and finally kisses your cheek] I can't wait to give you ma present, but you have to be on..I wanna see the look on your face [chuckles softly]
At 8:17am on November 7, 2010, נα¢σв вℓα¢к said…
[smirks then walks faster] Better my lady?
Owh handsome? I didn't expect to hear that from you in my wildest dreams! [laughs] Now,I'm starting to be more afraid of those Spiderman gays.! [laughs lightly]
And you think it's easy for me to walk and carry such a beautiful girl in my arms? [raises eyebrows and looks at you] Not at all Wisty!
At 12:45am on November 7, 2010, ».Ƨнαʏ. said…
font color="black">ღ [giggles] I know right.?! That's an awesome way to explain us.!
We're toooo hot to handle.!
At 12:32am on November 7, 2010, ».Ƨнαʏ. said…
[giggles] And your hand.! Now.. That's what I call adorable.! [smiles] Yess.! It is now officially offical.! Best Friends For Life.! [grins] Oooh they better be jealous.! I mean, we're little hottie totties.! [giggles] They can look; but they can't have.!
At 11:51pm on November 6, 2010, ».Ƨнαʏ. said…
Heyy Wisty.! [smiles] Your name is soo cool.! Because you don't hear it much && it's definently not hard to forget.! [grins] I know right.?! Kanarroos are probably the cutest animals alive.! Especially the babies.! [giggles] Nah.! It's fine.! I get off topic a lot.! [laughs] [chuckles] Not weird.! Just different in a good way. [smiles] Nice to meet you West & Wisty. [smiles wide]

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