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Full Name: Animalia Azia Wolfgang

Nickname: Azia

Age: 19

Status: Single

Crush: notta

Bio: Azia is a very over protective wolf, even to new people shes meets. She is always careful and a little bit jumpy around larger wolves ( even if she is kinda big for a wolf) She’s one of the more outgoing type people but her anger issues make her hard to make happy. Although she is very warm and kind she has sort of a dark side most people never see. She loves car and is a real tomboy when it comes to them. She likes speed and excitement. She has a crappy past and doesn't like talking about it much.

Species: Wolf

Special: Eyes change color with her mood.



Full Name: Dexter λύκος Wolfgang

Nickname: Detox

Age: 18

Status: Single

Crush: Nope

Bio:He hasn't spoken to anyone since the death of his mate and two daughters. He has a very kind heart and helps everyone he can in any way he can. He is super protective of his pack. He would do anything to for the people around him and doesn't care what it will cost him. He is loyal and is good at making others happy. His mate and two daughters were murdered by vicious evil wolves. he wander the world trying to find them and found Azia instead. She reminded him of his first born daughter Charlie. They have been closer than siblings ever since. The only the he has left to remember his family by is a small leather bracelet his 2 year old daughter Lillian made him. He hasn't ever taken it off.

Species: Wolf

Special: Resurrection


Full Name: Jackson Syria Wolfgang

Nickname: Jet

Age: 20

Status: single

Crush: no one

Bio: Jet is the show off. Hes fast, strong, smart, and good looking. He loves his life and his family. But he also loves the city life. jet is more of the fast car and party types. He knows a lot about cars, guns, and killing which it what he is good at. He is really sweet but can be a sarcastic sometimes. He lived with his sister for a long time. when Azia and Detox came to his town he left with them.

Species: Vampire


Special: Teleportation

((See My Photos For Wolf Form Pic))


Full Name: Catherina Amanda Wolfgang

Nickname: Meme

Age: 16

Status: single

Crush: noope

Bio: Meme is the smallest one of this group. She is has a way with people that helps her gain trust easily. She loves hanging out with her family and friends. She is really sweet but has a really wicked side that few has seen. She is very loyal to her friends and wishes to have more she is the odd one out of there group because she shifts into a smaller type of wolf. She isn't as strong as the others but she is much faster. She is really smart

Species: Wolf

Special: Wall Crawling

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Full Name:

Nickname: Michael

Age: 17

Status: Single

Crush: none

Bio: Hes sarcastic and a one night stand guy. He is the bad boy out of everyone he knows. He loves having fun and doesn't like rules at ALL. He isn't much of a sit still guy. he is always doing something fun and crazy.His long life of partying, and doing everything he can in his life, the only difference between his and his family (besides Fox) he is a Vampire


Species: Vampire


Special: Invisibility

(( See Him In Photos))


Full Name: Jezebel Lilith Wolfgang
Nickname: Fox
Age: 17
Status: single
Crush: not really
Bio: She is like Micheal in all ways but one. She is more open and understands everyone's feelings. She had a hard time dealing with the fact shes a Vampire. But after a few years she learned to love and embraces it. She had a normal human life until she was bitten. then she found Michael and they meet with Azia, Jet, and Detox and Became a family.

Species: Vampire

Special: Telescopic Vision

(( See Her In Photos))

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The Family

Posted on September 15, 2012 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

Full Name: Lucas Uvall Wolfgang

Nickname: Luke

Age: 17

Status: single

Crush: no

Bio: He was turned into a vampire two years ago. He was just walking home from his job and he was attacked. When he woke up, he was a vampire. He misses his family and his life, but he's gotten over that. He's been with the Wolf gang while now, trying to control himself and learn how to be around people without attacking them. He considers them his family  now and absolutely loves them.

Species: Vampire

Special: Freeze Vision


Full Name: Lyric Alexandria Wolfgang

Nickname: Lil

Age: 19

Status: single…


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The Family

Full Name: Lucas Uvall WolfgangNickname: LukeAge: 17Status: singleCrush: noBio: He was turned into…See More
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The Family

Full Name: Lucas Uvall WolfgangNickname: LukeAge: 17Status: singleCrush: noBio: He was turned into…See More
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