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Bella's Page

Hi my name is Isabelle Marie Swan. I was born in the small town of Forks, Washington, but my parents soon got divorced, my mom leaving my dad in the town and taking me with her. We moved around a lot when I was younger, living first in California and later Phoenix, Arizona, especially how warm and sunny it was. I didn't have many friends at my large school there, but I never found that bothersome, as I was always busy trying to keep up with my mom. It was like I was the adult and she was the child, so I never found myself with lack of things to do. Then my mom married Phil, a minor league baseball player, and I could tell how wistful she was to enjoy life on the road with him, even though she never mentioned it to me. Wanting her and Phil to be happy, I made what I believed to be the ultimate sacrifice; I volunteered to move in with my dad, returning to the small town of my birth.

The move took place in January of 2005, and the town was just as cloudy, rainy, and cold as I remembered. Living with my father, Charlie, was much quieter than living with my mom, but my dislike of Forks still remained. It was so green. I missed the sun against my skin and the busy streets of Phoenix. I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome present Charlie purchased for me: a red 1953 Chevy pick-up truck. While different, the car was perfect for me, and it also demonstrated Charlie's appreciation of my decision to move in with him.

It wasn't long before I had to face what I dreaded possibly more than the dreary weather--my first day at Forks High School. All I wanted was to blend into the background, but the students adamantly tried to be my friend, especially the male population at the school. Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, and Eric Yorkie vied for my attention, while Jessica Stanley and Angela Weber decided to become my new best friends. Jessica only befriended me because she had a crush on Mike, but Angela was nice, so I was happy for her friendship. There were so many kids and faces but I'll never forget that first day at lunch when I laid eyes on them--The Cullens. They were so stunning and beautiful that any model would envy their looks, and it took all my effort not to stare at them during the meal. Five strange pale skinned and gorgeous family, all dressed like they walked right out of a high-end department store, and I couldn't help but wonder what they were doing in a small town like Forks.

Despite the strange amount of attention I received from the male population at the school, it was Edward Cullen who I was drawn to. The first time we met, in biology class, he seemed disgusted by my presence, moving as far away from possible like I had some deadly disease he didn't want to catch. He tried to switch out the class that day, and when that proved impossible, didn't show up to school for an entire week. I couldn't help but feel like there was something wrong with me; there was no reason I should have repulsed him so much. I tried to go on living as though I never noticed Edward or the Cullen's, but couldn't get them out of my mind.

Edward returned to school after that week, surprising me by trying to make small talk during class. Saying I was confused would be an understatement, but I went with the flow, trying not to worry too much about what happened the prior week. The next day I awoke to find the roads covered in ice, and was grateful for my car that was able to survive any sort of weather. Unfortunately, Tyler Crowley's van wasn't as resilient as my truck. It all happened so fast, but I remember the truck spinning out of control in my direction, and a moment later Edward was there holding the truck above my legs. Yes, he lifted the van from the ground to prevent it from squashing me, holding it up like it was as light as a feather. That was the moment I knew there was something different about him, and I was determined to discover his secret.

His secret wasn't anything like the original ideas I had, but it all made sense once I put it together. Edward Cullen is a vampire, but not in the traditional, Dracula sort of way. As it turns out, real vampires don't sleep in coffins (in fact, they don't sleep at all), they don't mind garlic or crosses, sunlight doesn't kill them (although they can't be seen in it, since it literally sparkles off of their skin), and they are irresistibly beautiful. The one thing that is the same from the traditional myth is that they do need blood to survive. However, Edward and his family live off of animal blood, jokingly calling themselves "vegetarians." Edward and I spent every moment together after that, despite the fact that my blood had a particularly alluring scent to him, and every moment we spent together he had to focus on trying not to kill me.
At first, Edward tried to stay away from me "for my own good." I refused to accept this, and neither of us could resist the pull we felt toward each other. Edward was the only one who understood how my mind worked, which was ironic because my mind is the only one he can't read with his telepathic vampire ability. The rest of his family accepted me, except for Rosalie, who resented me for reasons I didn't then understand. Other than her they welcomed me with open arms, even inviting me to a field to play "baseball" during a storm. Everything felt so perfect; I finally found a place where I belonged, even if it was with a family of vampires.

Perfection can't last forever, and that day in the field others of their kind decided to join us. Even though they were the same species, there was something different about the three nomads. Their eyes were red instead of topaz, as they fed off humans instead of animals. There were three of them--James, Victoria, and Laurent. The moment James set sight on me I could see the evil in his eyes, and I knew I was no longer safe. I had to leave home that night, lying to Charlie so James wouldn't hurt him and escaping with Alice and Jasper while Edward and the others tried to locate James. We went to Phoenix, where I fell right into James's trap, finding myself alone with him the the ballet studio where I used to take lessons. With no way of defending myself I believed my life to be over, especially when James took that first bite out of my arm, causing more pain than I ever imagined possible.

Edward and the rest of the Cullens arrived right in time to kill James before he took too much blood. I wanted to let the venom run its course; I wanted to be like Edward and his family. Edward refused to allow it, and he sucked the venom out of my system, using all of his strength to not kill me in the process. I awoke in the hospital the next day still human, and that was the day I decided I would eventually become a vampire, no matter what it took. My future was with Edward, and I wanted to spend eternity with him.

On my 18th birthday the Cullens threw a party on my behalf which wound up in disaster. I was attempting to open a gift and cut my finger, leading Jasper into a frenzy and causing Edward to rethink about being with me. He left Forks, they all left Forks, leaving me with nothing to remember him by. I was alone, broken inside that my one love left me forever. The next few months went by in a blur; it was like I wasn't even alive, and I ceased communication with everyone at school. I didn't care anymore. No one could understand what I was going through, and I couldn't even tell them because it would mean giving away Edward's secret. Plus, no one would believe me if I told them the truth; they would probably lock me up in a mental institution.
The light in my life during this hard time was Jacob Black. He and I became closer than I ever imagined. Then one day, Jake started acting distant, keeping secrets from me. I thought he joined some kind of weird gang, but eventually I got him to admit the truth--Jacob was a werewolf and there were others like him. Just like vampires, the wolves weren't like the ones people are familiar with in legends. They don't have to change at the full moon, and would never hurt a human. Jake and I spent all our time together, and I was so grateful that I had such a great friend who I knew would always be there for me no matter what.

However, a part of Edward was never gone, because when I was in danger I could hear his voice in my mind. It was only in my mind, but it was so tempting to hear his voice, that I purposefully put myself in dangerous situations to feel closer to him. I became somewhat of a daredevil. Jacob taught me how to ride a motorcycle, and it got to the point where I decided to attempt to jump of a cliff in La Push and into the water, just like I'd seen Jacob and his friends do. Little did I know that Victoria awaited me at the bottom of my cliff, and it was much to my luck that Jacob was there to save me. Alice cannot see wolves in her visions (she sees the future), so she was under the impression that I killed myself, and came back to Forks immediately.

Edward became suicidal thinking about a life without me and ran to Italy with the intention of making the Volturi, who are vampire royalty, kill him. Luckily, Alice and I were able to make it to Italy in time to save Edward, but not without a confrontation with the leaders of the Volturi themselves. Jane (a member of the Volturi) tried to use her power on me, and the entire Volturi was shocked when her power was ineffective, because I blocked it with my mind. The Volturi decided to make a deal: I become one of them, or I was to be killed. After some negotiation, Carlisle agreed to change me after my high school graduation. I cannot wait to become part of their family, and spend eternity with Edward.
When we got home Edward agreed to change me into a vampire if I would marry him. I loved him but the idea of marriage was more fearful than the idea of being a vampire with him for all eternity. The Volturi left us with warning that they will be keeping an eye on me and the Cullens, so I knew it wouldn't be long until they had to change me.
Unaware of what was actually going on, Charlie grounded me. Not that I can blame him. after all, I did disappear for three days without letting him know where I went. Charlie eventually decided it was about time to let me mingle outside our out-of-the-way home after a few weeks of being grounded in order to rekindle my friendships with those from school. It was difficult at first, I guess. I'm just glad that a few of my friends proved faithful even after those traumatic seven months.

Charlie was never as forgiving as I was toward Edward. I was under "house arrest" and had set visiting hours of when Edward could visit me. Charlie was worried about me and Jacob's friendship and he pushed on the idea of us hanging out more, since he saw how helpful Jake was to me during those tough months. So I was let off the hook and was forced to spend time with others around me so that Edward would not consume all my time. This was a good thing because it allowed me to get closer to Angela, who really is a true friend.

The newspapers constantly talked about the heightening murder rate in Seattle, and news spread quickly of the newborns in the area. Edward was by my side constantly in fear of what may happen, and we even go to visit my mother in Florida for some time. It was nice to see her again. I love her so much and with everything going on I did not get to see her as much as I would have liked too. After our visit I realized that the wolves and the Cullen's were searching for Victoria. They worked together but kept their distance since they were enemies in their eyes. I saw my two families split but united because of my safety. I could not choose a side.

Through all the craziness I was able to get graduation over with and be able to focus on everything else around me. It was obvious Victoria was plotting a way to revenge the death of James, her mate. The two enemies were able to find something in common and united together to fight the newborns and Victoria. We planned where the battle field would take place but in fear that something would happen to Edward hurt me inside so I made him stay with me. During the night I was frozen in a sleeping bag and Jacob held me since his body was a oven by the simplest touch. Jake and Edward spoke with each other that night in honesty and it was apparent that both loved me. Before Jake left to fight in the battle he made me kiss him and I didn't know how to react to it. I told Edward he was my only love and my life. Victoria snuck up with us and Edward with Seth Clearwater's assistance were able to defeat Riley and Victoria. After the battle the Volturi came to clean up the mess. We were finally safe from the Nomads.

As my high school career comes to a definite close, I have been able to graduate from Forks High with my diploma, alongside Edward and Alice Cullen without any regrets and hindrances. The ceremony wasn't all that enthralling in my opinion, but of course it meant a lot to my dad; I guess I can't blame him.
Despite the after-party Alice eagerly put together, these past few weeks have been rather peaceful, and I've been enjoying the time to relax. Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. Victoria finally revealed herself, after the Cullens and I discovered her course of action. The menacing threat she posed to me has ceased to exist; the string of murders that plagued Seattle has come to a close, much to our delight. We are all safe, now, knowing that the Volturi have crossed back to Volterra after their all too brief visit to our little community, here in Forks.

I didn't know how Charlie and Renee would react to the news of my and Edward's engagement. At first Charlie thought it was a riot, and insisted that I be the one to break the news to my mother. The thought terrified me, but it turned out that Renee fully supported my decision to marry Edward. She seemed to be more sure about the entire thing than I was. The fateful day crept up on me quickly, but there was one thing that was missing. My best friend Jacob Black left town after hearing the news, and I doubted that he would return any time in the near future.

Upon taking those first few steps down the aisle, everything seemed to instantly fall into place. The moment I saw Edward's face waiting for me at the altar, I forgot all of the doubts I previously held about the marriage. I loved him, and that was all that mattered, as long as we both shall live. It was one of the most joyous moments of my life when we were pronounced man and wife, and it seemed as though everything was perfect. Then came the biggest surprise of all - Jake decided to make an appearance. I was overjoyed to see him, and at first everything between us was as it always was. It was obviously too much of me to expect for the entire wedding to run perfectly, and Jake (along with some other members of the pack who came along to watch out for him) got slightly defensive, ending in them having to leave. Edward and I returned to the wedding, and I was able to push the small issue out of my mind and enjoy my wedding day to the fullest extent possible. It was then that I was finally Isabelle Marie Cullen.

Saying goodbye to Charlie and Renee was extremely difficult, as I knew it would be a long time until I would see them again, if at all. But soon Edward and I made it to the location of our honeymoon, a wonderful little island called "Isle Esme" off the coast of Rio de Janero that Carlisle purchased for Esme for their anniversary. (Yes, he bought her an island.) It was on this island that Edward and I finally consummated our marriage, and the night was more amazing than I even imagined. Despite Edward's original hesitation to be together more than one time, I eventually managed to change his mind. However, this didn't come without a surprise. I had always believed that it was impossible for vampires to reproduce, for that was what I had been told. But my obvious pregnancy proved otherwise, and much to my surprise I found myself looking forward to having my child, despite the fact that I never desired to have a child before that point.

Carlisle and Edward didn't have quite the same reaction to the pregnancy that I did. The first thing they said upon hearing the news was that they had to "get the thing out of me." Out of defense to this idea, I called the only one who would understand my thoughts on the matter - Rosalie. Ironic that she would be the one to help me, but the previously distant member of the Cullen family was the first to rush to my side and support my decision, helping me through the entire pregnancy. To be quite honest, I thought that the baby inside of me would likely kill me. But then Jake had this idea - that since the baby had Edward's vampire genes, it needed blood. I was willing to do anything for the survival of my child, even if it meant drinking blood to keep him alive while I was still human. Turned out that the blood tasted good to me, and it was exactly what my baby needed.

The baby came a few days earlier than expected, and everything about the birth was a blur. I recall people fussing over me, and the image of Renesme's face before entering darkness. Then the fire began. The scorching, burning fire running throughout every single vein, burning me alive from the inside out. Every other painful break or fall I'd experienced in my life seemed pleasant compared to this pain that made me want to die a thousand times over. After two long days in which time seemed to move at a complete standstill, the change was complete. I was what I had been begging Edward to make me for over a year - a vampire. I was officially one of the Cullens.

I had been warned that the first year of being a new-born would be one of extreme difficulty, and I believe it was this preparation for the challenge I was to encounter that made me able to control the new-born instincts to the point where I basically skipped over the year of what was supposed to be a lack of control to actually being me. Yes, I looked different, but it didn't take long for me to realize that I was still the same person inside, although all of my abilities were heightened to a degree my human mind never could have imagined. The strength was something I never believed I would be able to have - Edward actually called me graceful. Even as a vampire, that was something I never believed I would ever hear.

My first hunting trip was more successful than anticipated, and I managed to do what should apparently be impossible for a new-born vampire - resist the smell of human blood. I have to admit that I was tempted, and that I did begin to chase after them before Edward stopped me. I growled at him, but that was the worst that happened with that situation. My first meal was a mountain lion - Edward's favorite. Although the experience proved to be rather messy, which Edward says will improve with time, I was glad to find that I wasn't as bad at it as I anticipated. When I returned, I was in for quite the surprise. It didn't take long for Jake to let me know that he imprinted on my daughter. At first I was furious with the concept of that, and even tried to attack my best friend. Given time, I realized that it all made sense. The connection I once felt with Jake, that I needed him with me, had finally dissipated into the normal feeling of friendship that we should have had from the beginning. Now that Edward and I had each other and Jake and Nessie had each other, it was as though everything were finally where it should be.
It didn't take long for conflict to arise. Irina from the Denali coven decided to pay us a visit to apologize for missing the wedding, and witnessed Jake interacting in the forest from a distance. She assumed what anyone else in her position would - that Nessie was one for the forbidden Immortal Children. I do not blame her for this assumption - Nessie's kind is extremely rare and it was unknown at the time, so it would be the most obvious conclusion for Irina to jump to. But as a strict follower of the law she went to the Volturi to tell them what she witnessed, and Alice soon saw a vision of a massive attack in the meadow with the entire Volturi at the forefront.

It seemed impossible that we could win the upcoming battle. This is the Volturi we're talking about, and they aren't ones to take the law lightly. Once they make a decision that justice needs to be served, they have no mercy. We did the only thing possible to save our lives - gather a slew of witnesses to contest to the fact that Nessie is not one of the Immortal Children, and prepare for the worst. Kate from the Denali worked with me on my ability, and I managed to learn the beginnings of using my shield power to protect those around me. When the fateful day came when the Volturi arrived at Forks, no one had any idea what would happen. We were prepared to talk, to fight, or to die. But whatever happened, we had to try. They say the reason the Volturi listened to us was because of me. In the high pressure atmosphere, something clicked in my mind with how to use my power, and I was able to protect everyone on our side from being affected by the "witch twins" powers. Without my ability, we would have been knocked senseless and murdered on the spot. I refuse to take all the credit, but I am determined to learn how to use my power to the best ability I possibly can.
Misc. Pics:

My Family:

My Dearest Edward.

My daughters Stevie, Lillian, and Renesmee.

My grandaughter Carlie Sarah.

The newest members of the family Jane Carlie, Seth Jr., and Leah Elizabeth.

To All my family I love you all so very much. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have any of you in my life. Love, Bella.

Profile Information

When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I read the whole series in 11 days year 2009.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Edward. It would be wrong to be against my husband lol.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Bella not so clumsy though!
Favorite Books
Twilight Series
What is Your Favorite Music
I like a mix of music styles.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Twilight, Vampire Diaries, CSI, Numbers, Criminal MInds, NCIS, and The Mentalist.
Favorite Quotes:
Put this in any liquid thing you will
And drink it off; and, if you had the strength
Of twenty men, it would dispatch you straight.
There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls,
Doing more murders in this loathsome world
Than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell

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