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Chapter 4

Posted on February 17, 2010 at 12:17pm 2 Comments

Bellas POV

I can’t belive it. She actually jumped off the cliff. I had to do something. I looked around, panicked. That was when I saw Jacob walking along the beach with Nessie. I had just had the best idea I could think of at the time. I could not let Edward lose her again. Not after he had just found her.

I started running towards the edge of the cliff. Edward must have thought I was going to jump of the cliff,…


Chapter 3

Posted on February 6, 2010 at 3:50pm 4 Comments

Edward's POV

Okay, so I now know a 14 year old boy that can read past thoughts. How could I ever hide anything again. Usually I was the one that everyone had to hide their thoughts from. I couldn't hear anything they'd thought before, but this boy was now telling me that he could hear anything I'd thought before.

He'd said he had another gift but hadn't told me what it was. I couldn't get a read of his mind. It was so full of my siblings…

Chapter 2...

Posted on January 24, 2010 at 8:00am 4 Comments

I was just going to say "Hello" but she beat me to it.

"Hello" Her voice was as soft as velvet. It reminded me too much of Edward. Now I wished he had come with me, I wouldn't have to be doing this on my own then. I started to get worried, what if she wasn't as nice as other vegetarian vampires. What if the only reason she drank animal blood was so that she could come out into public like this. The last reason shook me to the bones. What if that was her gift. A gift that would allow… Continue

Belle Nuit... Book 1

Posted on January 21, 2010 at 12:09pm 6 Comments


I always hated going shopping. It was never my thing. But after Renesmee tasted vanilla ice cream I knew it would be a great birthday treat. I had told Edward to stay at home with Renesmee to make sure she didn't suspected anything. The breeze was blowing into my face, there was a strange tint to it today. Something that was a regular thing to me but not to a human. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was shocked, this smell I wasn't used to.

I span around,… Continue

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?

I know this will be more than five but you'll have to look past that...

I'm Welsh and I'm proud.
Play the Piano and 'Cello
Like to Paint and listen to music a lot.
Love Reading and if you touch my book or so much as breathe on them, look at them or say something bad about them, I will hit you with that book (and I read thick books). You have been warned.
I speak Welsh and English fluently.
I love to sing with my friends and on my own. It makes me happy when I'm sad.
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Read it beginning of 2009.
Read them about 2 times each, but I like to go to the bits that i love to read. So some bits I've most likely read about 10 times!!!!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
My team is, (like Stephanie Meyer said) ...
Team "You Don't Have To Choose When It's Fiction."

Thank You Stephenie, you stopped me having to chose between Team Edward and Team Jacob!! I really couldn't chose!!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Bella because I love to read and i like being on my own sometimes, and I don't mind sitting in silence with someone else... but I suppose I wouldn't be the one to break the silence if there was any. And I can sometimes be clumsy outside when walking through the woods next to my home.
Favorite Books
Twilight Saga (Obviously!)
Twilight - The graphic novel
Night World - LJane Smith
Vampire Diaries - LJane Smith
Dark Visions - LJane Smith
The Time Travler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
The Immortals - Alyson Noel
(Evermore + Blue Moon)
Red Riding Hood
What is Your Favorite Music
I like lots of different artists, I like,
The Hoosiers,
Ellie Goulding,
Diana Vickers,
And I do like more but I'd be here for ages if I named them all!
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Twilight Saga,
A Little Princess,
Wild Child,
Mamma Mia,
Strictly Come Dancing,
The Vampire Diaries.
P.S. I Love You
Knight and Day
Red Riding Hood
Being Human
Favorite Quotes:

•I wasn’t interesting. And he was. Interesting…and brilliant…and mysterious…and perfect…and beautiful…and possibly able to lift full-sized vans with one hand.(Bella)
•So did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what? I’ve never seen him act like that.(Mike)
•Stupid, shiny volvo owner.(Bella)
•You scared me for a minute there. I thought Newton was dragging your dead body off to bury it in the woods.(Edward)
•Go sit down and look pale.(Edward)
•Bring on the shackles — I’m your prisoner.(Edward)
•You fell down two flights of stairs and through a window. You have to admit, it could happen.(Edward)
•They gave you a few transfusions. I didn’t like it — it made you smell all wrong for a while.(Edward)
•I’m not coming over anymore if Alice is going to treat me like Guinea Pig Barbie when I do.(Bella)

New Moon:

•The voice I’d walk through fire for—or, less dramatically, slosh every day through the cold and endless rain for. Edward.(Bella)
•You want a nice stereo? Drive your own car.(Bella)
•Reckless in Forks—now there was a hopeless proposition.(Bella)
•Well, I’m so sorry that I can’t be the right kind of monster for you, Bella. I guess I’m just not as great as a bloodsucker, am I?(Jacob)
•I’m nothing but a human, after all. Nothing special.(Bella)
•I’d forgotten how hard she was; it was like running headlong into a wall of cement.(Bella)
•Well, run along now. Go tell Sam that the scary monsters aren’t coming to get you.(Bella)
•I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her.(Alice)
•The odds are always stacked against us. Mistake after mistake. I’ll never criticize Romeo again.(Edward)
•You’re wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it’s a joke.(Edward)
•Well, I’m nearly a hundred and ten. It’s time I settled down.(Edward)
•Because she’d rather you became one of the eternal damned than get married.(Edward)


•Edward cut him off mid-sentence, and his face was abruptly frightening — truly frightening. For a second, he looked like… like a vampire.(Bella)
•Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.(Jacob)
•Jasper shows up, covered in battle scars, towing this little freak who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and wants to know which room she can move into.(Edward)
•I punched a werewolf in the face.(Bella)
•Stupid, thieving, annoying vampire!(Bella)
•You said I could have any part of you I wanted. I want this part. I want every part.(Bella)
•Go play with Edward. I have to get to work.(Alice)
•You don’t fight fair.(Edward)
•It’s a good thing you’re bulletproof. I’m going to need that ring. It’s time to tell Charlie.(Bella)

Breakng Dawn:

•I wanted to elbow Edward in the ribs, but I knew that move would only give me a bruise. I’d told Edward that people would immediately jump to this conclusion! What other possible reason would sane people have for getting married at eighteen? (His answer then had made me roll my eyes. Love. Right.)(Bella)
•Bachelor parties are designed for those who are sad to see the passing of their single days. I couldn’t be more eager to have mine behind me. So there’s really no point.(Edward)
•Emmett and Jasper howled with laughter at my blush while Edward removed my borrowed garter – which I’d shimmied down nearly to my ankle – very carefully with his teeth. With a quick wink at me, he shot it straight into Mike Newton’s face.(Bella)
•Alice is an unstoppable force of nature.(Bella)
•You… bit a pillow? Why?(Bella)
•The pillows all appear to have survived.(Bella)
•Did you know that ‘I told you so’ has a brother, Jacob? His name is ‘Shut the hell up.’(Bella)
•Emergency vampirization.(Jacob)
•Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby.(Leah)
•I’m not my pack’s nanny.(Jacob)
•So there are real werewolves? With the full moon and silver bullets and all that?(Bella)
•Real. Does that make me imaginary?(Jacob)
Favorite Activities
Listening to music (If that counts),
Painting or drawing.
Watching TV.

About Us

Here's some stuff about us.

Name: Hazel Greene

Age: 16 (117)

Species: Half Vampire, Half Dark Angel

Mate: Austin

Sibling(s): None

Parents: None (Both Died)

Gift(s): Has retractable wings (Becase she is only half dark angel), can fly, can take others gifts if she is allowed.


Name: Austin Marcel

Age: 17 (123)

Species: Half Vampire, Half Dark Angel

Mate: Hazel

Sibling(s): None
Parents: None (Both Died)

Gift:Has retractable wings (Becase he is only half dark angel), can fly, can create smoke and can create darkness/light.


Name: Elizabeth Masen

Age: 16 (111)

Species: Vampire

Mate: Duon

Sibling(s): Joshua (Adoptive brother), Callum (Adoptive brother)
Parents:None (Both died)

Gift: Able to see others past. Can control fire (Change the weather, change the temprature of her skin, create fire) Change hair colour

Personality: Loving, happy, creative, musical, protective of her brothers and Duon.


Name: Duon Houston

Age: 17(117)

Species: Vampire

Mate: Elizabeth

Sibling(s): None
Parents: None (Both Died)

Gift: See peoples past thoughts, control ice (change the weather, change the temprature of his skin, create ice) Change eye colour

Personality: Happy, sporty, peotective of Elizabeth, loving.


Don't click here!

Name: Joshua Reese

Age: 19(120)

Species: Vampire

Mate: None

Sibling(s): Elizabeth (Adoptive sister), Callum (Adoptive brother)
Parents: None (Both Died)

Gift(s): Make people pass out(any species), Teleportation, move ground, grow plants and create earth (control the element earth)

Personality: Protective of Elizabeth and Callum, outgoing, emo, likes playing pranks on Callum with Elizabeth.


Name: Cameron Emmanuel

Age: 20(127)

Species: Vampire

Mate: None

Sibling(s): Elizabeth (Adoptive sister), Joshua (Adoptive brother)
Parents: None (Both Died)

Gift(s): Control animals (get into their head and make them do things), see the future in pictures, control the wind, make air.

Personality: Happy, bubbly, protective of Elizabeth and Joshua.


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At 2:42pm on May 23, 2010, liveloverock said…
totally!!!!!!!!!!!! i love doing that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one thing i have found that annoys people more is if they say summin you go " 'course" really sarcastic because they get REALLY annoyed at that XD
At 2:12pm on May 23, 2010, liveloverock said…
i know right!!!!!!!!!!!! like my friend, he was down of friday and he said summin and i went, awwww and he was like welll thanks for the sarcasm really venemously but i was genuinly going awww, my other friend rhi helped me out, when i do the sarcastic awww i put more effort in, a pouting face and put my hand to my heart XD
At 1:51pm on May 23, 2010, liveloverock said…
i know and when your happy it'd be sods law your voice is flat and people are like ... well no need to get excited, and being all sarcastic XD
At 1:47pm on May 23, 2010, liveloverock said…
i know right :D and it's so annoying when your trying to be serious but you voice goes up and musicalish and people just laugh at you XD
At 9:41am on May 23, 2010, liveloverock said…
it is :P but if you think about it, it is a happy accent, the words go up in pitch at the end, musically
At 4:00pm on May 22, 2010, liveloverock said…
it bet it gets annoying!!!!
my mum makes fun of my accent alll the time ugh, she says its "happy" sounding
At 10:32am on May 22, 2010, liveloverock said…
lmaoo!!! :P my english side of the family loves to try and mimic my accent but i hate it "/ does your dads side do that??
At 3:50pm on May 21, 2010, liveloverock said…
my bampy used to speak welsh but he was made to speak english "/ my mums side of the family is english, my dads is welsh
At 12:28pm on May 20, 2010, liveloverock said…
so which is your first language, welsh or english?? :)
At 3:00pm on May 19, 2010, liveloverock said…
i'd always be there, ther is like NO good shopping places close by me "/
a little but barely any, i really wish i could speak welsh though, how about you??

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