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BARBARA JACKSON replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion 2012 in Twilight.. in the group Fan Fiction
"Wonderful story can't wait for the sequel"
Aug 19
mariam amr ebrahim replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion 2012 in Twilight.. in the group Fan Fiction
""at one time,jacob kissed bella one the lips" good one it would have been better if you added she tried to punch him but ended up punching the air and jake said"she cant break her arm this time"
Apr 23, 2011
mariam amr ebrahim replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion 2012 in Twilight.. in the group Fan Fiction
"wow great"
Apr 3, 2011
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Nov 5, 2010
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Nov 5, 2010
ღツ☮Alex☮♥ѼCullen☮ツღ replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion School Play gone wrong in the group Fan Fiction
"oh please someone post more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jul 31, 2010
Megan Pattinson! MDP! replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion Bella's mix-up Cinderella Story (Forbidden To Love) in the group Fan Fiction
"y did u stop writting, u left us at the good part"
Jun 8, 2010
esmina cullen replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion Bella's mix-up Cinderella Story (Forbidden To Love) in the group Fan Fiction
"wright more please and can you read my fanfic"
Jun 8, 2010
Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion School Play gone wrong in the group Fan Fiction
"sorry, I may need someone else to do this story for me... Im really busy at the moment here in reality. Really sorry if I disappointed anyone D: Its just been a long time since I wrote.. Could someone replace me?"
Jun 1, 2010
Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian is now friends with Cara Hall and Marie Antoniette Cullen
Jun 1, 2010
Switzerland Babe replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion School Play gone wrong in the group Fan Fiction
May 3, 2010
Tiina replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion School Play gone wrong in the group Fan Fiction
"hey, I love your story!! I can't wait for more! post asap please!! =)"
May 3, 2010
ana banana replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion School Play gone wrong in the group Fan Fiction
"write more soon"
May 1, 2010
Victoria replied to Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian's discussion Bella's mix-up Cinderella Story (Forbidden To Love) in the group Fan Fiction
"love it"
Mar 3, 2010
♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥ left a comment for Nikoleta Cerastes Arrian
"I've posted a Prologue to Everlasing Lust. It's titled: The Mark of the Fallen!! Click the link below to read-- Link:…"
Feb 28, 2010

Hope is just a stranger, wondering how it got so bad...

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What I am and What I want to be are 2 different things...

I am a Banner maker / Fan Fic Writer / Student / Daughter / Friend... and lots more. Im an ambitious and determined 13 year old but simple things could hurt me. Every compliment is important me and TTS has lots of encouragers and thats what I love bout this website. There are so many things that I could be and so many things that I could do... But, I suck at choosing stuff..

I have good friends in the internet and in reality. I had a good childhood... I love acoustic music like Chris Daughtry's version of Poker Face, Rascal Flatts, David Archuleta and lots more.. I have three Fan Fics - 2012 in Twilight sequels, School Play Gone Wrong and Bella's mixup Cinderella Story (Forbidden To Love) - and I love making banners using GIMP.

Here are my banners:


Here's the link:

Here's the link:

Here's the link:

Here's the link:

I hope you could read my Fan Fics whenever possible. Here is a story I am working on but, I hadn't posted yet. Here's what I've written so far:

Here comes Goodbye…

Here comes goodbye,
Here comes the last time,
Here comes the start of every sleepless night,

The first of every tear I’m gunna cry...
Here comes the pain
Here comes me wishing things that never change
She was right here in my arms tonight…

But here comes Goodbye…


I stared at the gravestone in front of me. It was December, and snowflakes were floating in the air. It was cold today, but, my heart was burning with pain. My eyes were hurting and full of water. I blinked and hot tears ran down my cheeks. A whine broke through my lips. I breathed in and whispered to the gravestone, “Here comes Goodbyes.” And, that was the last time I visited the graveyard…

Chapter 1

It was the early December, and snowflakes were floating in the air like bubbles. It was cold outside. I went to my room and took out my favourite blue sweater and black coat. I wore my favourite black beret and went outside the cottage we were living on.

It was afternoon but, there were no signs of the Sun. Only the plain white skies I looked around me. Everything was covered in snow. I breathed out and a cloud of mist came out of my mouth.

I live in Canada with my mom and a few friends. We were out of site from the cities and villages. We were in our own landscape, all peaceful and quiet. And, the best part of it was the snow. I loved the snow as I could do lots of things with it. I could ice skate, throw snowballs to my friends, build snowmen and we even make our own forts with it. We even make snow castles.

My friends, my mom and I were on our own little world here and whatever we do here was none of anyone else’s business. We could dig holes underground and put our own treasures in it and no one would care. We could build tree houses and mom wouldn’t mind.

The best part of it all was that, we go to home school. My mom was a teacher and she could teach us everything we needed to know. We had our own freedom. I’ve lived in this cottage all my life and still never got bored of it. Mom didn’t mind if I went as far as possible as she trusted me to go back before dark.

I went towards where all my friends were. There were more than 10 of us. And all of us were like a family, although we’re not blood related, we act as one. We took care of each other and, whenever we needed to go hiking, we would make sure everyone was alright. All of our parents knew each other and our parents were as much best friends as we were. So, we were born at the same place together, here in Canada. We were all pretty much best friends since we were born, literally.

I arrived there and I saw them building 2 snow castles. They smiled when they saw me. I smiled back. This was our normal greeting, smiling whenever we saw each other.

“Hey, Arrilyn. We’re playing snow fight. But, instead of snow forts, we use snow castles,” Edelmira said.

“It was Ann’s idea, of course. A smarty pants like her always thinks of more ideas,” David teased.

“So, which team are you joining, perfect girl?” Chris asked.

“Who is on which team?” I asked.

“Well, Kristin, Ann, Jack, David and Alec are on that team. Emmanuel, Chris, Edelmira and I are in this team,” Allen said.

I shrugged and said, “Well, I don’t have a choice but to join your team, huh?”

Allen nodded and said, “You’re lucky. Kristin and Ann has danger magnet David, careless Jack and emo Alec. They’ll be suffering.”

“As if you guys are any better,” I said and rolled my eyes playfully.

“Yeah, yeah, we know. You’re the only perfect person in the whole world, eh, Arrilyn?” Emmanuel teased.

“Yeah, you guys are lucky I’m joining your team,” I smiled.

I helped them build our snow castle. The rules for our snow fight were simple. We divide into two teams. Each team makes a snow castle or snow fort. Then, when are finished, we try to destroy the opponent’s castle or fort. Whichever snow fort or castle is destroyed first loses. That’s why we needed to make our snow fort or castle very sturdy.

When we finished building our snow castles, we looked at our work. It was around two to three feet tall. There was a huge hole in the middle of it as a door. Emmanuel brought a wooden door that could fit the hole. Our castle was like a semicircle, the door is where the straight line is which was facing the other snow castle. We went in and blocked the door with the wooden door.

I took a slush of snow and made it into a ball. We heard Ann shout, “Start!” And we started throwing the snowballs.

“You know what, Emmanuel? You forgot something.” I said while making another snowball.

“What?” Emmanuel asked while throwing a snowball.

“We can’t see what or who we’re throwing snowballs at!” I shouted and laughed.

The rest laughed along with me. I kicked part of the wall just beside the door and we could peek through the wall. They were throwing snowballs at our castle, as expected.

I gathered up some snow and made it into a ball. I aimed at Alec and, when I threw the snowball, it hitted him in the face.

“Oh, yes!” I exclaimed and jumped around. I took another handful of slush and did the same thing, this time, aimed for the block of wall blocking Kristin. I threw and it smashed the wall, which in return fell onto Kristin.

“Good one, Arrilyn!” Chris told me and I high fived with him. Suddenly, I heard Kristin shout, “Oh no, you don’t Arrilyn!”

Uh Oh. I turned to their direction and suddenly, I felt something wet and cold at the side of my face. I wiped it off with my hand and saw Kristin laughing. Chris chuckled as he wiped away some slush from his face.

I bent down and made a huge snowball. I threw it and it smashed in the middle of their snow castle. I gaped at it, mouth wide-opened.

“Ohh! Nice shot, perfect girl!” Edelmira shouted.

“Perfect, perfect girl!” Emmanuel said and all of us high fived each other.

We went out of our snow castle and our opponents went out of theirs. They looked wet and shivering. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw them. Their hair was filled with snow slush and water. All of us laughed when we saw them.

Ann said, “That wasn’t fair! You guys weren’t supposed to have a wooden door in the first place!”

We just laughed harder. Emmanuel teased at her, “You’re just jealous that we won.”

“I got to admit, that was one big snowball.” Jack said as he wiped away some snow from his face.

“Yeah, well, that’s what perfect girl is made of. Always perfection!” Emmanuel said as he put his arm over my shoulder.

“Well, I learnt from mom, of course.” I said.

“Kids! Hey, what happened to you guys?” Mom asked.

“Snow fight!” All of us shouted together.

“Well, come on. I made some hot chocolate and the heater’s on. And, it’s time for guitar lessons” Mom shouted back as she went in the cottage.

“Well, speak of your mom, and your mom shall come,” Jack said and smiled.

“See what I mean about perfection? They always come on right timing,” Emmanuel said and I elbowed him in the stomach. He grunted a bit and we walked towards the cottage.

“I’m going to the shower first!” Kristin shouted as we reached the door.

“Not fair, Kristin! I got most of the snow! I’m going first!” Jack shouted back as they raced towards the bathroom.

“Hey, I’m first!” Ann shouted as they fought. They quarreled about whom to go to the bathroom first. In the end, Ann won and she went inside the bathroom.

I took out my snow jacket and hung it. I went to the kitchen, where everyone else was. They were talking about the snow fight.

“- And Arrilyn made this big snowball and threw it in the middle of their snow castle. It smashed the castle and made all of them wet!” Chris said to mom.

Mom looked at me and said, “Arrilyn, you shouldn’t play too harsh.”

I shrugged and said, “Well, they were the first ones who played harsh on me.”

“No, we weren’t. You hitted us first.” David said.

“Well, that Is snow fight for you,” I said.

I took my hot chocolate and went to the living room and sat on a sofa. Chris, David and Edelmira went along with me. I blew my hot chocolate and sipped. Mom sat down beside me, Chris on the other.

“After everyone has taken a bath, we are going to start our music lessons.” Mom said. Everyone groaned.

“In the meanwhile, I want to tell everyone something. I realized that all of you are already grown up – “Mom said.

“Wow, now then you realized, perfect Mom?” Emmanuel teased. Perfect Mom was my mom’s nickname. My nickname was perfect girl.

Mom looked at him and continued on saying, “So… I think you guys need to start dating.”

I sprayed out the hot chocolate that was on my mouth. “What?!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, great!”Alec said sarcastically.

Mom put her hands up, as if in surrender, “What? Emmanuel said all of you are already grown ups. It’s time you guys move on.”

“See what you did, Emmanuel? Great job!” Chris exclaimed.

Emmanuel stood up, “What? It wasn’t my fault!”

“Hey, think of it this way,” Mom said as she stood up, “If you guys don’t date now, then when?”

“But, mom! All of us are just friends.” I said.

She looked at me and said, “Then, we could go to the city.”

“But, I don’t want a guy from the city,” I told her.

“Then, what do you want? Besides, if all of you don’t date until the day you die, what will happen to our landscape? No one will take care of it and the government will take it.” Mom told us. I looked elsewhere.

Mom told me once that she married dad to save this landscape. It was my ancestors’ place and it has been ours for a very long time. Not just my family’s, even my friends’ family. The rest of my friends’ parents left this landscape to my mother to take care of us. And, one day, mom will leave us too and it will be our turn to take care of the landscape. And then, our children’s. Then, our children’s children. And so on.

But, I didn’t want to date a guy from a city. I hated the city. They were all businesslike and doesn’t care a thing about others, like dad.

“Arrilyn, if you don’t want to date a city guy, you could date one of the guys here. You could date Chris,” Mom said.

I stood up. Chris choked on his hot chocolate. Emmanuel laughed. Alec actually smiled. “Mom!” I shouted.

“Who said what now?!” Kristin said. We turned behind. All of them finished taking a bath. Kristin looked horrified. Edelmira was smiling brightly at me. Ann didn’t know what was happening. The other guys were looking at me and Chris.

“We’ll continue this conversation later,” Mom said.

“You mean, you’re going to match make us later?” I said skeptically. I purposely tried not to look at Chris.

Mom smiled, “It’s our turn to take a bath. We’ll discuss this after music lesson.”

Edelmira quickly rushed towards me. She was wearing a black cotton top and blue jeans. “Hey, what did your mom said about you and Chris?” She asked.

“You heard her. She wants her perfect girl with a perfect guy,” Emmanuel teased.

“Argh!” I said. I took a towel and went in the bathroom. I closed the bathroom door a little bit too harshly.

While I took a shower, I thought about mom’s words. How could she even think about me being with Chris? It’s not that Chris wasn’t handsome… It was just, we’re just friends. No more than that. But… what about this landscape? Our land? It’s been ours for so long. And, I didn’t want the government stealing it away from us.

But, I don’t love Chris. Not in that way. Just as a friend. But, if I have to… Just to save this land… ‘But, you could love him in that way, you know. I mean, he’s perfect for you’ A voice inside my head told me. Yeah. I mean, if I have to do it for the sake of our land, why not do it because I love him, too?

Suddenly, I heard a noise. I gasped. There was a curtain blocking the sight of my body but, it was also blocking my sight to see what’s going on. I was about to go out of the curtains when I heard the door opened. I gasped loudly.

“Oh! I’m really sorry,” The person on the other side of the curtain said. I knew that voice. It’s Chris’. I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming.

“What are you doing here?!” I exclaimed.

“Well, Emmanuel said the bathroom was available. I didn’t know you were in here.” Chris explained. My heart started beating fast. We stayed like that for a few awkward moments. I could see his silhouette in the curtain, and no doubt could he see mine, too.

“Erm… I’m really sorry if I disturbed you,” Chris said. He was about to go out when I suddenly said, “No, no, no, wait! I’m going to finish, anyway. Um… could you give me the towel?” I asked awkwardly. I saw him reach for the towel and giving it to me at the edge of the curtain.

I reached out my hand for the towel. I wrapped it around me and I emerged from the curtain. I was directly opposite of him. I looked at the floor then, slowly, I looked at his eyes. It was traveling up and down my body. When he met my eyes, he looked elsewhere. Strands of my hair fell to my face. I quietly walked pass him and exited the bathroom door. My heart was pounding like mad.

I quickly wore a white dress the reached until my knees, my same blue sweater and black beret and wore a pair of blue skinny jeans. I took my guitar and music sheets and went towards the music room, which was upstairs. I opened the door harshly and stared hard at Emmanuel. He was laughing with Jack and David. Everyone else was in a circle, talking about something. When I opened the door, all of them looked at me.

“Emmanuel, why did you tell Chris that there was no one in the bathroom when I was in there?!” I shouted.

Emmanuel shrugged calmly and said, “Relax, perfect girl. He didn’t see anything, did he?” He then laughed.

I stared at him, horrified. Then, it turned to anger. “You are going to get it from me, Emmanuel!”

“Ooh, the Joker is going to get it,” Jack teased.

“Hey! What happened?” Mom asked.

“Joker made perfect guy go to the bathroom while perfect girl was in it. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it, Perfect Mom.” Ann explained.

“I understand your nicknames, Ann.” Mom reminded her.

I sat besides Mom and placed my music sheet in front of me hastily. I positioned my guitar in front of me. “Hey, calm down, Arrilyn.” Mom said as she touched my shoulder. I breathed in and out. I relaxed and opened my eyes and Chris was at the door. Oh, great. So much for relaxing.

My heart started beating fast again. He sat across me, as usual. We stared at each other for a long moment until my mother said, “Well, I reckon Perfect Girl has more music for us to play?”

I nodded and, while looking at the guitar, I said, “This is an acoustic solo. Later on, we’ll try to practice this as a band. It’s called ‘Here comes Goodbye’.”

I started playing my guitar while looking at my music sheet. I sang,

“I can hear the truck tires coming up the gravel road
And its not like her to drive that slow, nothings on the radio
Footsteps on the front porch, I hear my doorbell
She usually comes right in, now I can tell

Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear Im gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things would never change
And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye

I can hear her say I love you like it was yesterday
And I can see it written on her face that she had never felt this way
One day I thought Id see her with her daddy by her side
And violins would play here comes the bride

Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear Im gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things would never change
And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye

Why does it have to go from to good to gone?
Before the lights turn on, yeah and youre left alone
All alone, but here comes goodbye


Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear Im gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things would never change
And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye.”

I ended my song and heard applause. I looked up from the music sheet and smiled.

“Well, let’s play it as a band,” Mom said as she stood up and walked towards the stage. There were lots of musical instruments.

“We need a violin, electric guitar, drum set, piano, acoustic guitar and two singers, “I ordered.

“I’ll be violin!” Edelmira exclaimed as she took a violin

“I’m the electric guitar!” Jack shouted as he took an electric guitar.

“I’ll be the drum set!” David said.

“I’ll be the piano, I don’t want to just sit around,” Alec said.

“I’ll be the one playing acoustic guitar and the singer,” I said excitedly.

“I’ll be the other singer,” Chris said. My heart stopped beating for a while. I snapped out of it and placed the music sheet in front of me.

“Ooh! Perfect guy and perfect girl singing!” Edelmira said.

“Perfect!” Emmanuel said and laughed.

I rolled my eyes and sat at the most front of the stage on a stool. Chris sat beside me. The rest was behind us.

“Okay, remember the song and just join in whenever you feel like it,” I said and we started making music.

Chapter 2

Right after music lessons, mom said the words I’ve been wishing she wouldn’t.

“Okay… about what I said just now,” mom said and I groaned loudly as I carried my guitar and stood up.

“If we’re not going to talk about it now, when are we going to?” Mom asked.

All of us kept our instruments and gave up. We sat down at the couches in the living room. I had been wishing and hoping she would forget about this. This was embarrassing. Edelmira and Ann sat beside me. The rest took their seats.

Mom clapped her hands and rubbed it. Then, she said, “Okay, back to business. Now, where were we?"

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1. I am named by a snake - C. Cerastes
2 No. 1 is not my real name
3. I want to be writer
4. I love reading and going inside the book and staying there
5. I am a friendly person
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
2009, average is 2-4.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team both. I love their supernatural powers and it could be useful in the future..
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Bella and Angela.. Im a shy person, to everyone else. I dont act so... powerful and everything.. But Im not one to shy away from danger.. I love unnatural happenings in life.. it makes life a bit more interesting!
Favorite Books
Other than Twilight, The Host, Harry Potter series, Hush Hush, Vampire Academy series, My sister's Keeper, Strange Angels
What is Your Favorite Music
Chris Daughtry Songs, David Archuleta's Crush, Chris Daughtry's version of Poker Face, Fireflies by Owl City, Rascal Flatts' songs and a lot more... Mostly everything that's acoustic or romantic! :D
Favorite Quotes:
"When life is too good, expect something miserable to happen. When life is too miserable, hope for something good to happen..." - 2012 in Twilight, Amiolet

"Even in a world full of hatred, we must still dare to hope." - Michael Jackson

"Tell me, and I will foget. Show me and I will remember.. But invlove me and I will understand.."

"The more you hate, the more you love"

Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk. (Bella)

This didn’t feel anything like the last time someone had embraced me this way. This was friendship. And Jacob was very warm. (Bella)

Why are you apologizing for bleeding? (Jacob)

I waited for the memory to hit—to open the gaping hole. But, as it so often did, Jacob’s presence kept me whole. (Bella)

More than anything, I wanted to be fierce and deadly, someone no one would dare mess with. Someone who would scare Sam Uley silly. I wanted to be a vampire. (Bella)

What kind of a place was this? Could a world really exist where ancient legends went wandering around the borders of tiny, insignificant towns, facing down mythical monsters? Did this mean every impossible fairy tale was grounded somewhere in absolute truth? Was there anything sane or normal at all, or was everything just magic and ghost stories? (Bella)
Favorite Activities
Surfing internet
Making Banners
Having Fun with friends
Pretending to be a vampire ;D
Studying in advance and more..

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At 1:02am on February 28, 2010, ♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥ said…
I've posted a Prologue to Everlasing Lust. It's titled: The Mark of the Fallen!! Click the link below to read--

At 2:35am on February 27, 2010, Amanda said…
would you like to join my site its called twilight and wolves and vampires here is the link

At 9:31pm on February 20, 2010, ♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥ said…
My friend, Ara, tolde me that in that book it's possible for a VAMPIRE to get pregnant! That's way wicked, not the wicked I'm used to...
At 9:26pm on February 20, 2010, ♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥ said…
Chapter 1. Unraveled for Everlasting Lust is now posted!! Click here to read! Thanks for your patience ;)

Mrs. Barnes
At 7:25pm on February 20, 2010, ♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥ said…
No, I haven't read the Vampire Academy. People tell me it's broing and extremely confusing so I just spare myself that time ;)
At 9:53am on February 19, 2010, ◕мαяÿ αℓι¢ε вяαи∂øи ¢υℓℓεи◕ ™® said…
hello..nice page you got there
At 12:22pm on February 13, 2010, HiccupOfReality♥ said…
Happy birthday for last Friday :D
At 10:20am on December 30, 2009, Tammy's Pack said…
all:hey!!!sorry but i cant add ya!!!too many fwens already..anyway,just be friends but no need to add ok??*winks and smiles*
At 3:38am on December 29, 2009, ѼForeverTwilighter said…
lol, wow, ive never been in singapore, ive only been on china,hongkong,usa, guam and hawaii,, never on singapore, but were thingking of going too, hahahaha wow, a guitar? my lil bro have one too! i also got cash from my grandparents, books from my aunt :)
At 5:59am on December 16, 2009, ѼForeverTwilighter said…
ah! i live here in laguna! nayz 2 meet u po, i will be 13 on august pa ee.. ure the 3rd 12 year old girl i met here:)

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