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Lexi & Sakura Haruno left a comment for BlackIce Alpha
"Alexis: *smiles* hey guys! Im a wolf too!"
Oct 18, 2012
BlackIce Alpha and Lexi & Sakura Haruno are now friends
Oct 17, 2012
BlackIce Alpha is now friends with Azia's Wolfgang™ and JESSICA HENDRICKSON
Oct 12, 2012
Falling Skies replied to BlackIce Alpha's discussion The BlackSoul Pack in the group Packs and Covens
"Name~ FlameRunner Gender~ Female Age~ 5 Rank~ Delta Personality~ She is the strong and silent type. But she will fight for her friends. She is loyal and listens well to higher ranks "
Feb 16, 2012
JESSICA HENDRICKSON liked BlackIce Alpha's profile
Feb 15, 2012
BlackIce Alpha replied to midnight's discussion The Ice Pack; Roleplay in the group Packs and Covens
"IceSoul's ears perked and he jumped to his feet to trot over to stand by Azriel and Yuki. "Sky is beautiful tonight." He muttered, his blue eyes half closed as his handsome white fur ruffled in the wind, looking very much like…"
Feb 3, 2012
BlackIce Alpha replied to midnight's discussion The Ice Pack; Roleplay in the group Packs and Covens
"A laugh escaped Azriel before he choked it down and looked away, back into the snowy night. He took a deep breath and let it out, his breath visible on the night air. His golden eyes closed and memories bombarded him."
Feb 2, 2012
BlackIce Alpha and Bella and Crew are now friends
Jan 28, 2012

The Rain Pack, The Fire Pack, and The BlackSoul Pack is alive again!!! Please join these amazing packs!!!!

The BlackIce Pack



The Fire Pack!!!

The Rain Pack!!!








Long ago their was a wolf made by the elemental spirits of the land out of ice, they expected the wolf to be born with ice white fur, but instead she was born with pitch black hair, that was blacker than the dark of a cave. Her name was BlackIce. She raised a pack and the pack grew and prospered. The spirits of the land were please with this wolf. She now lives in the beutiful land of BlackIce. They are protectors of all wolves and you can hear their howls in the night calling for you to join. The call is almost unresistable that their songs sing in your veins.




 Wolves of mine in the Ice Pack (future snow pack)


5 seasons 4 moons


5 seasons, and 3 moons.




Wolves of mine in the Rain Pack: 





Personality-Use to be fun loving and acted like a pup untill her mate was killed by her best freind, or at least she thought she was her best freind..... Now she's secretive and other wolves usually feel uncomfortable under her gaze with the pain and other unreadable emotions swirling in them. She hides in the shadows, and has a strong will and is a respectful wolf, if you earn her trust that is. She's really protective of the few that become her friends, and that's very little! She has no trust in anybody even the ones she loves don't have her full trust. She always feels lonely, but is usually good at pushing her emotions away. No wolf or any other force can control her.

Past-Stepped up as alpha in her old pack when both parents where killed in a war. She fell in love with one of the pack warriors and they keeped their pack together easily and the pack prospered for a while. Then one night a enemy pack declared war on their pack and the pack beta, BlackHeart's best freind slipped into the night and joined the enemy wolf pack. In the war BlackHeart witnessed her beta, and freind, kill her mate. Her pack won the war, but she became distracted and slipped out into the night becoming a lone wolf, thinking it best for her pack if they had a alpha that wasn't broken. Unable to face her pack again being in her weakend state she decided to follow the rumors she has heard of the Rain Pack. On the travel she gave birth to a litter of pups. Only one survived.....




Age-5 months


Rank-Pup (Future gaurd)

Personality-Exact opposite of his mother. Playful and respectful of his elders. Is adventurous and usually gets himself into trouble.

Past-Traveld with mother to the Rain Pack.






Personality-Not very sociable. He feels like his life is nothing, and usually goes above and beyond to protect the ones he loves. His voice is very smooth and always sounds somewhat dark. He is a very loving and loyal wolf though. Has integrity, perserverance, self control, and a indomitable spirit. His facial expression are usually unreadable, which makes other wolves all the more cautios of him, not to mention his big size. He's alway traveld as a loner, and decided it was the time to settle into a pack.

Past-Rather not say......






Personality-Is very sociable and has a lot of pationce. Is very skilled in healing.

Past-Use to be the Shaman of the BlackIce Pack before it was attacked.






Desired Rank:Protector

Personality:A wolf that can never be tamed by alphas or any other force in the universe. He's the kind that would walk through rain, fire, and pitch blackness just to save a friend. When he does accept you as a friend know that this is very rare and special. Once his friend, always his friend. Is a lost son of BlackIce, but dosn't know it yet. He has a dark side of him though from his relation with Darkness, a evil elemental that had put a part of itself in BlackIce's creation. BlackIce is skilled in keeping this part of her submissive, but her son, DarkSong, is usually the one that lets it loose at times, becoming almost unstoppable in a fight.

Previous Packs listed or Past (Summarized):

He's in the Ghost and Fire Pack. Was seperated from his mother at birth when she was still weak a wolf of Darkness kidnapped him. As the pup grew older and was raised by Darknes *though DarkSong had no idea* his strentgh and speed grew. He is the son of a legend after all, but he is a normal wolf with none of his anscestors powers since his father was a normal wolf, though his temper is easily sparked.




Wolves of mine in the Snow Pack:


Age:5 seasons


Rank:Alpha Male, and male gamma in Rain Pack

Personality:Keeps his head in any dangerous sitiuation. Tends to keep to himself till danger arises then he shows his true self as a great leader. He has a quick mind able to analyze anything in seconds especially in dangerous situations. Quick learner, and has a very brave soul. Nothing can control him though, but he's willing to try to be in a pack instead of being a lone wolf.


Name:IceFlame (Dead DX)

Age: 4 seasons


Rank Wanted:Warrior

Personality:Loves to irritate her brother IceHeart. Is a playful wolf and the exact opposite of her brother. She plunges headfirst into a fight without thinking and has had IceHeart have to come to her rescue on more than one occasion. All in all though she is a fun wolf to hang around.




Age:5 moons


Rank Wanted:pup

Personality:Sweet and a great fighter. IceHeart is her older brother and she mostly takes after him. She loves to have fun with IceFlame, and she has learned a great deal from both and hopes to become as great a warrior as her older brother.



Age:5 seasons


Rank Wanted:warrior

Personality:Is a sweet and charming wolf. He has integrity, courage, self-respect, indominable spirit, and self control. He is very coutous and is a very old fashioned wolf in a way.


Wolve in the Vie Tribe:





Personality:Is a very strong willed wolf. She has a loyal soul and will do anything in her power to protect the ones she loves. Mostly seen by herself, she's just not a very trusting wolf, but if you hang with her enough you'll see how kind she really is. She never kills without reason, and is very forgiving no matter what someone has done to her.

Description of Looks:Ice blue eyes, snow white fur, a few battle scars.






Personality:Is a very daring wolf and is very couragous. Will protect loved ones without hesitations and has great self control and has a indomitable spirit.

Description of Looks:Black


Wolves of the Night's Sun Pack:

why you want that rank:*shrugs* most exciting.

Wolves of the Sun Born Pack:



History-Use to alpha of the pack I was born in. I had a mate and she had a litter of pups...but only one lived. We lived in peace and prosperity for a while, then a enemy pack came and wiped almost all of us out taking us by surprise. I wasn't able to save my mate but I was able to save my pup.

Family-My pup Sammy

Age-5 (wolf years)



Name-Sammy or Sam for short


History-Same as my father's

Family-My dad Frostfang

Age-7 months




Wolves from The Clover Pack;




Rank Wanted~Shaman

Personality~Is a sweet and loving wolf. Is very pationt.

Past~Was a loner.


Wolves from the Forgotten Pack:



History-My old pack was killed by our enemy the DarkNight Pack and after our alpha's lead us away and we avoided the DarkNight wolves for many moons we split up and ended up going to different packs.

Family-(are in different packs) IceHeart,BlackHeart,Sammy,BraveHeart,IceBlood, Thunder, and Gabriel. Parents are dead.




Wolves from the Dreaming Pack:



Rank-Beta female

Personality-A very sweet wolf. Dosn't take orders strong spirited wolf who can never be tamed. Very hard for her to find a mate considering she is shy around males besides her cousions James and Xander.

History-Use to have a mate until he turned on her. Now she travels with her last surving cub and has came across Xander's scent.





Age-1 month


Personality-Funny and cute. Hard headed like her mother.

History-Traveld with mother.




Wolves in the spring pack:






Info-Is a son of Darkness, an enemy of BlackIce, but he ran from his father, not liking his evil intentions. Though part of him is dark like BlackIce herself, he tries keeping it submissive, but somtimes it dosn't prevail. You never want to anger this wolf, for once you do his bloodlust rises and he loses control, the Dark side of him takes control and he's almost unstoppable in a fight, like his father....He can control darkness and is technically darkness itself since his father is it. 

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1. I love fantasy
2. I love horses
3. am friends with Frostbite and Firewolf
4. I love animals
5. I like anime
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
2008 about five times
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Both cause they're both sweet
Which Character Are You Most Like?
bella. I'm very clumsy
Favorite Books
All vampire books
Maximum Ride seiries
Percy Jackson
What is Your Favorite Music
Paramore or Avril Lavine
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
New Moon
Big Time Rush
Vampire Diaries
Favorite Quotes:
When things get tough the tough get going.
Favorite Activities
writeing books

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At 2:24pm on October 18, 2012, Lexi & Sakura Haruno said…

Alexis: *smiles* hey guys! Im a wolf too!

At 11:37am on January 28, 2012, Bella and Crew said…

Oh Thanks so much for info. I hope James will come on today . :/

Tell him his andi loves him :)

At 12:11pm on November 26, 2011, Makrasha said…



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