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<~~Susan: *smiles* goona scareee Joshh!! *giggles*

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky his is to have you.... The one who turns to his friends and says, 'that's her.

Diana Susan Antonio

Age: 17
Favorite Food: Mac and CHEESE!
Favorite color: Blue Baby :)
Birthday: January. 14th
Status: Single *straight*
Looks for: A cute, nice, loving,athletic,protecting,funny, kool guy
Thinking: Im kinda bored...
bestie: Capri , Derek
Josh *smiles*
Crush: No one
On who: No ONEee...doyy..
Likes: having fun,walking on the beach,singing,dancing,playing the piano and more
Dislike: rude, mean,disrespectful,annoying people
nicknames: Di-Di (only Capri an Derek)
Who i Am: My name is Diana Miranda Antonio

Justin Drew Antonio

Age: 16
Favorite Food: Hamburgerrrr! BLahh
Favorite color: Black
Birthday: July 15th
Status: Single*straight*..oh yeahh
Looks for: someone nice,kool,pretty,sweet,fun to be with
Thinking: Skateboarding timee
bestie: Capri and Derek
Crush: No one
On who: body
Likes: skateboarding, singing,dancing,goin to the beach,havin fun
Dislike: annyoing,rude,mean,obnoxious people
Nicknames: Justy (only Capri) Justy bear (only Lindsey)
Who i Am: Im Justin Drew Antonio

Demi Renae Antonio

Age:Age: 16
Favorite Food: Cereal CALLED>>> COCO PUFFS :)
Favorite color: pink
Birthday: April 17th
Status: Single *straight*
Looks for: a Cute, nice,sweet,loving,strong,funny,caring guy
bestie: Monica *smiles*
Crush: No one
On who: body
Likes: singing,dancing,acting crazy,shopping,watching scary movies
Dislike: meannies -___-
Nicknames: none..make some
Who i Am: My name is Demi Renae Antonio

Christopher Henry Antonio

Age: 18
Favorite Food: Browniesss
Favorite color: green
Birthday: September 12th
Status: taken by Rosa *smiles*
Looks for: A cute,nice,funny,shy,kool girl
Thinking: Parttyyy!
bestie: rosa *smiles*
Crush: No one
On who: no oneee
Likes: singing, playing sports, walking on the beach, watching movies
Dislike: mean,rude,annoying people
Nicknames: nonee..make some
Who i Am: My name is Christopher Henry Antonio

Hayden Clarice Antonio

Favorite Food: Cookies
Favorite color: orange
Birthday: October 3rd
Status: single *straight*
Looks for:a sexy, nice,fun,sweet,funny,kool,a good kisser, protecting guy
Thinking: im gonna stay home *smiles*
bestie:nonee :(
Crush: Yes *smiles*
On who: On Jason... *blushes*
Likes: singing,dancing,having fun,swimming,climbing trees :) and moree
Dislike: rude, un thankful, mean, annoying people
Nicknames: Hay (Jason calls me that but u can too..just know that he made it up)
Who i Am: Im Hayden Clarice Antonio

Answer this for us Dear [______] I [______] youu. You Make Me [______] My Fav Part On Ur Body Is [______] You Have A Nice [______] I Really Love it When You [______] Someday I Will [______] You + Me =[______] If I Saw You Now I Would [______] If I Had Lotsz' Of Money I Would Buy You [______] I Would Build A [______] Justt for youu. I Would Get Your Name Tattoed On My [______] If I Could Sing You A Song it Would Be [______] We Could [______] under the starsz`. If You Could Do Something With Me it Would Be [______] I think you are [______] When ii look at you i wanna [___]
If we were alone we would [______]
You are so [______]
If we were at the park we would.[______]
I wish I could [______]
Describe Me In 3 Ways..[_____]''[______]''[____]

PS:What Would You do if I told you that [_____]


Demi and Monica

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Susan's Diary

Posted on June 21, 2010 at 4:00am 1 Comment

Dear Diary,

Im soo bored..its not even funny but i met this boy name Josh and we became really good friends. Well actually hes my best friend, he really fun to be around, he makes me laugh and smile. I love everything about hiim. His birthday today. So i made him a friend ship bracelet and it symbolizes our friend ship. Today was nothing special, the regular scare Justin…

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At 1:24am on June 24, 2010, Clinton Road Pack said…

No stalking our comments!!
At 1:20am on June 24, 2010, Jason Jacob Redwater said…
You're pretty, sweet, fun, nice.... *smiles* You have a nice smile, laugh... Sooo what do you like about about me?
At 2:41am on June 19, 2010, ¢αятєr ¢σvєи said…
Rosa:[nods] And People say your stupid... but i say, "HEY! Thats my baby-kinz yew is talking about, and incase you wanna deal with a foot up your ass, you better shut up!:
At 2:36am on June 19, 2010, ¢αятєr ¢σvєи said…
Rosa: And i love you more. [acts like i'm about to kiss you, but quickly takes off running, giggling]
At 2:35am on June 19, 2010, ¢αятєr ¢σvєи said…
Rosa: I know, [Rubs nose agaisnt yours] It's one of various beautiful things that i love about you.
At 1:24am on June 19, 2010, The Heartbroken Coven said…
Brianna- *giggles cutely* Umm well *smiles* *starts to sing*
At 1:19am on June 19, 2010, ¢αятєr ¢σvєи said…
ROsa; [hugs you back] You know, i've always thought you were sorta... Beautiful.
At 1:17am on June 19, 2010, The Heartbroken Coven said…
Brianna- About how much i like you, and.... *kisses ur cheek sligtly*
At 1:14am on June 19, 2010, ¢αятєr ¢σvєи said…
Rosa:Then Christi-fer, I'd love to be your Super-tastic-mega-foxxy-so-sexy-m&m-sharing-crazy-skating-girlfriend.
At 1:12am on June 19, 2010, ¢αятєr ¢σvєи said…
Rosa: It depends... Can we be Super-tastic-mega-foxxy-so-sexy-m&m-sharing-crazy-skating-boyfriend-and-girlfriend?

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