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leave me stuff? :o bored.

About Me:

Name: Ceriss Burnt

Age: 19

Bio: After the mysterious disappearance of his brother, Ceriss decides to embark on a personal journey to find his lost sibling. However, he ends up somewhere in the woods of Forks, Washington. 

Relationship: Single

Brothers/Sisters: Rien

Species: Human


Name: Rien Burnt

Age: 17

Bio: Rien never really cared for his older brother. In fact, Rien hated Ceriss with a passion but it was only because he was jealous of his brother's success. But with the recent discovery of his origins, Rien found out that his mother actually descended from wolves. With that discovery, he decided to ditch everyone he knew and is currently missing from the grid.

Relationship: Single

Brothers/Sisters: Ceriss

Species: Wolf

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At 1:04am on September 16, 2010, I♈¡Hallie} said…
eah, that pretty much made it xD

So.... I just wanted to say that:...
You, are completely and utterly awesome! Your funny, really sweet... And charming xD And uhhhmmmm.... Oh yeah. Your like crazily hot. And you make meeee smileeee stupidlyyy :D
Your the best Rainbow Past Dude E.V.E.R. :D
NightNight sleep well ! (:
At 4:32pm on September 15, 2010, I♈¡Hallie} said…
No. I don't even like you.

I like you a lot xD
But Of course it's you really =P
So this girl?
She's amazing huh? Yeah. She sounds, um.. nice. ;)
At 12:36pm on September 12, 2010, I♈¡Hallie} said…
Dear [_Rainbow Past Person_],
I [ I love talking to_] You. (too!)
You Make Me [Smile :)]
My Favorite Part On Your Body Is [your hair!!! That is some pretty cool locks you got there Codes ;)]
You Have A Nice [Guitar ;)Oh &your personality is pretty nice tooo!! xD]
I Really Love It When You [get YOUR ASS online!]
Someday I Will [send you back in the mail to America 'cause England sucks! But I'll come with you! (:]
You + Me =Sunshine Future Girl and Rainbow Past Dude xD We are just tooooo cool! We sound like superheros!]
If I Saw You Now I Would [Be confused at how you got here so fast 0_0 Oh and then I'd hug you ;)]
If I Had Lots Of Money I Would Buy You [Hmmm a British Cup of Tea! They are the best!]
I Would Build A [Me? Build? Really? I couldn't do that to save my life! ___] Just For You.
I Would Get Your Name Tattoed On My [hand? Idk why, I think a tatto would look pretty cool there. But I'm scared of needles so ew no! Lol :)__]
If I Could Sing You A Song It Would Be [_Jingle Bells! I'm random! ;)]
We Could [Act likee dorks. Well you can... I'm too awesome to be a dork =P] Under The Stars.
I Think You Are [Stupéfiant! It means amazing in French xD]
When I Look At You I Wanna [be all cool and american! =P]
If We Were Alone We Would [I'll second the awkwardness!!! But I could talk for England so I'd probably start rambling on as per usual! __]
You Are So .[Dumbfounding! My English teacher always says it, apparently it means amazing (:_]
If Were At The Park We Would[__"either be in England or America. o_o!" Well duhhh ;)_]
I Wish I Could .[Get a 'cute' british accent... Not the stupid pathetic excuse of a British accent I have now! -_-_]
Describe Me In 3 Ways..[_Dumbfounding! ;)__]''[_Awesome!_]''[ I'm just gonna be honest and throw it out there.....your pretty darn attractive! To put it quite simply ;) hahaa.___]

Love,[__Sunshine Future Girl!!!__]
P.S What If I Told You That [_I'm a dude? Ha. That would be slightly weird.... But I can assure you i am not! Hahaa xD ]
At 1:16pm on September 2, 2010, I♈¡Hallie} said…
Dear [_Codes_],
I [_love ( Even more than a fat kid loves cake ;)) ] You.
You Make Me [_The happiest girl alive!__]
My Favorite Part On Your Body Is [ Your arms!! How could I survive without my daily Cody cuddle? :D ]
You Have A Nice [_Smile!!!!! XD <3 ]
I Really Love It When You [_wake me up with a kiss, Prince Charming ;) ]
Someday I Will [_I will marry you! <3 __]
You + Me =[_Forever and ever and ever and ever! Oh and Not the most AWSOME two people in the world, _]
If I Saw You Now I Would [__smile uncontrolably :) ]
If I Had Lots Of Money I Would Buy You [__Whatever my love desired ]
I Would Build A [__Hmmm.....I can't build! But a beach house that belonged to just us too, on our own beach!] Just For You.
I Would Get Your Name Tattoed On My [__ neck, I'm sure you'd notice it there Mr.Tease! ;) ]
If I Could Sing You A Song It Would Be [__Your song of course! ]
We Could [_drink too much and sleep ] Under The Stars.
I Think You Are [__awsomely awsome! ]
When I Look At You I Wanna [_kiss you! Your lips are my biggest weekness :) ]
If We Were Alone We Would [__Write a song together, without getting drunk! ;)____]
You Are So .[__Incredible! ]
If We Were At The Park We Would[__NOT jump off the swings like last time! (my knee still hurts from where I fell ;)___]
I Wish I Could .[__give you everything you ever wanted! ]
Describe Me In 3 Ways..[_Undescrible? ;)___]''[__Hilarious! XD___]''[_handsome! ]

Love,[__Heidi . ] <3
P.S What If I Told You That [_I need a map. I'm lost in your eyes? ;) haha. Cheesy much? ;)
At 10:30am on August 22, 2010, Ceriss said…
I read, reply, and delete.

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