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";;Random Thought;; --Our Page is rather original, but not when it pertains to layouts or fonts or simple insignificant things such as those. Rather we are unique because of our characters and our story-lines which in our opinions is more important.…"
Sep 10, 2011




Leader:: Cataleya Rosemarie Loveme

....Basic Information on her behalf...

Age :: Twenty-Two

D.O.B :: October 29, 1990

Relationship :: No time for one.

Nationality :: Columbian

Accent :: Yes , but at most times hidden.

Currently lives :: NYC

(New Picture coming soon)

...More About Her...

Cataleya is a very brave and cunning woman and she has been since a very young age. AT the young age of seven

her parents were killed before her eyes. Before her father was murdered he gave her a token of his love which she never takes off-,a necklace with the cataleya flower charm. He also left her with a chip to give to the FBI which held very important information. When cataleya had  escaped miraculously and gotten to New York with the held up the federal government , she once again escaped to her uncle where she would then live. Before she had even reached she had her mind set on what she would be and she would need her uncle's help to achieve it. At age seven Cataleya went from wanting to be a princess warrior for good,to wanting to be a cold blooded killer, or as some may label it-an assassin. Her uncle agreed to help but forced her learn the basics in school because he knew to be a successful assassin you had to be smart, clever, and wise. Book smart as well as street smart. Catelya grew up to be a sleek and lethal intelligent woman with a mind set on revenge. In order to get the attention of the people she was after, she first had to get the attention of the Feds, The  process to accomplish this was longer than she expected. Cataleya took the lives of those who were in the drug trade, people who worked as scan artist or people who were highly wanted for illegal tendencies. After approximately twenty-two deaths the Feds finally labeled her as a tag serial killer because of the signiture she left on all of her victims- the cataleya flower. little did they know, they were looking for a woman and not a man. Finally the ones who killed her parents got her clue. Soon with her highly trained senses and skills she took them all out, although she lost all of those closest to her heart in the process. Cataleya never stays in one place for too long and she never lets herself fall in love. She also never leaves any traces of  herself behind. she is precise and flat out one of the strongest woman you'll ever meet.

" Never underestimate the power of a woman "

Charles Marine Dixon

....Basic Information on his behalf...

Age :: 34

D.O.B :: July 5, 1976

Relationship :: No and not looking.

Nationality :: American

Accent :: No

Currently Lives :: NYC

(New Picture coming soon)

...More about him...

Charles is a large man of wisdom. What makes him so successful at his job is that he has years of experience, years of training that makes him a man to be feared. He has high profile senses that makes him spot on. On top of  that he has determination and knows how hard you have to work in order to get something right. Charles body is sculpted perfectly and he has training that makes him have the upper hand even when he doesn't have a weapon. Charles adapted these traits when he worked as the presidents personal body guard. He received not only military training but also marshal arts. Charles is currently retired but still does small time bodyguard gigs for actresses, singers, models, etc. The years that go by do not falter his instinct attention to detail that make him the well known man he is today. Charles has a line of deaths tat hang above his head, but none of them ever innocent people. The government has secrets that are not to be leaked and Charles knows them all and with that, Charles is very well taken care of financially for the most part. Charles was married once but it soon ended because he was consumed by work. He has one daughter, something he always feared would happen because he now has to raise her in a world that is not made for innocence.

"with age comes wisdom"

Espernza Marie Diez

....Basic Information on her behalf...

Age :: Twenty-Five

D.O.B :: March 23, 1985

Relationship :: Nope.

Nationality :: Puerto-Rican

Accent :: Yes , of course

Currently lives :: NYC

(New Picture coming soon)

...More about her...

Esperanza is what you would call the brains behind the masterpiece. Esperanza began her educational training at the age of two. she gained her whole elementary, middle and high-school basics by the age of fourteen. Her parents were one of the greatest spy's and were aware of the fact that their daughter would be more lethal if she knew all the quirks behind the scenes. Esperanza spent all of her time studying. She studied everything from forensics to law and she has one of the best memories on a human. The only things Esperanza did as an extra curricular activity was physical strengthening. from ages five to seven she took karate and boxing. from ages eight to ten she took classes for gymnastics and ballet to strengthen her flexibility and stamina. These are only few of the things she partook in to prepare herself. by the time she was eighteen she was working with her parents. Her job was to monitor parts of the government, study them and become a part of them. Her main goal is to hack their computers, get into their main database and get all of it onto her USB card. the government holds information they'd collected in war with Israel. A code that could self destruct the entire world . Esperanza also does smaller jobs, such as monitoring small organizations that industrialize clones or create money machines to supply small yet deadly corporations. Her life is dedicated to the greater good Esperanza is a full package , beauty, brains and power. Although she loves her work she doesn't have much time to tend to personal desires. This mean she doesn't get past one night stands.

" you don't have to be weak to be human "

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At 9:36pm on September 10, 2011, Columbiana™ said…

;;Random Thought;;

--Our Page is rather original, but not when it pertains to layouts or fonts or simple insignificant things such as those. Rather we are unique because of our characters and our story-lines which in our opinions is more important. So if your looking for a fancy page instead of a good RP then look elsewhere because that is not a essence of our concern--

Thank you.

At 8:18pm on September 10, 2011, Columbiana™ said…
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