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Jul 8, 2012
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May 25, 2012
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"o.o It sounds like it lol!"
Apr 8, 2012
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"I know, I'm easily distracted. I can't help it! When I see a good anime...I've used a lot of self restraint, though, already! Every day I see things! You should see my huge list I want to get working on! Right after! For sure! I…"
Apr 8, 2012
Ѧηї₥ℯ♥♥ℱяℯαḱ♥♥(Ẏυüḱḯϡ left a comment for Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal)
"Wa-Waah!? Noo! Don't say that! I'm sorry! I've wanted to watch it for a while and I was in this group looking at posts and it just popped up and the person was like, "I made this! Please check it out!" and I was like,…"
Apr 8, 2012
Ѧηї₥ℯ♥♥ℱяℯαḱ♥♥(Ẏυüḱḯϡ left a comment for Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal)
"Uh...Vampy... I did it again... I was watching Bleach--I promise!--but then I saw this AMV for Mirai Nikki and I thought it looked pretty cool and couldn't help myself from watching the first episode...and now... Now I'm hooked :/ Whoops…"
Apr 8, 2012
Ѧηї₥ℯ♥♥ℱяℯαḱ♥♥(Ẏυüḱḯϡ left a comment for Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal)
"Did you know?I'm pretty sure today (January 31) is Sebastian's birthday! "
Jan 31, 2012
Ѧηї₥ℯ♥♥ℱяℯαḱ♥♥(Ẏυüḱḯϡ left a comment for Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal)
"Only 220 Episodes of Bleach to go!"
Jan 29, 2012

I <3 Sebastian Michaelis!!!

Welcome to my page of awesomeness! XD

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║(o) ║♥♫Music is my Life♫


Doesn't this just give you chills? I <3 Sebastian!!!






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Name Generators at WishAFriend







You say Harry Potter
I say Twilight
You say Werewolves
I say Vampires
You say hot
I say cold
You say Troy Bolton
I say Edward Cullen
You say love lasts a lifetime
I say love lasts forever
You say Nick, Joe and Kevin
I say Edward, Jasper and Emmet
You say Paris and Tokyo
I say Forks and La Push
You say sunny
I say rainy
You say vampires and werewolves are fake and Twilight sucks
I say your dead, stupid and need to get a life
You say fangs
I say venom covered teeth
You say future
I say Alice
You say sweet
I say Esme
You say doctor
I say Carlisle
You say clumsy
I say Bella
You say Chill Pill
I say Jasper
You say Bear Hug
I say Emmett
You say pretty
I say Rosalie
You say a space heater
I say Jacob
You say obsession
I say Way of Life






I don't understand any of the spanish either, but I think Sebastian's overall hotness makes up for it. ^_^ 









The Hottest/Cutest Guys in Anime (In no particular order)
Sebastian (Black Butler) (So hot he needs 2 pictures!)
Ciel (Black Butler):

Naruto (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)(( No matter what, this guy is always either cute, hot, or just plain awesome!!!))


Ichigo & Hollow Ichigo (Bleach) ((*sigh* I'm Such A Sucker For Guys With Inner Demons ;))



Soul Eater (Soul Eater):
Death the Kid (Soul Eater):
Zero (Vampire Knight):
Otonashi (Angel Beats):


Dark (DNAngel)
Jirou (Black Blood Brothers)

Keima (The World God Only Knows)

Ion (Trinity Blood)


Ren (Karin)


John (Ghost Hunt)


Lin (Ghost Hunt)


Naru (Ghost Hunt)


Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)


Honey (Ouran High School Host Club)


Hikaru & Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club)


Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club)



Chika (Zombie Loan)



Shito (Zombie Loan)


Mikage (07 Ghost)


Teito (07 Ghost)


Rin (Ao no Exorcist)

Kyo (Fruits Basket)


Yuki (Fruits Basket)


Shigure (Fruits Basket)


Haru (Fruits Basket) ((We share the same Zodiac sign! XDD))


Riku (Blood+)


Moses (Blood+)


Akira (Dance in the Vampire Bund)


Takashi (The Natsume Book of Friends)


Train (Black Cat)


Lin (Black Cat)


Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Dante (Devil May Cry)


Oz (Pandora Hearts)


Gilbert (Pandora Hearts)

Akuto (Demon King Daimon)

Night (Absolute Boyfriend) ((Yes, I know he's manga not anime, but he's to wonderful to not be on this list!))

Renji (Bleach)

Captain Hitsugaya (Bleach)

Uryuu (Bleach)

Shingo (Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White)

Back Row: Kaname, Shun, Yuta  Front Row: Chizuru, Yuki  (Kimi to Boku)

Hidenori, Tadakuni, Yoshitake (Daily Lives Of High School Boys)

Shima (Clannad After Story)

Back Row: Takenaga, Yukinojo  Front Row: Ranmaru, Kyohei  (The Wallflower)((Please Ignore The Grim Creeper In The Background))

Oori (Corpse Princess)

Kazuki (Buso Renkin)

Watanuki (xxxHolic)

Doumeki (xxxHolic)


Kei (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

Kairi (Peach Girl)

Natsuno (Shiki)

Kantaro (Tactics)

Haruka (Tactics)

Guren (Shonen Onmyouj)

Masahiro (Shonen Onmyouji)

(More to come later. ^_^)

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An Original Characters survey. :3
Created by pichu4850 and taken 384 times on Bzoink
Okay. First list 5 characters.
two:Angela & Kerry
three:Varian & Vladimir
Some general Questions first..
What do you do with them? (Draw/RP, etc):RP
Which character was created most recently?:Hmm... I think that would be Vladimir & Varian
And which, out of these charas, did you make first?:Katie
Do these characters exist in the same world?/Do they know eachother?:Yes they exist in the same world, no they don't know each other.
Which character is the oldest?:If you're talking alive on earth, then that would be Cain. If you mean physical age wise, then Cain, Dark, and Varian & Vladimir are since they're all 18 so to speak.
Which one has the longest, full, name?:idk. I never really bother with last names. XD
Have you revamped any of them?:Uh, nope.
Do you have more female or male characters?:Male
Do any of your charas have alternate forms?:Yep!
If so, which?:On this list Varian & Vladimir are the only ones, but off the grid, there are others.
Have you based your charas on real, established charas?:No filler.
..sorry. XD
okay almost there
Number 5's turn.
Male or female?:Male
Does/did s/he go to school?:Yep! The School of Supernatural. ;)
How often would s/he spend in front of a mirror?:A good amout. He's a lady's man, so he needs to look his best.
If given a gun, what would s/he do?:Shrug and stuff it in his pocket or somewhere else convinent.
Sexuality?:Straight as a line.
What does s/he like wearing?:Anything that make him look cool and attractive.
Okay, number 4.
Male or female?:Female
Describe their hair.:Blonde and straight
Where does s/he live/like to live?:Anywhere there seems to be love and warmth, her favorite things.
Any good at cooking?:Naturally. She especially good with broths and soups.
Someone trips in the street and twists their ankle. What does s/he do?:She picks them up and carries them to the nearest hospital/ doctor, then will work at that place until the bill is paid off.
How much is s/he willing to spend on a birthday gift for someone?:Everything she has if it would make the person happy.
And here's 3.
Male or female?:Both Male
Age?:Both 18
How tall is s/he?:Vladimir: Tall Varian: Taller
Would they enjoy a surprise party thrown for them?:Yep! Vladimir would be exstatic and Varian would be happy, but shy during the party.
What clothing would s/he most likely wear?:They would just wear the first thing they see in they're closet.
Have they ever killed someone?:Nope.
Eye color?:Vladimir: Gold Varian: Black
Time for number 2.
Male or female?:Both Female
Age?:Both 16
Would s/he prefer going to an amusement park or watching a movie at home?:Angela would want to go to the amusement park, since she loves excitement, but Kerry would rather be at home with the movie since she's not really fond of people.
Any special talents?:They're both musically gifted, specializing in many instrument and great with their voices.
Do they have any secrets?:Noperz
Any tattoos?:No
Is s/he generally violent?:Not really... Angela's a pretty happy go lucky person, but you do NOT wanna get on Kerry's bad side.
Finally to 1.
Male or female?:Male
Age?:18 physially wise, but he's as old as time in actual age.
Any piercings on them?:Nope
What's their favorite food?:Cake. Any and all things cake.
In an argument, is s/he most likely to win?:Yep! Either that, or he'll distract the other person, until the arguement is forgotton.
What's the most unusual thing about them?:He has scars on his back from something he calls 'a fall', when you try to get close (emotion wise) he gets freaked out, and every once in a while, he has 'episodes'.
Is s/he a virgin?:Yep.
Which character(s) is the...
Youngest?:Angela & Kerry
Smartest?:Cain again.
Interrraacctionzzz. (assume your charas know each other.)
1 buys 5 a gift. What is it?:Probably a new shirt.
2 and 3 go on a week-long trip to...dunno, somewhere foreign. What happens?:I honestly couldn't tell you, but I'm pretty sure someone would end up dead. More than likely it would be Varian & Vladimir.
4 is insulting number 3. What do they say?:First, Katie would never insult anyone, but for arguements sake, if she did it to Vladimir, he would probably drink her blood, to Varian, he would just sit there quietly and take it like a man.
5 and 2 are taking.. a math test. Who gets a better score?:Kerry. No contest.
Would it be a good idea to let 3 give 1 a haircut?:With Varian, yes. With Vladimir, HELL no.
4 dares 5 to run a mile down the street, naked. What does 5 do?:Once again, Katie would NEVER do that, but if she did, Dark would do it, then would try to make a move on Katie.
2 has a secret to tell. Do they tell 4 or 1?:With Angela, she'd tell either of them, with Kerry, that would be a niether.
3, 5, and 4 have a race. Who wins?:It would probably be a tie between Varian & Vladimir and Dark.
What if 1 started dating 2?:Let's just say that wouldn't happen in a million years, no matter the circumstance.
2 raids 4's house. What do they steal?:Saying Katie had a house, Angela wouldn't take anything, but Kerry would steal anything with any value.
5 throws eggs at 3. What does 3 do?:Varian: Nothing. Vladimir: ... Let's leave it at all Hell breaks loose.
1 takes pictures of 4 for blackmail. What does 4 when s/he finds out?:Nothing. She has no secrets.
State a random fact about each.
1:He's a great Gardner.
2:Despite their species, Angela and Kerry are the total opposites of what they should be.
3:Vladimir can't cook to save his life, but Varian is a wonderful chef.
4:She's spent a lot of her time on Earth as a hobo of sorts.
5:He could totally be a romantic poet if he wanted too.
Do they like alcohol?:Nope... Well nope for all but Cain...
1:A little, but only when he's extrememly depressed.
5:Not really, but if it would make a girl happy, he would swallow some down.
Magical abilities?:Yepperz. for most
1:He can read, control, and eat emotions.
2:Kerry controls darkness and shadows while on the other hand, Angela controls light
3:Unless you count changing between bodies depending on the time of the day (thanks to a curse they managed to land on themselves) then no.
4:She can control anything in a liquid form.
1:?/ Fallen Angel
2:?/ Angela's a Demon and Kerry's an Angel even though they're twins.
3:?/ Both are Vampires.
4:?/ Angel
5:?/ Vampire
Name something you wouldn't have guessed about them at first glance.
1:He's a tortured soul, but the reasons for that I won't tell. ;)
2:Even though Kerry keeps a negative attitude toward her sister, she really does love her and Angela... She's an open book. What you see is what you get.
3:They're two people in one.
4:Once again, an open book.
5:He has a dark past of which he'll never speak of.
Last things.
How many characters do you have total?:As of current, 19, but the numbers keep adding up.
Thinking of making any new ones?:All the time. ^_^
Any inspiration for making characters?:Not right now unfortunately.
What's the general age group you tend to create them in?:The teens, though I have made two adults and a child as of late.
Who are you favorite characters out of all?:Cain since he's brought me a great story idea and Katie since she was the first .
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Sebastian wants his Boochan XD Pictures, Images and Photos







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Get Your Birthstones at

My Result: Fire
on quiz: What elemental personality do you have?

Fire people are very intuitive. They are natural leaders, and will fight hard for a cause. They are flamboyant and romantic. They can be impulsive, and violent at times.

Fire is linked with intuition and initiative.
Quiz MakerTake this quiz & get your result














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Birthday Presents

These are some of the special gifts people have made me on my special day ^_^

This is from my absolutely epically awesome friend La-La! She's just so sweet! I'm so lucky to know her!!! ^_^







Myspace Zodiac Graphics



Myspace Chinese Astrology


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Also made by my awesome friend La-La 




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NMPH!!! Vampy, you're banner making skills are too freaking awesome! You need to have more belief in yourself because I saw Yuuki's present and it is freaking incredible!!!! *shakes you* HAVE MORE SELF BELIEF!!!!!

O.O it's not sad ^_^ but... out of the 354... which is in your head right now? O.o

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Ahah! Ahhhh I still think its funny xDD

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1. Team Edward
2. Love 2 write
3. Dedicated Role Player! ^_^
4. I <3 Anime!
5. Pug Lover

[[About Me]]
Created by judith-marie and taken 414 times on Bzoink
Name:: Crystal
Age:: 14 and Proud!
Relationship Satus:: Single and probably stuck that way for a LONG time.
Children:: I'm only 14!
Location:: None yer beeswax!
Hair Color:: Blonde
Eye Color:: A little mix of everything! ^_^ (Brown, green, blue, and I swear there is a little bit of gold and red)
Height:: idk
Weight:: idk
Religion:: Methodist
Piercings:: Ears only
Tattoos:: Absoluely zero.
Are your toe nails painted?: Nope. I'm an all natural kinda girl.
How is your hair styled?: Curly and parted to the side.
Do you believe in God?: Yes, with all my heart and soul.
Is your house clean?: Yes... As long as you don't count my room...
Do you sleep with the television on?: No
Do you like to hunt?: Absolutely not!
Do you like to fish?: Eh. Not really.
What is the last thing you had to drink?: Sweet tea
Are you afraid of the dark?: Nope
Do you like cereal?: Eh.
Do you drive?: I wish...
Do you like to travel?: Not really. I prefer staying at home.
Are you named after anyone?: Yes
Is anyone named after you?: Not that I'm aware of.
Future child's name?: I have no idea, since I keep changing it so often. XD
Do you worry about your health?: A little bit...
Do you like to read?: Yes!!!
Have you ever been in love?: Unfortunatly, no.
What do you like on your pizza?: Lots of cheese and hamburger
Meat or Vegetables?: Meat. Definitely meat.
Do you read the Bible?: Sometimes
Band?: As of now, Disciple.
Fodo?: Anything sweet.
Color?: Pink and Black
Drink?: Sweet Tea/ Grape Fanta
Scent?: Warm Vanilla Sugar, Birthday Cake, and Twilight Woods.
Person?: Don't Have one.
Fast Food?: Dairy Queen. (I love me a blizzard!)
Restaurant?: Little Tokyo Steak and Sushi House or Longhorns
Weather Condition?: Rainy...
Season?: Winter
Holiday?: Christmas
Candy?: idk
Fruit?: Starfruit/ Watermelon
Vegetable?: Broccoli
Dessert?: Can't Choose!
Snack?: idk
[[This or That]]
Snow or 100 Degree Temp?: Snow
Book or Magazine?: Book
Country Music or Christian Music?: Both
Meat or Vegetable?: Didn't I already answer this one?
Water or Soda?: Soda. Diet perferably.
McDonalds or Sonic?: Sonic
Popeyes or Chicken Express?: Neither
Morning or Night?: Night
Computer or Television?: Computer. No contest
Lemon or Lime?: Lemon-Lime ^_^
Dogs or Cats?: Dogs
Apple or Orange?: Apple
Rap or Metal?: Neither
Pen or Pencil?: Uh...
[[Finish the Sentence]]
I love..: Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian Michaelis.
I cannot live without..: my laptop and ipod.
My favorite thing to do is..: the 3 r's. Read, write, and roleplay.
I love it when..: I finish a good book.
I wish..: (Sorry. That's a secret)
I want..: idk.
I need..: idk.
I am..: a anime obsessed girl.
I believe..: in God?
[[What comes to mind when you hear]]
Chicken:: ADHD
Water:: Fire
Wave:: Boggie Boarding
Shower:: Warm and Clean
Toy:: Child
Cold:: Winter
City:: Town
Love:: True
Rage:: Passion
Fork:: Food
Paper:: Scissors, Rock. ;)
Cream:: Ice
Carpet:: Floor
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
2010. I've lost count.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Edward. No explanation needed.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Bella. I'm quiet, in love with Edward, and wish I was one of those vampires.
Favorite Books
The Twilight Saga (of course), Fallen, Torment, Love is Beastly, Prophacy of the Sisters, The Lost Hero, etc.
What is Your Favorite Music
Pop, Country, a touch of Rock, and Japanese music! (It's awesomer than it sounds.)
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Movies: Twilight Saga, Megamind, and Firebreather
T.V. Shows: Generator Rex, Vampire Knight, Black Butler, Soul Eater, and Nyan Koi!
Games: Anything that involves a screen.
Favorite Quotes:
2M2C, but this is one I actually made up. ^_^

"I also find the night sky a glorious thing. Without the sun's blinding rays, you can see all the shining stars, though, not a single one of them nor all of them combined can compare to your radiant beauty."
-My Role Play Charrie Dark
Favorite Activities
Writing and Role Playing

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