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"Hey gorgeous :) -hugs chu- how did chu sleep wait wait here's the better question did chu even sleep XD"
Jan 3, 2011

<l3 MyPrideSaid; "It's impossible" MyExperienceSaid; "It's risky" MyReasonSaid; "It's pointless" MyHeartWhispered; "Give it a try"

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At 5:57pm on January 2, 2011, シCylie Rae™ said…

I Read

I Reply

I Eat Them xD

OhEmGee;; It's Me! O:

Love is an endless mystery,
for it has nothing else to explain it. 

★Dream Of Me


Well hello there[: I'm Cylie Rae Santana,Weird name,right? :D But Anyways I'm ganna tell you some basic things about me.Why,'Cause you'll find out more just talking to me. [: 

I'm VERY easy to get along with practically anyone. I personally could careless if you like me or not. I'm easy-going. Don't mind talking to people. When it comes to love,I doubt it... SO much. & trust me. It gets annoying,..So I've been told -.- But anyways, I'm 100% straight. Always have been[: Proud of it too. I don't hate,'cause "hate" is a strong word & dont forget about "love". Thats even stronger^^ I either dislike or love you[: I'm not a judge-mental person. Which is good,I think at least? Lmao. I'm 17 years & counting. My favorite color is L-I-M-E G-R-E-E-N!:D I dont go ANYWHERE without my phone,& your probably think "Ah,typical girl" Well your damn right! [: I'm no different from anybody else on this dying Earth. I live Life day by day like any other human. Oh,& boys if your wondering..I am single[; But not looking..yet. Not sure if I'm ready. I don't believe in love at first sight,'cause come on? You look a person & all of a sudden your in love? Thats stupid. At the time you probably don't even know the guy/girls name! Am I right?Haah. I wish thaat my love life could be like a fairy tale. But who am I kidding? Thats never ganna happen. 



 -------------------> See that pretty thing over there. Thaats me! :D

Not the prettiest but Oh well[:

I'm a happy girl,which isnt a bad thing. I do hate Life. "Cause it sucks,Theres always pain,fear,hurt,love and OhEmGee,Its a pain in the booty. Lmao. I dont think NO ONE is fake on here;Why? Well Because behind this computer is a real person like everyone else. Who cares if they have a fake picture,They're still real. Its not like they are candy eating ghost mokeysxD Holy shiz,That wuld be epic ^^ Haah,Okaay,back to what I was talking about^^ People that do put of fake pictures are probably embarrassed of how they look;& your probably thinking "Well they shouldnt & blah blah blah" But sadly..There are people who hate and judge & are just plain rude and b!tches. Mmkaay? Good[: Well enough about me. Wanna know more,Talk to me?





 Don't Copy My Page!^^


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