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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Red=in love
Aqua=going to attack someone
Blood Red=evil
Lime Green=falling for someone
Dark Green=crushing
Ocean Green=flirty
Sunset Yellow=dreaming
Midnight Blue=sleepy
Silver= calm

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✔ Official Dacy Lynn Loxx`s #1 Fan!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
New Moon=79
Breaking Dawn=92
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Why Do We Have Team Edward And Jacob If We Have A Justin Bieber?
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I Am Myself, Thats All That Matters... Duh!
Favorite Books
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn, Dork Diaries,and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
What is Your Favorite Music
Baby-Justin Bieber
One Time-Justin Bieber
One Less Lonley Girl-Justin Bieber
21 Guns-Greenday
Fireflies-Owl City
Super Massive Black Hole-Muse
Girlfriend-Avril Lavigne
EENIE MENNIE~Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber!
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
My favorite movies are Titanic,Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse,Breaking Dawn.

My favorite Tv shows are That so Raven,Hannah Montana,Big Time Rush,iCarly,and maybe Haunted Houses.

My favorite game is World of Warcraft,Halo 3 ODST, Left 4 Dead , Left4 Dead 2, and Webkinz and Club Penguin.
Favorite Quotes:
I Cross My <3 And Hope To Spy.
Favorite Activities
Yoga , Webkinz , Club Penguin , Tag , Hide `n Go Seek , Dance Videos , Comuter games, of Just Chilln` with my BFFLs,Adoring My Hot/Sexy Boyfriend, or Just Texting Boyfriend.

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Witches Spells!!!

Love spells
To find a compatible lover-
Wear a ring witch amethyst, aquamarine, and topaz stones. Chant- "Bring me true love, bring me long love, bring me the love of my dreams." Then the ring will tighten when the suitable lover approaches, speak to him.

How to get him-
Put the guys hanky (tissue) in abox with a wedding cake slice. Say "New love, forever love, be mine till the end of time."
Then sleep on it.

To gain attention of a lover-
Scrape dirt of shoe of the boy or girl who you love. Put the dirt in a locket and chant- "Come to me (name), mot away from me, paths cross to me and home."

To get a man to want to protect you-
Wear a tourmaline when out in the world; when protective man encounters you, the stone will glow with bright colour. When that happens, don't forget to be very feminine and flirt with him, and listen to his opinions too.

To make a lover leave someone else for you-
Wear a gold ring, set with a rose quartz stone, on each hand (ring fingers)and you will be in a good position to attract the lover you want. Be very carefull about whom you finger however (you should only chose the ones who are unhappy in a relationship.)

Winning the love of a woman-
Chant the following three times over an apple or a pomergranate; give the fruit to the woman to drink the juices, and she will surely come to you.

Witch candle spell-
On a Friday evening, place a red or pink witch shaped candle on a 24cm x 24cm piece of aluminium foil,
folded in half. Write the name of the man or woman from whom you desire love at the bottom of the witch candle and then annoint it with some rose, musk or patchouli oil. Light the candle and recite the following incantation three times-
"Witch candle, witch candle bright with fire influence the spirits to bring me desire."
Allow the candle to burn down one inch per day. After it has burned all the way to the bottom, wrap the aluminium foil tightly around it and place the candle under your bed. After seven days and nights, throw the foil covered witch candle into a river and say-
"Witch candle
witch candle let you magic bind.
Witch candle witch candle let him/her be mine."

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Helpful Spells

CALMING the Stress of the Exams!!!
And by this I mean that this spell and ritual will only work for calming your stress, to make you feel relaxed and to make you confident about the exams. If you are confident and relaxed during the exam it could effect the grade but it does not have to. Here are some things you need to know before doing the spell which are in the spell and you might not know them.

How to cast a circle: Say:
"Black spirits and white,
Red spirits and grey,
Harken the rune I say.
Four points of the circle,
weave the spell,
East, South, West, North,
your tale to tell.
East is for red for the break of the day,
South is white for the noontide hour,
In the West is twilight grey,
And North is black for the place of power.
Three times round the circles cast (go three times around your circle)
Great ones, spirits from the past,
Witness and guard it fast."
Put coloured candles and stones around your circle to mark it. These colours on the candles would be good: Orange, Yellow, Green, Peach and Purple.
These stones would be good: Carnelian, Diamond, Garnet, Lapiz-Lazuli, Onyx and Topaz.
You don't have to have all of these things around the circle but at least one or two of the coloured candles and one or two of the stones would be very helpful.
How to close a circle: You will need to close your circle after doing the spell!!! Say:
By the Earth that is her body
And by the air that is her breath
And by the fire of her great spirit,
And by the living waters of her womb, the circle is open but unbroken
May the joy of the goddes live in our hearts
Merry meet and Merry part
And Merry meet again.

Starting the spell:
You need to find a quiet relaxed spot somewhere which reminds you of the room where you are going to have your exams in, like the clicking of the clock or the furniture which looks similar to the examination room. When you have settled there mark your circle with the candles and stones. Always mark it so that your are inside the circle. Don't mark while being outside the circle and then go in!!! Don't!!!
Then light the candles and walk once clockwise the circle. Then cast the circle. (It says at the top how to do it.) Sit down in the circle in a comfortable position and just relax and close your eyes. Just relax for a few minutes. Keep your eyes closed and then concentrate really really hard seeing yourself in the exam not being stressed at all. Concentrate on seeing yourself how you write down nearly all correct answers to nearly every question. See yourself in the exam being so confident that the exam is even fun! Concentrate on for a few minutes and then close the circle. (I says at the top of the paper how to close the circle.) Then walk ant-clockwise around the circle and afterwards take the stones away and put the candles off.
RULE: Never blow the candles out! Always use something like a piece of metal and then squeeze to top out. Then lie down on your bed and relax.

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Chants and Blessings

We are a Circle
We are a circle
within a circle
with no beginning
and never ending

We are a circle
within a circle
with no beginning
and never ending
Spirit of Fire
Spirit of fire come to us
we will kindle the fire

Spirit of fire come to us
we will kindle the fire

We will kindle the fire
dance the magic circle 'round

We will kindle the fire
we will kindle the fire
We are Alive
We are alive
as the earth is alive,
we have the power to
create our freedom.

If we have the courage, we can be healers,
Like the sun we shall rise.
If we have courage, we can be healers,
like the moon we shall rise
Chant of Elemental Invocation
Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
spirit open your hands to me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
spirit open your hearts to me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
spirit open your souls to me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
spirit lend your power to me

Elemental Incantation-
Earth and Sea
keep harm from me.
Wind and Fire
bring my desire

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How to turn a prince into a frog
By Hazel, 8, BC, Canada

You need one prince (to turn into a frog), and you need to be at least in witch elementary to do this. Sneak up on the prince from behind and say Abro Zabre Anura and wave your wand.
(July 2009)

Undo spell
By Clea, 8, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia

Moon stars mist and sun
gazinga gazanga
my spell is undone
(October 2008)

freedom spell
By Jazzella, 10, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Powers of the sun and forces of the moon
because one quset to open the doors to shadowlands,
let out the light shine in it eternal night
and leave on corner untouched,
to that we may free our friends
from the shadows that binds them.
(October 2008)

By Ceals, 13, Kenilworth, UK

Spick and Span
Morning dew
Make this room
as clean as new~
Nov 04

Time Travel Spell and Vanquishing spell
By Darcy, 13, New Jersey, USA

Pob Art Thee Vinidow Anad Headthnew Aquin Athiwast Nee Shafthnida
cast this spell to surf the Time realm

Wastral Youth Of United Hours I Vanquish Thee By My Powers
cast this spell to vanquish a person, or object.
(November 2004)

Love wish
By Brynn, 11, Canada

You need a…
. Wish box (a special box)
. Pencil
. Paper

Now what you need to do is get out your wish box and every day you rip a tiny piece of paper and write your love wish everyday and chant after you wrote it down.
"Oh master of love please make my lovely wish come true"

and trust me it works!!! (it worked for me)
(November 2004)

Spells for Math
By Chris, 10, San Antonio, TX, USA

To make you great at math
Chant this three times

As I walk the academic path
please make me excellent in math
(November 2004)

Self defense spell
By Hector, 10, Rochester, NY, USA

Crepto thunderous frajillies
(November 2004)

Dear Mr Merlin
By Evie, 9, Yokohama, Japan

Dear Mr. Merlin

Would it be possible,
For me to be a wizard for the day?
If I was really good,
I might even be able to stay.

I would bring all my own eqiupment,
Cloak and wand and hat.
And if you really wanted,
I'll even take my own pet rat!

I'll be a great assistant,
And mix up potions by the load.
If you would give me a recipe,
To turn my sister into a toad.
(November 2004)

By Thomas, 11, LN, USA

(confuses opponent)
(October 2004)

Here Comes Halloween
By Olivia, 9, Laconia, NH, USA

Halloween is coming soon
So hurry! Quick! You'd better find a costume!
Hurry hurry now, here it comes
To haunt YOU and your friends TOO
Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat! You will say at every door
Getting candy, more and more
And now I must come in
Because what good is Halloween without a big big BOOOOOO!
(October 2004)

Dare With A Twist
By Michal, 12, BC, Canada

"Oh, come on, your afraid of everything." Jeff and Keven teased Missy and Crissy.
" We are not, and we can prove it," Missy said as her anger started to boil over " Crissy and I wil go up to Haunted Hermons, and stay the whole night."
Crissy looked at Missy, shocked.
" Okay then, we now officially dare you to stay the whole might in there," Keven said, smirking " If you run out screaming your heads off, you have to do our homework for a whole week."
"What if we don't?" Crissy asked suspiciously.
" Then we won't play any more pranks on you." Jeff said surely.
" It's a bet!" Missy said smiling.
" What if they actually are able to stay the night?" Keven asked Jeff woriedly.
" Then we'll just have to make sure they don't stay the night then, won't we?"

" You have five minuits to prepare yourself." Jeff sneered
"Are you sure about this Missy?" Crissy asked nervously.
" We're going in!"

"Calm down Crissy, it's only me." Missy said comfortinly. The two had been in the old rickety house for over three hours, and still nothing had happened.
" Ooooooooo, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh."
" Missy, is that you?" Crissy said in a frightened whisper.
" Ohf, ouch." Jeff and Keven said as they rounded the corner with some supplies.
" It's only the boys Crissy," Missy said soothingly. " What are you guys doing here?"
" Missy honestly, it wasn't us." Jeff said frightendly.
" It's been like that the whole time."
As fast as they could, the kids ran to the door, but just as they rounded the corner, they saw the ghost disapeaing.

You all can be sure of one thing, the boys never played pranks again, and the girls never were cought denying that they were scared ever again. (October 2004)

Pumpkin ball
By Kimberley, 11, Helston, UK

There is a ball when you've gone to bed,
On Halloween night a monster blood red,
He will anounce with a great big pounce,
That all monsters here in this very year,
Are invited to the Pumpkin ball.

You see the Pumpkin ball is a terrible thing,
Where all the monsters and horrific things,
All gather round the monster blood red,
To have a ball when you've gone to bed.

There's ghouls and ghosts and a host with the most,
Monsters and things wearing lots of rings,
Skeleton's and bats wearing red top hats,
And a tentacled monster wearing a poncho.

They all dance around to some eerie music,
That sound like cats who've forgot how to mew it,
A Sudden whistle, a scream like a missile,
And a vampire appears who's been alive for years.

He greets the monsters with a glare,
Then puts down a pumpkin on each chair,
It's time for the annual pumpkin scratch,
All will take part except for the bats.

All the monsters stand by their chairs,
As no-one but no-one is willing to share,
The hooter sounds and they all get stuck in,
A banshee arrives with a great big din.

A uproar sounds as the hooter goes,
And the banshee looks round standing on toes,
She announces the winner,
Then they sit down to dinner.

Then the monster blood red,
Will stand on his head,
And begin to announce,
With a great big pounce.

That it is his great pity,
To leave this city,
He'll send an invitation,
To the whole monster nation,
Inviting them to the next Pumpkin ball!
(October 2004)

By Yevgeniya, 11, Cupertino, CA, USA

I hear voices I dare not speak
The door opens with a loud creek
A dark stranger comes in
A bright light shines from within
It washes away my tears
And scares away my fears
The dark stranger is gone
And know it is dawn
(October 2004)

How to turn one thing into 2.
By Casey, 12, FL, USA

Stand there, and calm yourself. Say these words and brace yourself….

Clepto vergilious!!

(not guaranteed to actually work.) (October 2004)

Scary Poem
By Cody, 12, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I tossed and turned in my bed,
waiting for the day ahead.
Then I heard footsteps out my door.
I was terrified,
It felt like my heart would hit the floor.

Then I heard a tapping at my door,
Just a tapping and nothing more.
I got out of my bed,
With my heart filled with dread.
When I opened the door I saw nothing.
The hallway was dead.

As I turned around,
I felt someone watching me.
Then I thought in my mind,
Please let me be free.

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder,
I could feel my blood get colder.
I turned to see a floating being,
I could not believe what I was seeing.

As I fell to the floor,
I wished for no more.
(October 2004)

Love spell
By Christine, 12, Auburn, USA

With this ribbon, I do bind,
my heart to yours and yours to mine,
Love I call you come to me,
as is my will, so mote it be.
(October 2004)

Kids on the Net Spellbook
By Tash, 11, London, England

eye of toad,
leg of newt,
squish them up and make some fruit.

Sugar lump,
Piece of pottery.
Dear god please let me win the lottery.
(October 2004)

Winnie the Witch & her Tragic Tale
By Rachel, 14, USA

You know what Halloween is, apparently, but did you know there was such a Witch that existed that actually came out on Halloween night? Now, it's not a mean Witch or anything and I'm not trying to get anybody scared - this Witch that I'm talking about was a nice Witch; a very 'unique' Witch. She went by the name of Winnie, even though her birth name was Winifred, and when she was a very little Witch, the other Witches used to tease her and taunt her.
Now, Winnie didn't like being treated this way and she didn't think any child or Witch or Zombie or Mummy (etc.) would either. So she decided when she grew up, she wanted to make a change. She wanted to make sure every child was protected and no one's feelings were ever hurt the way hers were.
So every Halloween night from that very night on, Winnie would ride through the sky on her broomstick, scanning every block of every street of every state of every country of every… (OK, OK, I think you get the point already)… making sure no children were being scared or taunted or teased.
But one Halloween in particular, about, say 3 years back, there was this one little girl who was especially being made fun of because she had braces, thick-framed glasses, and she wore high tops. Now, she wasn't the most popular girl in her school (that's the point, obviously) so she was being tormented by some nasty popular girls that Halloween night. She wasn't exactly brave enough to stand up for herself, but when Winnie looked down from the sky and noticed the girl being pushed around, she zoomed her broomstick down from the sky and down onto the ground and when she got there, she cast a spell on the popular girls and turned them into toads with lumpy warts.

Now Winnie wasn't cold-hearted enough to leave those popular girls that way forever - it was just a simple spell that wore off the night following Halloween. But as for the poor, helpless girl who was being teased, she didn't even thank Winnie, instead she angrily remarked, "I don't need your help to defend me, lady. I don't know who you think you are but I hope you're happy, you've made me seem even more unpopular now! Thanks a lot! Now everyone thinks I need an old lady to defend me!" Then she ran off and we never had seen her again. Poor Winnie!
And that's exactly why Winnie retired from helping children, yes, you heard me… she retired. Sad, truly, it was. But she knew she had to since she felt unwanted and unneeded.

But because of her retirement, she wasn't able to help many a child many a Halloween night because she felt they'd just get angry at her and snarl at her for trying to help. So, even though it seemed mighty cruel to just leave the kids to be picked on, that's what she knew she had to do.
Now about four years after Winnie's retirement, some urgent news arrived. There was a little boy who was being teased just because he was a 'teacher's pet' and he got all A's and there were mean, eigth grade boy bullies who were pushing him around and even making threats.
Winnie heard about the news, indeed she did, but still she knew she should not get involved… until….

"Winnie! This boy really needs you!" Said her sister, Minnie.
"No Minnie!" Winnie stammered back. "I cannot help children anymore! They laugh at me for helping them and I do not want to get in the way of their social life."
"Winnie! Just because one little girl got angry at you for saving her life way back years ago doesn't mean other children don't need you. OK, so some may still even yell at you and argue with you about saving them, but does that matter? No way! What matters is you save them! This one little boy, Charlie, he could die if you don't do something. He is in great danger, Winnie, and I know he needs you."
"I can't…" Winnie stated blankly "I can't no matter how much I want to. I just…can't."
"I can't believe you, my own sister, about to let some bullies perhaps kill this young boy and you're just sitting around on your fanny not doing a thing. Yep, just kickin' your feet back without a care in the world." Minnie stated angrily.
"What?! Whoever said I enjoyed just sitting here, knowing kids are being tormented?" Winnie was bewildered.
"Well, it's pretty darn apparent," Minnie shouted back, "I just never thought the day would come when you would abandon some children for…what… the prevention of getting yelled at. Big deal! So what! I get yelled at every day by my Boss at work… but does that mean I still don't appreciate what I did? No! Of course I appreciate it, and even though my Boss may have yelled at me, it was worth it Winnie. It really was!"

This helped Winnie to realize she was needed - even if she was yelled at it was worth it to save a life. So she hopped atop her broomstick and sped off in search of Charlie. When she finally discovered him, he was in an alleyway being chased by eighth grade bullies. The poor boy was practically tripping over his loose shoelaces.
"You boys had better leave Charlie alone RIGHT NOW or you are going to get it!" Winnie screamed as her eyes turned red and her face stiffened.
All the bullies stopped and stared at her, eyes widened and jaws dropped in confusion. Charlie stared too. No one moved a muscle.
But then Winnie continued, "You touch that boy and you are dead meat! Now scram! And I NEVER want to hear or see you've been messing with Charlie again! Now git!"
And all five of the boys ran, screaming, home to their Mommies. Classic.
What really surprised Winnie was that Charlie didn't even yell at her or anything. He just smiled, bowed, and walked silently away. But that was enough to Winnie. She didn't even want the thanks. The memory of her saving a life was just enough.

…And so the story of Winnie saving lives every Halloween night goes… so you better watch your back if you're one who likes to tease others (even if you think it's funny and just a joke) make sure it's not on a Halloween… for you never know if Winnie's watching you!!!
~~The End~~
(October 2004)

A spell
By Colin, 7, Hong Kong

Chocolate, beer and doggy tails,
Cats' claws and balls of fire.
This potion never fails
If these three things are your desire:
If you want to never die,
Have superstrength and power to fly.
(October 2004)

What Each Playing Card Means:

Ace of Hearts Love and happiness. The home, a love letter. This card is a particularly favorable card that indicates troubles and problems lifting.
King of Hearts A fair-haired man with a good nature; or a man with Water signs predominating in his chart. Fair, helpful advice. Affectionate, caring man. This man helps you out without much talk. His actions reveal his kindness and concern.
Queen of Hearts A fair-haired woman with a good nature; or a woman with Water signs predominating in her chart. Kind advice. Affectionate, caring woman. Sometimes, this card can indicate the mother or a mother figure.
Jack of Hearts A warm-hearted friend. A fair-haired youth; or a young person with Water signs predominating in his or her chart. Often this points to a younger admirer.
10 of Hearts Good luck, success. This is an important card that suggests good fortune after difficulty.
9 of Hearts The card of wishes. A wish/dream fulfilled. Look to the card just preceding this one to determine what the querent desires.
8 of Hearts Unexpected gift or visit; an invitation to a party.
7 of Hearts Someone whose interest in you is unreliable; someone with fickle affections for you. This card can indicate lovesickness.
6 of Hearts A sudden wave of good luck. Someone takes care of you, takes warm interest in you.
5 of Hearts Jealousy; some ill-will from people around you.
4 of Hearts Travel, change of home or business.
3 of Hearts Love and happiness when the entire spread is generally favorable. In a difficult spread, this can indicate emotional problems and an inability to decide who to love.
2 of Hearts A warm partnership or engagement. This is a very favorable card that indicates strength and support coming from a partner.

Ace of Clubs Wealth, prosperity, unexpected money/gain. However, in a difficult spread, this money may disappear almost as quickly as it appears.
King of Clubs Dark-haired, kind-hearted man; or a man with Fire predominating in his chart. A generous, spirited man.
Queen of Clubs Dark-haired, confident woman; or a woman with Fire predominating in her chart. She may give you good advice.
Jack of Clubs A dark-haired or fiery youth. Popular youth who is good-hearted and playful. Can also indicate an admirer.
10 of Clubs Business success. Good luck with money. A trip taken now may result in a new friend or love interest.
9 of Clubs Achievement; sometimes a wealthy marriage or a sudden windfall.
8 of Clubs Work/business problems that may have to do with jealousy. This is generally thought to be quite unfavorable.
7 of Clubs Business success, although there may be problems with the opposite sex. A change in business that may have been expected or earned, such as a promotion.
6 of Clubs Financial aid or success.
5 of Clubs New friendships, alliances are made.
4 of Clubs Beware of dishonesty or deceit; avoid blind acceptance of others at this time.
3 of Clubs Love and happiness; successful marriage; a favorable long-term proposition. A second chance, particularly in an economical sense.
2 of Clubs Obstacles to success; malicious gossip.

Ace of Spades Misfortune; sometimes associated with death or, more often, a difficult ending.
King of Spades Dark-haired man; or a man with Air predominating in his chart. An ambitious man, perhaps self-serving.
Queen of Spades Widowed or divorced woman; or a woman with Air predominating in her chart.
Jack of Spades A youth who is hostile or jealous.
10 of Spades Worry; bad news.
9 of Spades Illness, accident, bad luck. The querent is at his/her personal low.
8 of Spades Temptation, misfortune, danger, upsets.
7 of Spades Advice that is best not taken; loss. There is some obstacle to success, and this indicates that obstacles may be coming from within the querent.
6 of Spades Small changes and improvements.
5 of Spades Opposition and obstacles that are temporary; a blessing in disguise. Sometimes indicates a negative or depressed person.
4 of Spades Small worries, problems. Financial difficulties, personal lows.
3 of Spades Breaks in relationships. Sometimes indicates that a third person is breaking into a relationship somehow.
2 of Spades Breaks in relationships; deceit. A break in an important process in the querent's life. If the question concerns a particular romantic interest, this is considered a warning card - infidelity or separation is quite likely.

Ace of Diamonds Change; a message, often about money, and usually good news.
King of Diamonds Fair-haired or graying man, or a man with Earth predominating in his chart. A man of authority, status, or influence.
Queen of Diamonds Fair-haired woman; or a woman with Earth predominating in her chart. A gossip.
Jack of Diamonds A youth, possibly in uniform. Or, a jealous person who may be unreliable. A person who brings news, generally negative, but relatively minor.
10 of Diamonds A change in financial status, often for the better.
9 of Diamonds A new business deal; travel; restlessness; a change of residence.
8 of Diamonds New job; change in job situation. The young or the old may find love on a trip.
7 of Diamonds An argument concerning finances, or on the job. Generally expected to be resolved happily.
6 of Diamonds Relationship problems, arguments. Separation.
5 of Diamonds Happiness and success. A change for the better. A birth, or good news for a child. A good time to start new projects.
4 of Diamonds Financial upswing; an older person may give good advice.
3 of Diamonds A legal letter. Be tactful with others in order to avoid disputes.
2 of Diamonds A business partnership; a change in relationship; gossip.

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