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Ɩвяαнιм left a comment for The Twisted Logic Coven
"is Ainsley vamp?"
May 13, 2010
Ɩвяαнιм left a comment for The Twisted Logic Coven
May 13, 2010
Tyniah Glaud left a comment for The Twisted Logic Coven
"hey watz de good everyone"
Feb 2, 2010
Ƭнɛ Ємσ Ǥιяℓƨ left a comment for The Twisted Logic Coven
"bella-hey ashly-hey did you know i have a twin? ashly-yea"
Jan 30, 2010

Declan: I FOUND A BETTER NAMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Ainsley: -laughs-

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At 8:29am on May 13, 2010, Ɩвяαнιм said…
is Ainsley vamp?
At 8:29am on May 13, 2010, Ɩвяαнιм said…
At 7:48am on February 2, 2010, Tyniah Glaud said…
hey watz de good everyone




Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Name: Declan O'Callaghan
Species: Vampire(anti-twilight)
Special Power: Can Inflict Mental Pain
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black
Origin: Ireland
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Bar Tender
Date of Change To Vampire: 1500
Story of Change to Vampire:
I walked through the deep woodland area close to my cottage, I wondered if she was going to be there like she'd told me. I decided to sit on an old fallen tree, there was not much to sit on else where. "Lillian!" I called for her.
"Yes," I heard come from a tree to the right of me, it was a dry whisper.
"LILLIAN? ARE YOU THERE!!!???!!!" I yelled again. "Lillian!!!"
"Up here" the same voice came from the top of a tree to the left of me.
"Lillian?" I asked worried for my lover's well being.
"Declan, I'm right here" she said from behind me.
I jumped. "Lillian, you scared me..." I turned around to look at her... it wasn't her.
"Declan, I'm diffrent, I've changed since you last saw me..."
"Yeah?" I said sarcasticly.
"Declan, I don't love you anymore" she looked down, and then looked back up again, she had fangs "in fact I hate you," it was the dry whisper I'd heard in the trees...
And that was all I remember...


Name: Alieana Elaine Flora Butler
Species: Vampire(anti-twilight vampire)
Special Power: None
Eye Colour: Red (Not a Vegeterian)
Hair Colour: Brown/Black
Origin: London, England
Date of Change to Vamire: 1770
Story of Change to Vampire:
I was in my room, singing to myself when I heard someone at my window.... I walked over to it to see who it was.... it was Gerry, my secret lover... (I'd been engaged to this old man in an arranged marriage and I was cheating on him with Gerry(I don't care, it was totally worth it.). I opened the window for him to come in, it was freezing outside and I'd told him that he didn't have to come. I was a rich girl and he lived in the poor part of the village, "There's something out there" he said while pushing me up aginst a dresser. "What is it, Gerry?" I asked. "I donno, but I'm scared for both of us." he replied I saw it's head come up to the window, i couldn't see anything but the top of it but then it's hand came up and broke through the window. "Alieana, come here" Gerry turned around to face me. "No matter what happens, I'll always love you, and even if I die and you don't... I'll still be with you," he moved a strand of hair out of my face and he leaned in and our lips touched. It was a very brief kiss... on account of what the thing did him. The thing grabbed his sholders and pulled him from my arms and some how, by biting his neck, it automaticly killed him. "Alieana," The being called me as I backed up aginst the wall. "It's me, Cory" said the thing, Cory was the name of the old man I was in an arranged marriage with. I screamed and it was over... I woke up... Cory was gone... and so was Gerry...


Name: Gerry Butler
Species: Vamprie (anti-twilight)
Special Power: The Force (yeah, like in starwars)
Eye Colour: Grey/Green/Blue
Hair Colour: Black/Brown
Origin: Scotland
Relationship Status: Taken
Occupation: None
Date of Change to Vampire: 1770
Story of Change to Vampire:
I left my house to go see Alieana. It was cold that night. I walked along the side of the road, humming and I heard something... "Hello?" I asked. No one answered...
I kept walking despite the noise... but I heard it again "Hello," I got worried...
"Gerry, don't go see Alieana..." I swear I head something say. I assumed it was my head and kept walking...
"Gerry, I'm warning you" it spoke again...
I kept walking
"Gerry STOP!" I was obviously going insane...
Then, at that thought, I heard soemthing swish across my back and a sharp pain in my upper back. I started to run... Once I got to Alieana's house i climbed the wall and she let me in the window, "Alieana! There's something out there!"
"What is it, Gerry?" she said.
"I donno" i said pushing her up against a wall.
I couldn't remember much after this except saying that I'd always be with her and then being forced to the floor by some creep and that was it...
I woke up and thought Alieana was dead, so I left... and that was it...

When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I read the book in 2008
each book once....
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Favorite Books
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
What is Your Favorite Music
Declan: My favourite bands are:
1.) Coldplay
2.) Snow Patrol
3.) The Beatles
4.) Muse
5.) Jay-Z
7.) Franz Ferdinand
8.) The Fray

1.) Gerard Butler
2.) Pop (mainly)
3.) Coldplay
4.) Snow Patrol
5.) Owl City
6.) still... mainly pop...

Gerry: sorry Alieana, but I side with Declan on this dispute -smiles-

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