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Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder is now friends with ClearWater Family and The Unforgetable Pack
Jul 12, 2010
J . A . K . E left a comment for Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder
"Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder, I want to say this before its to late. Well I guess it is just a little to late... But anyways... *takes and nervous breath and closes eyes* Delilah I love you. I know I barely know you, but I guess you can call it…"
Jul 12, 2010
Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder updated their profile
Jul 6, 2010

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
||Meh Cute Comment Square||
At 6:21pm on June 8, 2010, D a n i e l l a™ said…
[ giggles ] Yew Ish Cupcakes Lovah Numbah One! And I Ish Cupcake Lovah Numbah Tooh! :DD
At 7:33pm on June 8, 2010, ღsєяìиìтγ мαяìє ℓγииє ህαℓєитìиє™ said…
Messie Chick(You)+Neatie Birdie(Me)=Best. Friends. Forever!
At 11:55pm on June 12, 2010, ღsєяìиìтγ мαяìє ℓγииє ህαℓєитìиє™ said…
Hey, Boys! See This Girl Here? This Messy Chicka Is Mine. And I Will Hug Her and Never Let Goes! Yeah, I. Own. Her! So Back Off! I Love You, Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder!
At 12:39am on June 13, 2010, D a n i e l l a . . . .™ said…
Sexy.Partying.Rockstars.! xDYou.Definitely.Can't.Resists.! O:
At 2:00am on June 13, 2010, ღsєяìиìтγ мαяìє ℓγииє ህαℓєитìиє™ said… [Nods and Yells Out]Zac Efron Loves Us! Shhh! But We Secretly Love Hims Back! :O
At 11:33pm on June 13, 2010, The Fire and Ice Pack said… Jake
At 1:12am on June 15, 2010, Stefan Salvatore said…
Stefan & Delilah Besties 4 ever!!!
At 6:58pm on June 15, 2010, Hunter Trey Blackwater said…
You can be my DelilahBug!! *smiles*
At 11:11pm on June 16, 2010, Cameron Tens™ said…
*laughs*exactly so all them other peoples can just put it in their jucie box and suck it!! cause we da baddest buddies ever!!*grins*
At 10:51pm on June 17, 2010, The Blacks said…
Tanner: *gets on one knee and takes your hand* No, I mean I really love you, Delli. And I wanna spend the rest of forever with you. You're sweet, funny, caring, and beautiful, and I don't know how I could've lived with you you. Will you marry me?
At 1:34am on June 18, 2010, Randomosity Pack-age said… Jace: [yells]
Jacers Is A Gay Spider And Delli Ish A L**** Horse! Shhh We Like Our Big Closet Quiet! Ahhhhh!We Belong To The Closet Party Ishy Monstaahhhs!

Engaged..and happy:)

||вαѕι¢ ιηƒσ мαηє!|
Namie:Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder
Age: 17 years youngie!
Parents:Elizabeth Stryder and Poseidon, king of the Sea
Siblings:Jacob Black, Madison Cullen
Practically Family: All CLARKBROTHERS
Godson: Raziel Pettyfer
Species:Half Demigod, Part whitelighter and part vampy
Hometown: London,England
Crush:*laughs*hellz yes!
On: Tanner Black..duh! obvious much?
Relationship: Engaged to meh Mystery Man!
Kids:*gigles*none yet

Thinking: Grr..meh misses hims
Person on meh Mind: Tanner Black
Thing to do: Being with meh Love*gigles*
Book:Percy Jackson Series!
Music/Song:Country/Why dont we just dance:Josh Turner
Celebrity Crush:Logan Lerman, Taylor Lautner, David Henrie, Jusin Beiber

||Meh Luvie Besties||
Meh Mystery Man!~Tanner Black
Meh Smexi Peter Pan!~Jace Raziel Alexander Wayland Pettyfer
Zaccybear!~Zac Clark
Brady!~Bradley Clark
Jakey!~Jake Clark
Tommy!~Tom Clark
Nicky/Prince of Dorks!~Nick Collins
Meh Lover!~Jacob Daniel William Black
Meh Dannybear!~Daniel Cullen
Spencie da Cheesy Taco!~Spencer Brad Black
Scar!~Scarlett Arianna Volturi
Neatie Birdie!~Serenity Marie Lynn Valentine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

||Meh L.O.V.E||
Dis guy right here, is da love of meh lifey, Tanner Black.He is the sweetest guy ever,,oh wait..hes also the cutest guy on the planet..already establishedXD He beh meh Mystery Man, ya wanna know why? Cuz he's so frucking confusing*laughs* hes a mystery,no doubt! but thats why i love him! i plan on spending the rest of my life finding out more and more about him*smiles*. Oh..guess what!*laughs* we're engaged,i know..exciting right! Mehs loves him so muchie!We're good for each other,and if any girl comes onto him*shakes head*it wont be a good day for her*chuckles*and if anywone hurts him,i bashin your facey...u wont look like Monalisa no more,you ish look like Van Go! BAM! Love you Tanner*blows kiss*

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At 1:12pm on June 25, 2010, Amєчαh's Pαck™ said…
Ameyah: Look its you and me Delilah,

glitter graphic
Glitter Graphics
At 12:46am on June 21, 2010, Carter and Delilah Starwater™ said…
Carter:[Nods and Smiles]
I Declare Today. On June 20, 2010..
Delilah Danielle Elena Styrder, You Are Now The Queen Of Cuppycake Land!
At 12:15am on June 18, 2010, The Blacks said…
Tanner: *grins and slips the ring on your finger*

there, perfect fit
At 10:51pm on June 17, 2010, The Blacks said…
Tanner: *gets on one knee and takes your hand* No, I mean I really love you, Delli. And I wanna spend the rest of forever with you. You're sweet, funny, caring, and beautiful, and I don't know how I could've lived with you you. Will you marry me?
At 12:19pm on June 17, 2010, јαсøв αṉḋ ṉïќќï вlαсќ said…
Jake:*sighs* looking over the edge and takes an envolop of my ankle and opes it the best i cna with paws and looks at the picture i made*

At 9:04am on June 17, 2010, ☺ The wolf pack ☺ said…
Look Jakey is being creative -laughs hard-

At 1:22am on June 16, 2010, Charlotte Michelle SilverSnow™ said…
[laughs evily] All will Bow to our Suppiour Power Fellow Villian [giggles]
Ooo! Lookie! This Is our Offical Banner For Our Villianey awesomness!

At 6:25pm on June 14, 2010, яσмeσ;;- said…

At 12:03am on June 14, 2010, јαсøв αṉḋ ṉïќќï вlαсќ said…
Dear Delilah,

I [need u] youu.
You Make Me [smile everytime you talk]
My Fav Part On Ur Body Is [your eyes and smile]
You Have A Nice [voice and laugh]
I Really Love it When You [when you call me love]
Someday I Will [find a way to kiss you]
You + Me =[best friends till the world ends..]
If I Saw You Now I Would [holds you close and make sure no one steals you]
If I Had Lotsz' Of Money I Would Buy You [planet]
I Would Build A [castle ] Justt for youu.
I Would Get Your Name Tattoed On My [on my chest where my heart is]
If I Could Sing You A Song it Would Be [nothing on you]
We Could [hold each other] under the starsz`.
If You Could Do Something With Me it Would Be [going to disney ladn and sharing a hotel]
I think you are [swetest girl ever to be born]
When ii look at you i wanna [kiss you sometimes..]
If we were alone we would [joke around..]
You are so .[loveable.]
If we were at the park we would.[relax and fall alseep under a tree]
I wish I could .[be your boyfriend]
Describe Me In 3 Ways..[beautiful]''[sweetest]''[trutheful]

Love,[Jakester the sexxi one]
PS:What Would You do if I told you that[I imprinted on you *bites lip*]
At 11:24am on June 11, 2010, ♆ The Demi-Gods ♆ said…
Logan: 1...2...3... Smile! -Laughs-
Lucas: -Smiles-
Logan: -Takes Picture- There! See? I'm A Good Photographer. -Smiles-


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