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Mar 11, 2012
Rook and Morgan <3 are now friends
Mar 6, 2012
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"If I could find a place to run away/ Hidden safely I'd be there today."
Jul 8, 2011
Klare Shats commented on Rook's photo


"Who said he was fictional? xD Edward is awesome!"
Jun 22, 2011
DayDreamer and Rook are now friends
Jun 11, 2010
Rook replied to Michelle's discussion The Heart is a Bloom in the group Fan Fiction
"I know I haven't posted in a long time, I have been so busy with so much. I hadn't been on here in so long it actually took me a while to find my place. I was squealing with excitement when the got engaged and it was so romantic! Every…"
Jun 11, 2010
Rook replied to Julie's discussion Lost Without You- New Moon: Edward's POV in the group Fan Fiction
May 18, 2010
Rook replied to Michelle's discussion The Heart is a Bloom in the group Fan Fiction
"wow i am soooo sorry i hvnt commented in suuuch a long time! Wow iv just been so busy. I kno i have said this before but this chapter is most definetly my favorite. I cnt believe they finallymade love! WONDERFUL! The seen with the models was…"
May 16, 2010
Rook updated their profile photo
Apr 20, 2010
Rook is now friends with OUR FAMILY!! and Reɳesmee Ϲarlie Ϲulleɳ
Apr 20, 2010
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Apr 10, 2010
Rook replied to Michelle's discussion The Heart is a Bloom in the group Fan Fiction
"I had to say I was extremely confused when I came on to see if you updated and only the first few chapters were up. It took me a while and a little patiance to figure out what was going on. Very sweet chapter, I love this new emotions adding to the…"
Apr 8, 2010
Rook replied to Chantel's discussion Tranquil Dreams in the group Fan Fiction
"post more!"
Apr 6, 2010
Rook replied to Michelle's discussion The Heart is a Bloom in the group Fan Fiction
"its been a while since I have read your amazing story. I hope to read more soon. Sorry for the short post. Eager fr more. -Destinee"
Apr 6, 2010
Rook replied to Candice <3's discussion Eternal Night in the group Fan Fiction
"wow u r an amazing writer. if i didnt kno any better i would say stephanie meyer wrote this herself. u hav to continue!"
Mar 26, 2010
Rook replied to Gisele's discussion I fell in love with my boss! in the group Fan Fiction
"U hvntdated in foooooorever!!"
Mar 24, 2010
Rook replied to ♥ Sidney ♥'s discussion What if Edward was with someone before he met Bella? in the group Fan Fiction
"More!!!! u havent posted in a coons age!its been to long! (sry bout the anlogy, southerness comin thro lol)"
Mar 23, 2010
Rook replied to Mifi-B's discussion Whose school? in the group Fan Fiction
"nuovo lettore! Ami la vostra storia! non so da perchè ma il everytime io pensa “al piedino del gorilla„ quando stava ottenendo il suo getto lo ha rimosso muore ridere, im ridendo scioccamente ora pensando a questo proposito. Ho…"
Mar 23, 2010
Rook replied to Mifi-B's discussion want... in the group Fan Fiction
"Distorsione di velocità! Amo appena la vostra storia! Ciò deve essere una delle storia migliori abbia letto sopra qui e posso dirgli che mentre sto scrivendo questo ancora bawling come un bambino piccolo circa là “le…"
Mar 22, 2010
Rook replied to Emma C.'s discussion The End - Chapter 3 in Edward's POV (New Moon) ONE SHOT. in the group Fan Fiction
"O.o I just read this and the first thing that came to mind was OH MY GODDESS!! this is one of the best stories ever and its oly one chapter! i think this was better than the whole book! U absolutley HAVE to write the rest in his pov! i will die if u…"
Mar 19, 2010

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1. I'm a skater chick. 2. I love to read. 3. I'm a huge anime/manga/RP freak. 4. I have a tendency to be violent 5. I'm an artist.
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Dec. 25, 2008. I lost count after 30.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Edward. I love the complexity of his character, and all the hardships he's gone through. He worries constantly about the danger he presents Bella and if he is doing the right thing. Meanwhile Jacob's only concern is obtaining Bella, no thoughts to her safety of happiness, while he causes hr great pain.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Probably Bella.
Favorite Books
Inkheart series, twilight series, night world series, draw the dark, vampire academy series, forbidden, forgotten, under the never sky, and many many more.
What is Your Favorite Music
MCR, flyleaf, skillet, evanescence, avril lavigne, breaking Benjamin, linkin park, and much more.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Don't watch tv, and I like any scary movie.
Favorite Activities
Watching anime, reading, sketching, playing violin, swimming.
i am me, deal with it

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At 8:10pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
At 8:09pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
Animal Abuse!
---♥♥-♥♥---Put this
---♥♥---♥♥--on your page
---♥♥---♥♥--if you are
---♥♥---♥♥--against animal
---♥♥---♥♥-- abuse completely
----♥♥-♥♥--- and wish
-----♥♥♥---- all animals
----♥♥-♥♥--- have a home
---♥♥---- ♥♥--

----///-......----If you have ever felt
----///--......---Have FELT THE PAIN

.................../ *_)
..... _.----._/../
...../............./ RAWR means [ I LOVE u]
__/..(...|.(...| in ⓓⓘⓝⓞⓢⓐⓤⓡ.!

╔══╦══╦══╗ if you have been diagnosed
║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗║ with Obsessive Cullen
║╚╝║╚═╣╚╝║ Disorder put this on your
╚══╩══╩══╝ profile if you've caught it too!

At 8:09pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
15 ways to prove that the world will fall to stupidity:
•On a Sears hairdryer -- Do not use while sleeping.
•On a bag of Fritos -- You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
•On a bar of Dial soap -- "Directions: Use like regular soap,"
•On some Swanson frozen dinners -- "Serving suggestion: Defrost."
•On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom) -- "Do not turn upside down."
•On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding -- "Product will be hot after heating."
•On packaging for a Rowena iron -- "Do not iron clothes on body."
(but wouldn't this save me more time)?
•On Boot's Children Cough Medicine -- "Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication.
•On Nytol Sleep Aid -- "Warning: May cause drowsiness."
(and...I'm taking this because???....)
•On most brands of Christmas lights -- "For indoor or outdoor use only."
•On a Japanese food processor -- "Not to be used for the other use."
(now, somebody out there, help me on this. I'm a bit curious)
•On Sainsbury's peanuts -- "Warning: contains nuts."
•On an American Airlines packet of nuts -- "Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts."
•On a child's Superman costume -- "Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly."
(I don't blame the company. I blame the parents for this one.)
•On a Swedish chainsaw -- "Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands or genitals."
(Oh my ..was there a lot of this happening somewhere?)
Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread the stupidity.

....._|.|Put this on your page
..._|...|if you have ever tripped
._|.....|on a stair case
|........|going up.
At 8:08pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
----------------Girls------- ---------
-----------are like apples------
-------on trees. The best ones-----
-----are at the top of the tree.-----
---The boys dont want to reach---
--for the good ones because they--
-r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
-Instead, they get the rotten apples-
from the ground that arent as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something wrong w/ them when in
-reality they're amazing. They just--
---have to wait for the right boy to
---- come along, the one who's-
---------- brave enough to-----
-------------climb all---------
--------------the way--------
-------------to the top--------
------------of the tree.---------

A white man said, Colored people are not allowed here.
The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
Listen sir....when I was born I was BLACK
When I grew up I was BLACK,
When I'm sick I'm BLACK,
When I go in the sun I'm BLACK,
When I'm cold I'm BLACK,
When I die I'll be BLACK.
But you sir,
When you are born you're PINK
When you grow up you're WHITE,
When you're sick, you're GREEN,
When you go in the sun you turn RED,
When you're cold you turn BLUE,
And when you die you turn PURPLE.
And you have the nerve to call me colored?
The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away..
Put this on your page if you HATE racism
At 8:08pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
I promise to remember Bella
Each time I carelessly fall down
And I promise to remember Edward
When ever I'm out of town
I promise to obey traffic laws
For Charlie's sake of course
And I promise to remember Jacob
When my heart fills with remorse
I promise to remember Carlisle
When ever I am in the Emergency Room
And I promise to remember Emmett
Every time there's a huge boom
I promise to to remember Rosalie
When ever I see something that holds pure beauty
And I promise to remember Alice
When I'm at a mall and a cute outfit spots me
I promise to remember Renesmee
When I see that beautiful bronze hair.
And I promise to remember Esme
When someone tells me they care
I promise to remember Jasper
Whenever my stomach isn't curled
And I promise to remember the Volturi
When someone speaks of dominating the world
Yes I promise to love Twilight
Wherever I may go
So that all may see my obsession
Because I know what the Twilighters know.
At 8:07pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
You say Harry Potter
I say Twilight
You say witches
I say Vampires
You say hot
I say cold
you say Troy Bolton
I say Edward Cullen
You say love last a lifetime
I say love last forever eternity
You say Nick, Joe and Kevin
I say Edward, Jasper and Emmett
You say Paris
I say Forks
You say sunny
I say rainy
You say fangs
I say venom covered teeth
You say royalty
I say Volturi
You say future
I say Alice
You say Chill Pill
I say Jasper
You say sweet
I say Esme
You say doctor
I say Carlisle
You say Bear irritater
I say Emmett
You say pretty
I say Rosalie
You say big dog
I say Jacob
You say clumsy
I say Bella
You say good thought guesser
I say Edward
You say obsession
I say Way of Life
You say vampires are fake and Twilight suckz
I say your dead, stupid
At 8:07pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
...V...Put this
...A...On your
...E...That crazy
...S...Obsession over vampires!
At 8:06pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
Month One


I am only 8 inches long but I have all my organs.

I love the sound of your voice. Every time I hear it I wave my arms and legs.

The sound of your heart beat is my favourite lullaby.

Month Two

Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb.

If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby

I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.

Its so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what mommy?

I'm a boy!!

I hope that makes you happy.

I always want you to be happy.

I don't like it when you cry.

You sound so sad.

It makes me sad too and I cry even though you can't hear me

month four

You went to the Doctor today.

He said im not a baby.

I am a baby mommy, your baby

I think and feel.

Mommy whats abortion?

Month Five

I can hear the Doctor again.

I don't like him.

He seems cold and heartless.

Something is intruding my home the Doctor says it a needle

Mommy what is it!? It burns!

Please make him stop!

I can't get away from it!

Mommy! HELP me!

Month six


I am okay.

I am in Jesuses arms now.

He told me what abortion is.

Why didn't you want me mommy?

you have two choices

1) re-post this if you are against abortion

2) Don't re-post this and you have proven how cold hearted you are

width="120" />
At 8:06pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…
Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down, don't dance so fast, time is short, the music won't last. Do you run through each day, on the
fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done, do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through your head? You'd better slow down. Don't dance so fast, time is short, the music won't last. Ever told your child, "We'll do it tomorrow."? And in your haste, not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die. Cause you never had time to call and slow down, don't dance so fast, time is short, the music won't last. When you run so fast to get somewhere. You miss half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, It is like an unopened gift....thrown away. Life is not a race. Do take it slower, Hear the music, before the song is over.
At 8:05pm on April 10, 2010, Rook said…

|...........| Put this on your
|...........| page if you have
|........O..| ever pushed a
|...........| door that said pull

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