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my family and freind's and cast member's too .

1 my parent's died

2my aunt Judith Gilbert opend

3 i have one brother Jeremy gilbert opend

4 stenfan Salvatore, opend

5 damon salvatore opend

6 my best freind Bonnie Bennett aka the the real cast too.

7Katherine's Schwartzchild

8 i have many more too.

9 my other best freind Caroline Forbes opend

9i also do this on myspace as well too your's turely elenea gilbert,

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this was this weak of the show . do not copy it or steal it .

Posted on October 16, 2009 at 6:00pm 0 Comments

well stenfan told me about every thing about his past girlfreind wich was Katherine but damon and him both love her truely deeply loved her but i konw they did . but stenfan told me that she made them as a vampier i didn't kown what to say but damon wanted his ring back and i told stenfan no but he said too me that if i don't he will kill me . and look at him . and he told me that he killed vicki and i was afraid of damon that we would how after me after vicki became a vampier but she need too… Continue

dear dairy stenfan tell's me about damon .plase do not copy this or steal it thank you

Posted on October 15, 2009 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

stenfan told me the stroy about his brother taking control over vicki's futuer and he came too my door and try to ask me where is stenfan and i told him he went out to look out for vickie .

i told stefan i couldnt be with him any more but i cryed and i nver felt in so much pain for what i did too him.

we will get back togather any way's .in the next show .

my brother was worryed about vicki but you will all see what happend's next show thank you .

dear dairy do not copy this or steal it thank you

Posted on October 14, 2009 at 8:40pm 0 Comments

i found out my brother jermey doe's drug's i try to stop him from not doing more drug's it was bad for him i didn't want my own brother too do bad thing's or too take any more of it i couldn't see my own brother die like this i didn't want him to thow his life away becuase of the'es drug's like this i want my own brother to live and stay alive with me he is my brother i can't live with out him he is the only brother i have in my life an my aunt too

dear dairy do not copy this or steal it thank you

Posted on October 14, 2009 at 10:30am 0 Comments

today i got a chance's too kown a stenfan it was wonderful too talk too him he was very sweet and nice to me he understand every word i said too him .

i never felt happyer too talk too him i understand how his life was and every thing and who he was and his sister and brother well now i kown that his brother name who is damon his older brother but that's okay i wish i could get to kown more about him but how can say this iam love with him but i just met him but any away's i kown i… Continue

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iam singel and still looking for a stenfan frwon's

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Elena Pictures, Images and Photoshello my name is Elena Gilbert iam 17-year-old beautiful and popular girl in high school with blond hair and blue eyes. There are repeated references as to look like a angel. Over the course of the series, my transforms from a shallow, self-centered "ice queen" to a my loving, open-minded . Bonnie has commented in my diary when i died the first time that i was far from perfect, and i never was an angel, but i was a good person. i dumped Matt Honeycutt right around when school starts, feeling that he wasn't a perfect boyfriend, i feel no sparks in the relationship betwen me and Matt. i was only madly in love with Stefan Salvatore, al though i recognize that i also had feelings for Damon, his brother. Stefan was the first to breeze by my side , ignoring my beauty, al though he was trying his best to stay away from me , making comparisons between me and Katherine, though he realizes that beneath the looks, they are totally different people. my school reputation is important to my, so i made up a fake boyfriend i had over the summer to hide the fact that Stefan rejected my advances. i died several times, becoming from human to vampire (after i had enough blood from both brothers), to spirit (after an unknown power that brings me back). In "The Return: Nightfall", i came back perfectly normal (initially; until the 'Nightfall' was published, L.J. Smith left it at a 'happily ever after' setting), though i become an innocent, naive angel-spirit with wings, hovering, speaking the White Power's language, while i can't speak normally, feeling people's auras, and able to communicate with Stefan through my thoughts.
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
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Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Stefan Salvatore The youngeist out of the two vampire brothers. He is classically handsome, with dark, wavy hair and green eyes. Stefan is tortured by his vampirism and by Katherine's death, thinking that it was his fault, until falling in love with me , Stefan does not believe that he can be redeemed. Though he does not think he is good enough for me , he would fight for my love if i accept. my offers for him to feed off of me, which is an amazing experience, though he fights it, he gives into temptation. In "The Return: Nightfall", i come back as an undefined spirit, and he refuses to kiss me because i was still mentally innocent, though in the end he also gives into temptation.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
dear dairy

Hey Elena!" My best friend,Bonnie Bennett, called. I jumped at the sound of her voice. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Missing him,eh?" I tried to play stupid. "Who are you talking about?" I asked as I closed my locker. She rolled her eyes again. "OKAY FINE! I'm missing him! HAPPY?!" She giggled. "What?" "There's Damon Salvatore. What-she was looking at my expression- I'm not allowed to like the OTHER one?!" I nodded my head. "You're worst than my dad". "I know". It was after last period so we went to her car. "Get in dad". She told me. "Okay daughter". I said. We were half way to my house when she slammed on the brakes so hard I fell forward. "What the hell.." I stopped. She was screaming. "Um.... Bonnie? What are you seeing?" "!" She screamed. Nearly the whole street turned to look. I ignored every pair of eyes. "I'll become one of who?!" I asked. "THEM!" She screamed again. She put both hands on the steering wheel again. Then looked at me. "You only have a couple of hours left of human life.." Then she started driving again. I gasped. Did she mean... no she couldn't have meant...the future's always changing...NO! Someone's gonna turn me into one of the most hated creatures in the world in a couple of hours. A vampire. Everything clicked into place.
I walked around the cemetery to find a comfy spot. I didn't have to look much further.
dear diary I wrote. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to write in this. Because I only have an hour left of human time. My friend Bonnie the physic told me. But she might be wrong. I didn't even realize there were vampires around anymore. So i do have a little hope. But not much. If I turn into a vampire will I be able to see Stefan anymore? I don't think so.. But I'll let you know how this goes later. For right now...this is goodbye. I closed my diary just in time for a crow to step onto a tombstone. "Oh no not you again... Please go away." Whenever this bird came around nothing good ever ended up happening. I ran away. But was to late. The mist came up. I fell back and hit my head on a tombstone. I passed out. The rest was a blank. Tags:
Favorite Books
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What is Your Favorite Music
Although everyone seems to be convinced of my intelligence, i academic performance actually seems somewhat uneven. Mr. Tanner says that i was failing history,[3] and i had no one corrects him.i said i don't care if i fails trigonometry,[4]. i was enrolled in a General Business class even though i wasa senior.[5]

After i was dead (following Katherine's death), Bonnie describes her: She wasn't a saint. She wasn't always sweet and good and honest and agreeable. But she was strong and loving and loyal to her friends, and in the end she did the most unselfish thing anybody could do.[6]
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
i love too wacth the tv show The Vampire Diaries that we made smile's

* Bonnie McCullough One of my best friends,nad a bubbly, short redhead with brown eyes and a heart shaped face, who is a psychic and a descendant of druids. She currently shows feelings towards Matt, while he is protective of her as a friend, while also showing feelings for Damon, who he later saves, and is also protective of, though Damon also fiercely loves me.
* Meredith Sulez is Another one of my best friends; she is tall with olive skin and dark hair. Meredith is level-headed and thoughtful, and she is often the voice of reason throughout the series. She falls in love with Alaric and has a long distance relationship with him. In the story, her friends expect her to get married with him—that's how serious their relationship seems.

Damon Salvatore Stefan's is an older brother, brash and arrogant, with dark hair and black eyes. He's dark and sadistic, but also charming and seductive; the playboy that is careless about what he does, and the effects of his actions. Events in The Fury and Dark Reunion show that Damon is also capable of fierce loyalty and affection, though he is often misunderstood, which In The Awakening He calls himself Damon Smith, attending college on a vacation. Back in the day in Italy, where the brothers come from, he graduated from university. He shows feelings towards me and Bonnie both, though Bonnie receives less attention. His 'goodness' is always in question—he is always the one that everyone suspects of doing something—feeding on locals, ect. Like in "The Fury", Katherine offers to let Damon live, for him to reign the shadows-both me and Stefan knew that he would accept, and didn't blame him, though in the end, he said to her, "Go to
Favorite Quotes:
my brother Jeremy Gilbert

best freind Bonnie Bennett
aka the real cast too

Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

Stenfan and his brother damon

jermey and i
Favorite Activities
i was described as having eyes the color of lapis lazuli (a deep, dark blue) with gold flecks in them; this is meant to be a parallel to the lapis lazuli rings that vampires must wear to stay alive in the sunlight. In some scenes, as eyes are mentioned as having some violet in them as well, as when i wearing my violet-colored homecoming dress which then "brings out the violet in my eyes."

my hair is long and straight, and a soft gold, described as being a few shades lighter than Katherine's, my eyebrows and lashes are a darker blonde.[1] my skin is very fair and almost translucent, sometimes iam described as being like a magnolia flower, or like porcelain, and doesn't tan easily. iam fairly slim, about average for a teenage girl, and very pretty. iam taller than Katherine by "a good handspan."[2] here is my url for my myspace page if u guy's wana add me it's fine here's my yahoo im /myspace im if u have any questoin's or wana talk too me click on thes'es thank u.

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