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Hiii!! Welcome on my page!! :D

Hi! My name is Elora Beqiri, if you want to know more about me than you could check my profile ofcourse! I <3 Alice, she's my inspiration! At school, everybody calls me Alice because they know that I'm a huge Twi-fan and that I love her! My friends have nicknames like that to :D ....

I'm Waiting on Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 and the book: Midnight Sun!!! Damn it!! Twilight Addicted!!!

Here are some links:

* => FanClub :D

* => My Stories (Dutch)

* => I think this is a piece of Midnight Sun! Don't kill me if it's not! 

My Besties!!! Love YOU!!!

  • Adelina Beqiri: My sister 4real, Renesmee ILY <3
  • Yasmina Ben Sellam, My Katrina Kate... <3
  • Leila Cullen: hahaaa; my Bella , right?! :D
  • Trinsey Wouters: You know you're my only Rosalie!!!! <3 <3 ILY


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Forever is only the beginning

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Hi everyone!
I'm Elora, and a big Twilight fan. My favourite character is Alice, I've got a lot in common with her.
I love the story between Bella and Edward, and I don't care what the haters say!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime :)

E Excellent
L Lovely
O Odd
R Romantic
A Attractive
Get Your Own Name Acronym
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I read Twilight for the first time in 2009, and then I kept waiting for the movies and read the whole series.
I read The Second Life of Bree Tanner and it was truly touching, Stephenie didn't had to let her die, she could be part of the Cullens.
My love went bigger when I saw a Graphic Novel in the bookstore, immediately bought it and now I'm going to buy the New Moon one.
Finally got the Illustrated Guide and I'm so happy with it!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
I'm am Team Edward. I can't really explain myself in words, but I'll give it a try:
First, he can't read her mind, what gives him a chance to finally get to know someone by talking about themselfs and he has to figure out why. Bella loves Edward with whole her heart, wich was proven when he left and she really wanted to die, and was again proven when he tought she was dead and wanted to die to be with her. He protects her with his life and he can't imagine a life without her.
Second, he knows he's dangerous for her, so he even wants to suffer without her so she can live a normal human life, rather than turning her into a vampire.
Tird, he only wants to make her happy, he isn't selfish. Even if she picks Jacob. He wouldn't kill Jacob, because he knows how much it would hurt her. Jacob definately wanted to kill Edward, and that's the difference.
There are a lot more reasons, but I don't know how to explain them.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I'm most like Alice and Bella,
I'm like Alice because I'm optimistic. When my friends are sad or suffering, I'm always trying to cheer them up. I am a dreamer, I've got so many plans and I just know I can make it if I want to. Fashion is not exactly my thing, but if I see something in an etalage that I like, I've got to have it! :)

I'm sometimes Bella cause altough I'm like Alice, I don't want to be the center of the attention, I'm Clumsy and sort of a suffer-in-silence-type. I can be reckless but I don't want to talk about that...

A Amusing
L Lucky
I Inventive
C Cheesy
E Exuberant
Get Your Own Name Acronym
Favorite Books
*¨The complete Twilight Saga
* The complete Harry Potter Series
* Alice in Wonderland
* Dracula
* The complete 'Wicca' Series
* The complete gemstone series
* ...
What is Your Favorite Music

Music Playlist at
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Movies: Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Red Riding Hood, ...
Tv Shows: Doctor Who, Charmed, Big bang Theory
Games: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Pulse, Amnesia, Nintendo ds games, ...
Favorite Quotes:
Renesmee: "You're special mother, I love you."
Alice: "Oh, You do smell good! I didn't noticed that."
Jane: "Descisions, Descisions..."

Alice about Renesmee:
"She has never been set down in her entire life. She’s going to be the most spoiled half-vampire in existence."
Alice Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 24, p.473
Favorite Activities
Being 100 procent a Potterhead, Twi-hard, Whovian, ...
Skating, Drawing, Painting, Swimming, Reading,...

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At 2:42am on July 2, 2012, Ashley said…
I do like your page.
At 7:21pm on March 18, 2012, Princess Cindy said…

am good

At 3:58pm on March 17, 2012, Princess Cindy said…

I don't hate you, it's just your opinion, how are you?

At 2:17pm on March 17, 2012, Shari Lillian Cullen said…

Hey alice-lover, how are you?

At 11:32pm on March 10, 2012, 1# Paramore!!! said…

thank for being my friend

At 10:13pm on February 26, 2012, SWATH FAN CLUB said…

hey thnx 4 adding me i hope u like my page! :)


At 12:22pm on February 26, 2012, Isle Esme said…

At 5:26pm on February 25, 2012, Twi Girl!! said…


At 4:14pm on February 24, 2012, Twi Girl!! said…

I totally think so!!!!! I mean everyone should be a Twilight fan I think it should be a law that everyone should have to read each book and watch every movie for FREE!!!!


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