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Sometimes trees can look healthy on the outside, but actually be dying inside. These trees fall unexpectedly during a storm.

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Makeup is My Life
makeup Pictures, Images and Photosmakeup Pictures, Images and Photosmakeup Pictures, Images and Photosmakeup Pictures, Images and Photos
I love Fashion
fashion Pictures, Images and Photos
Music Is My Inspiration
music Pictures, Images and Photosmusic Pictures, Images and Photosmusic Pictures, Images and Photos
I love Photography
Photobucketphotography icon Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotography icon Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket

Well there isnt much to say after that. It's basically my life.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
gental Pictures, Images and PhotosBlake Lively Pictures, Images and PhotosKristen, Stewart, Icons Pictures, Images and PhotosAshley Greene icon Pictures, Images and PhotosIcon 128. Miley Ray Cyrus ****CREDIT xpurpleocean*** Pictures, Images and Photostaylor icon Pictures, Images and Photos
Alexis Bledel Blake Lively Kristen Stewart Ashley Greene Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift

"A lot of people ask 'what kind of movies do you want to do? What types of roles do you want to do?' I really don't want to get pigeonholed in any type of role. It's nice to do different things and play different characters. If you're just the same person all the time you're not an actor, you're just kind of a personality and that's not what I'm after." -Kristen Stewart "I would love to touch someone in the way they're performances touched me. Obviously that will be when I play 30 and not 16 so I have time."-Ashley Greene

"If you ever want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never yours to begin with."-Blake Lively

“Sometimes I feel like I am an old person trapped in a young person’s body. I’m boring. I go to movies. I read. That’s about it.”-Alexis Bledel

"To me, Fearless is not the absense of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death."-Taylor Swift

"I don't want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that imperfections equal beauty. All of us are imperfect."-Miley Cyrus
Favorite Books
Twilight Series Dear John The Last Song
Blue Bloods Series
The Vampire Diaries
The Host
Vampire Beach Series
Vampire Kisses Series
Must Love Black
Look for Me by Moonlight
The Silver Kiss
Frozen Fire
L.A. Candy
The House of Night Series
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No Regrets;No Shoulda/Coulda/Wouldas;And Dare to Be Bigger

Our Best Song

Life is like a song.
There’s the dragging beginning, the middle, the repeating bridges, and the inevitable end.
And to every song there’s a purpose to it.
And to every life there’s a reason for it.

The dragging beginning.

One learns how to walk
How to talk
How to run
How to live.

One discovers they hate spaghetti but love lasagna
Discovers they love winter but hate summer
Discovers they hate cats but love dogs
Discovers they love the color yellow but hate the color burgundy.

This is where one learns right and wrong,
Learns who they are,
Learns who they’re destined to become.
Learns the dramatic melody of their song leading to the opening verses.

The middle.

This is where it makes the whole thing worthwhile.
Where one can party
Where one can travel to Paris
Where one can be free.

One can become a doctor
Become a cop
Become a teacher
Become whatever they aspire to be.

One truly find themselves
Finds joy and sorrow
Finds all the world has to offer.
Finds the beat of the music and the memorable lyrics.

The repeating bridges.

Over and over again this happens,
To change from one phase to another.
It’s almost like light shining in an abandoned church,
Strange but yet peaceful.

Here a realization hit’s them,
And they comprehend it’s time to change.
It’s like becoming a different person.
Then the tune of the song changes into something grander.

Whether the change be a result of
Someone’s death or
Of a newborn baby.
It provides a breath of fresh air to aging lungs.

The inevitable end.

Not many words can be spoken or written.
Words aren’t enough
Words don’t supply comfort
Words only bring out a certain fear or anxiety.

But when it comes down to it,
One can only hope that
One other person can look at their song and have that
One person say that it was the best song ever written.

And just like that it’s over.
Like the air over the last note of a song,
Like a hurricane
Like an earthquake, one just disappears and becomes a distant memory.

Life is like a song.
There’s the dragging beginning, the middle, the repeating bridges, and the inevitable end.
And to every song there’s a purpose to it.
And to every life there’s a reason for it.

doodles [= Pictures, Images and Photos
Off Doodling in Class♥

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At 5:32pm on May 19, 2012, Katerina cullen salvatore <3 said…

Heyy girlie!!! havnet talked in forever!! :) how's it goin?


At 7:11pm on September 25, 2011, Lizzyღ said…
:D heyyy
At 8:36pm on December 11, 2010, Katerina cullen salvatore <3 said…
Hey, haven't talked in like forever lol do you watch true blood?????? Lol anyway you should watch the vampire disries season 2 just got like really good lol. :p
At 4:23am on September 6, 2010, Carmen said…
Heeyyy!!! Saw ur comment on my email. Haven't been on this site for forever!!!:))) how u been??? Xxx
At 2:37pm on August 25, 2010, DazzleGirl101 said…
Hey Buttercup!!<3 oh, well that’s nice, you still have your holidays I envy you so much, because school isn’t fun right now, so many testes and stuff, it’s annoying. But I do understand the whole missing everyone part, that was the whole reason why I wanted to go back to school :P haha really? I thought you really liked tennis ;) oh, well are you sure you wanna do that? I mean, it sucks getting hurt, but you have to fill me in on the out come. How are you and brandon? Everything alright? Hmf, I haven’t read the fifth one yet… but I’ll tell you when I have hihi yes hush, hush kinda does sound like twilight, but it is kinda different, I still think you should give it a shot. I started reading this one book, “the declaration” and I’m gonna start on “vampire academy” read them? Do you find a job? : ) that sounds really cool, sounds awesome, I hope it turns out well! I’m gonna re-paint my room I was think bout a back wall I just don’t know the colors yet ;) Yeah, I’m actually really glad, because erik phoned me yesterday and said that he’s gonna come visit me in a couple of weeks, I’m so excited : ) I’ve been good, thought first day was brutal, because remember that creepy guy I told yah bout? Yeah he still won’t leave me alone… :/ anyways, how are you? Anything fun happened? Take care, love you loads!!♥♥♥
At 3:44am on August 18, 2010, Vivian said…
Well my school has those summer classes so I'm taking classes in the morning.....
And we'll have a test as soon as school starts...
Um can I ask you something? I'm finding friends on Facebook now
so do you have facebook ?
At 12:48pm on August 17, 2010, Katerina cullen salvatore <3 said…
LOL I think aria needs to find someone more non teacher and more her age. lol . yeah its a good book lol. illlook for that book and maybe read it , and im going to read the house of nights series so ya .
At 4:25pm on August 15, 2010, Edwards/Roberts girl:) said…
iv'e been great just getting ready and waiting for school to start.
how about you?
At 4:52pm on August 12, 2010, DazzleGirl101 said…
Hey Buttercup!♥I missed u so much! Haha well, I’m trying to come here, but I keep forgetting, but I remembered, plz tell me u, have an email so we can stay in touch! I loved eclipse! I think it’s the best one so far, it's so funny, and I would have loved to see it in 3d coz of the different sequences and stuff! I loved that part, I think one of my favorite ones was when they were in the tent bella was freezing, edward didn’t wanna let jacob warm her up and he was like “well let’s face it… I am hotter than you!” I laughed so hard! u pay and then u wanna enjoy the movie, but then there is someone rude destroys it for u! Poor buttercup! oh well that’s awesome! were u interested in the guy that stop talking to u? In that case it must suck: /what about the other guy?have u told him that u’re just not that into him?! Honesty could be the best way to go here Oh, well I hate to disappoint but no, it hasn’t been calm, specially when it comes to the boys in my life first of all, my boyfriend erik got a scholarship and he moving to Florida for four years really bummed about it, but still really happy for him, so that’s kinda confusing, but the thing is that there is a guy in my class he kissed me, once a couple of months ago n it was really awkward in school n stuff, but now, all of a sudden he’s started texting me n stuff, I have no idea how he got my number, coz I sure as hell didn’t give it to him, n he’s just been really weird asking me to take pictures of myself n send them to him n creepy stuff! he sent me a text “hey hon, I’m all alone 2mrrow, comin to pick u up n’ we can do somethin’ fun” …. As if! He’s kinda freaking me out, I really don’t know what to do about that right now! Btw, yes I have started on house of night, I just finished the fourth book, really like it. And I started reading this book Hush, hush a while ago, have you read it? I loove it so much! How’ve u been btw? That’s all for now honey! Take care of urself, get back to me soon plz, I love you! <3<3♥
At 4:18pm on August 9, 2010, Katerina cullen salvatore <3 said…
lol i know what is goin on wit toby???, i think he killed alison and i dont think jenna is really blind . lol did you see the season finale? i saw those books at the store and wanted to read them i only knew the names of the seprate names of the books i didnt know what the whole series was , but now i do lol. im reading a book about a fallen angel and him and this girl fall in love. its really good so far its called " hush , hush " you should read it.

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