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Erin & Family (: <3's Friends

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Erin ||Ronnie:It's almost that time of the year aron... -starts to cry- Aron: hey come on kiddo. -hugs- it'll be okay. Ronnie: -crying-

the family <3


welp... here we go! :)




Hai who ever is reading this :)

I'm Erin Holmes, you can call me what ever you want darling. ;D

I'm 16 years young... and i'm pretty much related to everyone here...mostly.

I'm a vampire. ^,...,^

I'm kinda the leader but that doesn't mean i'm a mean person.

Guys don't really go for me... but i'm straight. haha :)

My favorite bands are Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance.

I'm friendly, independent, loving, sarcastic, and fun to be around (i hope :D )

That's it for now!





Heyy, I'm Aron. Yup one A. Um... i have a pretty depressing life story. If you want to find out for about that you can read my twin's, Matt, story. That's my story to. Same goes for my little sister Faith. But if you want a short part, my parents died, and Alli and Erin took us in. Even though I'm a year older than Erin(17). I'm not actually related to anyone here other than matt and faith. And I've secretly had a somewhat...crush on Erin for a while... >.> ((Nice twist huh? XD ))

But it's awkward because girls don't want a guy who KINDA likes someone he lives with.

Just because i KIND OF like her doesn't mean i'm not open to other girls.

I'm kinda a cold, quiet, dorky person. I'm half demon and half angel. that's all you need to know. byeeee.






Hai! I'm Allison! You darling can call me Alli -smiles- i am 17 years young. I'm a proud jumper, if you don't know what that is, it's a person who teleports. I am from Boston, Massachusetts with the accent.-smiles and nods- yes, my dear stalker, i am a virgin(; i'm just joking, but if you truely want to know i am. I'm single :/ i am looking... i want someone to love me for me, so it happens -shrugs- it happens. am i crushing: no. on who: no one.

my best friends hm? well i don't have any...yet! :D i like to be nice and dorky! hobbies: soccer, reading, hanging with friends and family.





heyy I'm Adam, I'm 17 years old. Yeah, i'm probably the most mature out of the bunch. i hate how girls just kinda come at me... I'm not a really nice person.I do have a soft spot for children.what am i?...oh god...i'm what you call a were-cat. not don't even ask, i don't meow ... -.-' I wasn't always as cold as i am today believe it or not. i don't like to talk about my self. i can be nice i guess? Tyler is the one i'm closest to. i'm from the streets of new york don't really have an accent though. I'm single and not really looking...i guess it can find me. virgin? uh...that's personal. best friends? uhh... thats all ya need to know just ask if you need to know.




hey everyboday! Imma be miss Jamie! you can call me uh jamie, jam, jamie jam( like Em xD ) I'm 16...and a half! yes the half matters!What am i, i'm a fairy shapeshifter. I think that is pretty awesome unlike my twin. Yup i gotta twin! don't hear that everyday do ya? yup he's the same thing as me buttt he hates it. Sometimes i don't know how we are even related! i love him anyway though.I'm hyper and me i'm from Hollywood, Flordia. Yeah you heard me right Hollywood, Flordia. it's a real place look it upxD i do my best to be nice and i cheer but i ain't one of thoughs OMG-I-am-totally-the-best-person-in-the-world person. When it comes down to it i rather be in the mud then shopping. I'm a virgin and happy about that. i'm single. looking: eh crushing:nope on who: no1 thats all for now! need more? just ask!




hii peoplez! Guess what! I'm james ;) you can call me james or jay. whateva floats your boat, boo. my boat is floated by a sea of paint in marshmellowton. My pictures are never really right side round because the world looks better on the side or upside down. my best friend is Danika, i call her Danny. I love raves. i think they are pretty cool... i hate to dress up though i don't look to bad ;) just kiddin. i'm not self least i try not to be. what am i? ask my sister.D:< she's my younger twin. yeahh we're twins. i play baseball with friends and football sometimes :/ i'm from Hollywood Flordia. uh i'm single at this moment in time... i guess i'm looking a little. -shrugs- i'm a virgin and proud of that -smiles thinking about times where...- anyway thats all ya need to know right now just ask for more!



hey i'm lilliannn!  I liked to be called lilly...Ya want to know what i am? i'm a vampy wolf!

Not much on meh :/ um i love to play soccer and jamie is the one i am closest to. i do try my best to be nice. i'm the music lover of the family.Alli is the leader, jamie is the hyper one, ya get the point. i'm from Maine.Like my friend Jay, I'm a fan of raves. I like anime to. I hate homework and school. I'm single, and looking? eh -shrugs- crushing:really? on who:seriously? -smiles- thats it for now. just ask for the rest! -grins-




Otay everyboday, i'm Tyler. Yeah i'm writing in a girlie color but it's my fav. I'm 18 years old i stopped aging, we all do around 18-20. My sister is Dorky (Liz). guess what i am, an elf. i have no clue how i could be an elf because i'm 6 feet tall. i suppose it's some of that vampire gene in me. Most people like me i guess i don't like to be a person you hate. I think it's funny how we each have a different story like family was killed in front of me...there was nothing i could do. My mother, father, and for year old little sister. If you hear Adam talking about a four year old was probably her. Adam had lived with me since he was 11 years old. His parents were killed in a night fire... I come from the streets of new york. I like to play football with my brother.[he considers adam a brother though they were only cousins]  I'm single...not really looking it happens it happens. [crushing?] no. [on who] no one. thats all for now need more just talk to meh.



My turn! Ello dears! I'm miss Charlie. Isn't Charlie a guys name? Guess not huh? I just turned 18 -smiles- and I'm proudly from England. I do have an accent darling, if that is to what you were wondering.Are you wondering if my parents died? well no they didn't...but i hate them. I can't believe i actually cared for thoughs low-lifes. They in my prespective, deserve to die. And on that note, lets move on. I like being outside, or in the woods...though i get lost a lot. i play the flute when i'm in the woods sometimes. uh i'm single. looking] maybe... crushing] i'm not twelve. on who] an ant. since when] never. thats all loves. bye for now (:


Hey, I'm Matt -smiles- I'm 17 years young -winks ;) - I'm from Chicago IL. I'm a half demon and half angel. Yeah but that's another story. I love where i come from i would go to the boardwalk all the time...-smiles softly- My dad walked out when i was seven, my mom died of cancer when i was 16, then i met alli. She and everyone here took me in. I am closest to her. i have a sister and would do anything for her. I play football and soccer, and i play guitar.  um single] yup crushing] no -_-' no yet. on who] use your eyes. since when] since never? welp, thats all on me for now. need more just ask -smiles- (:


Elllooo i'm Faith -smiles- i'm Matt and Aron's little sister, i'm 16 years old. i'm half demon and half angel and to me, i think thats pretty cool! I play soccer i beat my brother in it all the time -laughs lightly- I'm from Chicago IL. I love it there... -eyes turn black shakes head then they turn back to gray-sorry my eye color changes with my mood and stuff like that. it's a demon thing -laughs- i bet matt already told you the story about how my mom died when i was 15 and my dad walked out when i was six. well that's my story to.  Alli took me in...actually both of us.but i'm closest to  Adam. umm i'm single... crushing] not yet. on how] -shrugs- read there bud. since when] since not yet. -.- p.s. i love easy buttons! :D thats all for now bi bi!



Jake here! Hows it goin? I'm 16 years young, and I'm a werewolf. and i love it :P

I'm straight and single. I'm am a proud-to-be virgin. I'm saving for marriage. I'm kinda waiting for the right girl to come along. But uh, i play football and soccer. I like to race :D

My past, is normal...really. When i was 15 i got in a fight with my dad and it didn't end well. it ended up in a fist fight and i ended up here thanks to Erin. She saw me bleeding and took me in, and took care of me. She is like a best friend/ sister to me. I'm not crushing... and i guess i'm looking? i mean i'm not really 12 anymore. I do like to have fun and hang out. :) that's it for nao... ask if ya want to know more. :P




I'm Liz! :D You can call me dorky or liz or whatever you want! I'm writting in my favorite color! I'm straight, and single. I love my snake bites! I like guys who wear skinny jeans ;D i'm not like other girls you'll meet i'll tell you that. :) i'm dorky and friendly!

my past is hm.. boring. my parents were killed,however i don't miss them. they deserved to die, they are horrible people...well... were.(in my point of view) Alli and Erin are prob. my best friends :P SUCK THAT ONE TYLER! Just kidding Tyler! Like Tyler(my brother), i'm an elf so i'm quite short. But hey whatcha gonna do? I'm not crushing... and i guess i'm looking? I dunno. But if i could go one place in the world i'd go to London... I envy Charlie for that XD Oh i'm a proud-to-be virgin to. that's all :) bye!!






Heyy! Guess what?
I'm Ronnie -smiles- I'm from the just lovely town of Gloucester Massachusetts.

I'm sorry i love that place :)  I play the piano and the guitar... i also sing.  I can be punk but i'm nice i hope :3

To tell you the truth i don't care for the color pink, unless with black.

I hate homework with a passion -__- same goes for preps. they annoy me.

my past is kinda regular... but when i was 13 my mom got in a car crash and was killed.

My dad who was a sucessful man... turned to drinking. He was a different person when drinking.. a cruel person. he would beat me, and blame me. When i came home one day i saw blood and a dead body, that was my father. He wrote a note that said  "i'm sorry.. i love you. your strong enough on your own. i can't take it anymore. i love you ronnie, i'm sorry for everything. you were the best daughter i could ever ask for.

goodbye." i was sorry to. But yup, i'm half pixie...well 1/4.  ._. but it still counts right? :)

That's it for now thanks! :3






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