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In a World of Men's Friends

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<~ Nat// Finally found a song now we just need to now where the embed code is on musicdumper -,-

Why hello there ^_^

                                                                                                                      Natalie Mari Jones


Would never hurt a fly. Love, Joy and Serenity are what she's most known for. Raised in a corporate world Nat found her love for nature at a young age. She's more of a hippie then a business women. Only 21 and she's helped to start some of the most famous ecofriendly businesses out there. She hates big business and oil companies which is ironic because that's exactly what the family business is . Saint-Clair Oil Co. is the biggest oil company in the world. Non the less Nat wants nothing to do with it, breaking away from her family money she started from nothing and was able to launch Saint-Clair Air, a company in which others came out of. She now works with her sister who owns the family business on helping to make other businesses ecofriendly. She's very shy when it comes to guys she finds attractive and is normally the one to be friend zoned rather then friend zoning. Even when she tries her sister always gets the guy first. So she just stopped trying. The last name Jones is her mother's maiden name, Nat uses it because she doesn't anyone to know she's a Saint-Clair.


                                                                 Monica Hilary Saint-Clair  


Doesn't really care for the little things. A commanding presence, A business set mind and sensuality is what she most known for. She took over the business at the age of 21. Now at 23 Saint-Clair Oil Co. has never been better. After seeing the success and positive results of her sister she convinced her rejoin the family business and make an ecofriendly branch. Which is now Known as Saint-Clair Air. Unable to convince her sister her to change her last name back to Saint-Clair you can see and fell the tension between the two of them when they're together. Never in one place for long she's always running to meetings with partners and the different branches of the company. She's probably been to all 50 states 10 times by now. With such a busy life its surprising how many guys she gets. It used to be that her sister would find a guy and she'd take them, But now she actually makes to time to search for herself. She felt bad hurting her sister like that. I mean they have their differences but she still loves her, she's just got a weird way of showing it.



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