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♥ Lissa- Tannie... | Tanner- [ Smirks ] Not now, Valissa. | Lissa- [ Smacks his shoulder ] Stop it!. Shes just some girl.

Theres Never A Happy Ending
My Name Is Tanner Jay Luis Eva.
Call Me Tanner. Make Up A Name If You Want. .
I'm Older Than Lissa, Well I'm Nineteen.
I Was Born On Easter.
Better Than A Human, I'm A Bad Ass Werewolf.
Single, And Hun I Fall Hard. But Then Reality Came Back.
No Longer Crushing. She Knows Who She Is.
Doubt I Was Imprinted Upon. Haven't Imprinted.
R.I.P Cassinova Marie & William Fox.
Dead Parents. The Only Person I Have Is Lissa.
I Live In La Push With My Sister, Lissa.
The Beadles, Foot Ball, Cars, & My Sister = My Life.
I'm Quiet, Honest, Small Tempered, And Protective.

Never Your Prince Charming
No Celebrity Crush, I'm Not Picky.
Two Special Nicknames. Tannei ( Forever Lissa's!. ), Tanikinz ( Only Sophia. ).
I Like A Few Things In A Girl. . .
Love Kids, Great Smile, Gets Me, Make Me Smile, Lets Me Protect Her, Allows My To Hold Her Close, And Faithful.
I've Got A Few Favorite Things And They Are. .
Girls, Quiet Places, Working On Cars, Being With Lissa, Being In Wolf Form, Listening To Music, And Smiling.
Just A Few Things I Dislike. . .
Liars, People Who Hurt Lissa, Pushy Girls, Careless People, Over-Hyper People, And Being Annoyed.
Want More?. Then Ask.

Not Chur Little Princess
The Name Is Valissa Lynn Michelle Eva.
Just Call Me Lissa. Or Make A Name Of Your Own.
I'm Not Verrie Old. . .Well, I'm Seventeen.
I Was Born On Valentines Day!.
No Special Species. . .Well, I'm Human.
Single. If I Fall, I Fall. But It Takes A While.
Not Crushing Quite Yet. Is Chuu Out There Prince?.
Don't Think I Have And Imprinter. . .Do I?.
R.I.P Cassinova Marie && William Fox.
Parents, Dead. I Only Have Tanner. . .
I Live With My Brother, Tanner.
Photography, Glitter, Cupcakes & Friends = My Life!.
I'm Honest, Bubbly, Randum, Dorkie, Blushie, Love-Able, And Sweet.

Bottle Pop Bubble Gum
Don't Have A Celebrity Crushie. Guess I'm Not Picky?.
Speshul Nicknames Beh. .Lil Lissa Lue ( Only Sophia! )
Like Most Girlies, I Love A Few Things In A Guy. . .
Pretty Smile, Likes Me For Me, Loves Kids, Holds Me Close, Honest, And Faithful.
Meh Pretty Little Favorite Things Shall Be. . .
Taking Random Pictures, Animals, Singing, Acting, Candy, Trampolines, Dancing, Being Myself, Ice Cream, Making Up Wordies, And Meeting New Peoples!.
Those Things I Just Can't Stand Are. . .
Jerks, Cheaters, Players, Liars, Heart Breakers, Getting Hurt, And The Muffin Man!.
Hmm. . .That Should Be All About Lissa!. Just Ask For More.

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