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My lollipops name is Bob. you hurt me and the lollipop Bob, will come and get you.O-, That was Bob's girlfriend Ceila. You touch me OR Bob and Ceila will come after you. XD, that guys Thur.

Me Me

My name ish Gemma Angel Delilah Devine. I turny 5 today!*smiles* I live in da worlds SMARTEST house. It can do just about anything, woo-hoo! My momma and daddy died because men killed her, its was bad bad bad..*frowns* I miss them lots. I do needy new parents, and a new family.
My Family:
Children-I to young!!!!

^That is me with my momma and little sissy before they died in the house fire...

^Me after my house[Pat] helped me take a bath!*giggles* Yes, Pat can do things.

^Me sitting in one of the rooms in my smart house wearing my shirt, I am from NYC thats why I have an I <3 NY shirt ony. Then I walked to Forks.

there once was a guy named Jack who had a girlfriend called Ashley. She was the most popular girl in school. The three most popular guys were Tom, Marcus and Jack. Ashley thought Jack was okay, but she really liked Marcus, who liked her, just like every heterosexual guy at the school. Marcus and Jack were archenemies. Marcus repeatedly stole Ashley away from Jack.

One warm Friday, Marcus asked Ashley out to the movies. Jack was eavesdropping and knew when and where they were going.

Later that night, Jack snuck into the seat behind Marcus and Ashley. Jack watched them put arms around each others' shoulder, then hug... then kiss... then PASH!
"Do you want to come to my place and skip this boring movie?" said Ashley.
"Hell yeah!" said Marcus.

Jack followed the couple home. He watched Marcus and Ashley have sex. Then, Jack ran away home. He didn't want to see any more.

On Monday, Jack didn't come to school. At lunch, all the popular kids at school were having their usual conversation.
"Where's Jack?" asked Tom.
"I dunno, probably crying at home because he didn't get to go out with Ashley last night!" said Marcus. Everybody laughed. Marcus had a way of making people laugh. Only the three of them were there. It felt really weird. Jack had never been away from school in his entire life according to Tom.
"Well I never did really break up with him except by text on Saturday!" Ashley added. Both the guys laughed again. It seemed really weird to have such a popular group with only three people in it that day. But that's because it was no ordinary day.

The next day, Jack didn't show up to school either.
Or the next day...
Or on Thursday...
Or that Friday for that matter.

On Saturday, Tom kept trying to ring Jack to see if he could come over, but his phone was switched off. He walked up to his house and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Then he remembered that Jack's parents were commercial airline pilots and they had to work every day so they wouldn't be there. He knocked again, but there was no answer. So Tom figured that Jack must be out, however there was no answer for the rest of the day.

He did the same on Sunday, but he wasn't there all day and he knew that Jack was rarely allowed out at night. Especially when there was school the next day. So Tom sadly rode his bike home at 6 which was his last attempt.

The next day at assembly, the principal had told them that this week the year 12s had to stay back for a special assembly. It was their last assembly and they had Block Exams to do. Why did they have to stay back? The whole year was shocked when they saw Jack's mum walk in.
"Kids," she sighed. "I have made a special announcement because one of our school members has died 1 week before graduation. Yes, I know. You probably all know Jack Halagey. Yesterday when I came back from a stressful flight to Bangkok and back, I searched for Jack, called the police and found his dead body in his closet. They carbon dated it to be about a week old. There was a note next to it, and I suggest that if you do not like these kind of themes that you leave now."

Some people in the assembly left, but only for religious reasons or the fact that they wanted more study time which they should have been doing for the past 2 months.

"Okay," said Jack's mum. "The note said...

My dearest Ashley,
I watched you at the movie theatre and at Marcus's house and I will continue to watch you. I never thought you would do something like this to me.I really loved you, Ashley. I died for you just like Jesus died for the Christians.

Always with you,

Then came the usual tears after that story. The principal walked up to the microphone.
"Thank you Margret Halagey for sharing that sad story with the year 12s. That concludes this week's assembly, year 12 is now dismissed."

Please post this message in 5 places or more, otherwise Jack will haunt you forever. He now watches the mafia as well as Ashley and knows where you all live. He wants you to know about Marcus. He wants you to show you care.

**Jack Halagey**
Born: 29th December, 1992
Died: 4th August, 2008

Still don't believe me? Well here's what happened to my friend's girlfriend. I was at her house one day and we were posting up stupid answers to a blog. Then when she saw this message she blatantly ignored it. The next day during assembly, she was making a speech and she collapsed in front of the whole school. Yes--I know Jack. He was a prefect at my school. I was in Year 8 when I knew him.

Later on when police investigated, they found poisoning in her sandwich that she ate that day.

After school that day, my other friend was checking through his e-mail and found this same message. He deleted it thinking it was a stupid forward. He was on a flight to Indonesia the next day. When he got to Jakarta International Airport, they found a form of poisoning inside his bag. When Australian justice found out about this, it was also the same one-of-a-kind poison that was found in that girl's sandwich. Since he was in Indonesia and she also came from Indonesia, he was put to death.

Two weeks later, Brisbane International and Sydney International airport security went through the records and found that the poison was in fact snuck into the luggage that went on the flight to Jakarta.

Two examples of how people ended up dead by not spreading this message.

my life is changed forever what people will do for the ones they love this is true plz just read it god ..... doesn't the message get out a guy will do anything for a girl but the girl doesn't notice it ... shame ....... my life is changed i feel some what well almost crying......... plz copy this it shows some great respect

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At 1:08pm on February 12, 2010, Caden Jacob Edward Black said…
yes yes i will emma!-smirks-
At 1:01pm on February 12, 2010, Gemma Angel Delilah Devine ??? said…
See her? Thats Ceila, she's Bob's girlfriend. You touch me or Bob and Ceila will get you.
At 1:01pm on February 12, 2010, Caden Jacob Edward Black said…
-laughs at the comment- yes i will knck down any one who hurts emmas loli pop!
At 12:59pm on February 12, 2010, Gemma Angel Delilah Devine ??? said… You see da 2 pengyuins, the one who got knocked down took my lollipops best friend so the one that knocked the guy down is Caden. Caden will hurt you if you take my lollipop, take my lollipops friends and/or girlfriends/boyfriends.
At 11:29am on February 12, 2010, Gemma Angel Delilah Devine ??? said…

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1.My namey ish Gemma Angel Delilah Snow ???.
2.People say I very very pretty, but I say they wrong..
3.Today I turny 5!*giggles*
4.People call me Angel.
5.I'm a human... a FRAGILE one!*giggling*
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Um.... I can't ready that well...
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Myself of course sillys willys!
Favorite Books
poem books!*giggles*
What is Your Favorite Music
Pop, dance, rock, R&B, rap, country, classical
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Scary stuffy.
Favorite Quotes:
"Tommorrows a whole nother adventure."-Me
"I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!"-Unknown
"I'll huff, I'll puff, I'll huff and puff you away!"-Unknown
Favorite Activities
Swimming, singing, dancing, swinging, jumping, eating popycorn, drinking icees!

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