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Cant Wait For New Moon ;D

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1) I Love Twilight (Duh) And Edward (Hellz Ya) I Hate Disney Channel Stars (Posers =P)

2) i love Robert Pattinson, Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, and Patrick Stump

3) I love being me.

4) I Hate Posers

5) Music Is My Life<3
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I started Twilight in January and finished all of them in January.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Switzerland


Because I Wanna Be Unique And I Dont
Like Taking Sides
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Probably Bella.
Because She Is Brunette, Very Clumsy, Short, And Pale Skinned.
And She Loves Edward ;D
Favorite Books
The Twilight Saga--

>New Moon
>Breaking Dawn
>The Host


>And Then There Were None
>The Series of Unfortunate Events
>Stephen King >:]
What is Your Favorite Music
alternative and rock.
>Panic At The Disco
>Fall Out Boy
>Cobra Starship
>All Time Low
>Bring Me the Horizon
>Lil Wayne
>Nicki Minaj
>Blink 182
>Black Veil Brides
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
I Dont Really Watch TV.
Movies Are.. Back to the Future, Beaches, Saw Triology.
Games: biking, snowboarding, skiing, basketball, and softball
Favorite Quotes:
"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"
"what a stupid lamb"
"what a sick masochistic lion."-Edward and Bella Twilight

"i don't want to be a monster"- EDWARD Twilight

"what if i am not the superhero, what if i am the bad guy?" - EDWARD Twilight


"i had an adrenaline rush. they are very common. you can Google it"-Edward Eclipse

"I have to step out for a second, don't do anything funny while I'm gone"- EMMETT New Moon

"After a century of instant gratification, i have found self discipline Challenging."-JASPER Eclipse

"No matter, i saw Jasper admiring it, perhaps its time he found a new way to travel."- Edward Eclipse

"you are wrong you know, you are worth it."-JASPER

"How strongly are you opposed to Grand Theft Auto?"- ALICE
New Moon




"No, i told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocents" Jacob New Moon

"i wanted a huge flowery wedding where everyone in town would watch me walk down the isle on my father's arm, and think i was the most beautiful thing they have ever seen."-Rosalie Eclipse

"fall down again Bella?"
"no Emmett, i punched a werewolf in the face."- Emmett and Bella

but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it. for in the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.- Twilight

"the second alternative, the one i could most easily face was to stay with her throughout her human life. it wasn't a good option for her, to waste her life with some one who couldn't be human with, but it was the alternative i could most easily face. knowing all along that when she died, i would find a way to die too. sixty years, seventy years, it would seem like a very short time to me."- Edward Eclipse page 500

"i don't scare you?"- Edward Twilight

"i am really glad Edward didn't kill you, it's so much more fun with you around!"- Emmett Eclipse

"Emmett hits the hardest, but Edward runs the fastest."-Esme Twilight

"Its time."- Alice Twilight

"Who are they?"-Bella Twilight

"That's Edward and Emmett Cullen and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The one who left was Alice Cullen. They all live together with Doctor Cullen and his wife."- Jessica Twilight

"You don't scare me."-Bella Twilight

"Edward didn't tell you he was musical?"-Esme Twilight

"I dream about being with you forever...."-Bella Twilight

"Not the same? Impossible!" Victoria Eclipse

"you are only a senior once, might as well document the experience."
"how many times have you been a senior?"
"that's different."-Alice and Bella New Moon

"would it be childish to hide in your closet then?"-Edward New Moon

"no matter, i saw Jasper admiring it. maybe its time he found a new way to travel...."- Edward Eclipse

"Better start hiding the groceries if we're gonna avoid starvation.."--Billy Breaking Dawn

"And where's your land Jacob? Is it Vampireland?" Jared Breaking Dawn

these violent delights have violent ends. and in their triumph die, like fire and powder. which as they kiss consume-New Moon

fire and ice
some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. from what i have tasted of desire, i hold with those who favor fire. but if it had to parish twice, i think i knew enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great. and i would suffice. --Eclipse

Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age the child is grown, and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.-Breaking Dawn

And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep a little company together nowadays.--Breaking Dawn

Personal affection is a luxury you can have only after all your enemies are eliminated. until then, everyone you know is a hostage, sapping your courage and corrupting your judgment.--Breaking Dawn.

"It will be as if i had never existed"--Edward New Moon

"When Youu Give Affection Youu Better Wear Protection.!"

Favorite Activities
Snowboarding, listening to music, and talking to my friends.

" allowscriptaccess="never"/">


MusicPlaylistRingtones Create a playlist at


I love Fall Out Boy!!!

╔══╦══╦══╗ you have been diagnosed
║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗║ with Obsessive Cullen
║╚╝║╚═╣╚╝║ Disorder
********(¨`·.·´¨).I.(¨`·.·´¨)* *********
****(`·.·´`·. ¸.·;Love`·.¸.·´`·.·´)*****
*****`·.¸.·´*EDWARD CULLEN*`·¸.´***
*******`·.¸(¨`· Forever·´¨)..·´********
**************`·.¸.·´********* ******


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At 10:40pm on February 11, 2010, Lara Shane ♥♥♥ said…
how did you do this page ?
At 5:44pm on May 19, 2009, karla cullen said…
hi haley loves edward wat up
At 9:32am on May 17, 2009, Haley Jene said…
Hahahahahaha i got a life size cardboard cut-out of Edward yesterday!!!!!
At 1:34pm on May 9, 2009, lEiLaNi aLiCe MaRiE gOnZaLeS said…
OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE UR PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 7:26pm on May 6, 2009, Ana A.J Jimenez said…
i hope you like this pic...

Twilight - This ain't no pretty fairy tale..(Competition Edition)
Gráficos con escarcha

At 7:26pm on May 6, 2009, Ana A.J Jimenez said…
am sooo glad we are friends...
i like your page..
At 4:36pm on May 6, 2009, NessieCullen said…
sorry i havnt responded to that one comment on my page my aim is Monkygirl054 and yea whts urs
At 9:25pm on April 20, 2009, bella99 said…
love the pics
At 12:01am on April 12, 2009, Stella said…
Your profile is so kool. I like the music alot and the pictures to
At 6:33pm on April 7, 2009, Islandgrl said…
aaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssoooooooooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeee (thats awesome XD)
At 7:01pm on March 31, 2009, Tiffany Swan said…
At 1:08pm on March 31, 2009, Tiffany Swan said…
What's up?
At 6:51pm on March 29, 2009, Tiffany Swan said…
At 10:48pm on March 25, 2009, Jolie said…
Great collection of pix and icons!
Vampire Baseball League TM shirt
Vampire Baseball League TM
At 4:41pm on March 24, 2009, Renesmee Cullen said…
hi my name is jessica, but my screen name is renesmee cullen, come by my page so we can chat sometimes, u cant request me if u want to.
At 4:28pm on March 24, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Haha well it's an awesome book =)
At 6:33am on March 24, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Hey, how r u?
At 1:22pm on March 10, 2009, Bella Juliet said…
Love your profile!!!!!
At 10:41pm on March 9, 2009, Nichole Cullen said…
At 11:52am on March 8, 2009, Bella Pattinson said…

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