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I think you should stop with the flirty little comments...and that eye thing you do.

The Only Vampire I Have a Crush On Is Stefan Salvatore!



"Do you wanna know what I would write? I met a girl, we talked, it was epic, then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality, right here."(Stefan)

"I have no sense of Damon humor."(Stefan)

Photobucket Okay,I have a small crush on Damon ;D Not as much as Stefan:D


But that ^^^ is PRETTY SEXY!:D;D

Photobucket"Stefan likes puppy blood... little Golden Retriever blood with floppy ears. That's his favorite."(Damon)

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
This was my Dyllann, I recently lost him Feburary 28. He was more amazing then words can discribe. When I think about him and the 6 and half years we spent together in complete bliss, I know he wouldn't want me to be sad forever. One day we were talking about his dad that had recently past and he said, "Babe, Look at me, do you see me balwing my eyes out? No because I know he wants me to be happy and move on with my life, and to make something of myself. Thats is the same thing I would ever want from you if I were to go. Don't cry because I'll be watching, I would want to see that beautiful smile of yours." We were engaged for 9 months before his death.His death has inspired me to write more and make something of myself.Dyllann's Love is like the wind, I can't see it, but I feel it.
I You, Dyllann Gage Casttele
This was Dyllann's Firemen's Prayer he learned form his father when he was younger. Dyllann and I said ths prayer so many times together that I know it by heart.

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♫ And Much Much More!♫
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1. I want to be a Writer and be an Author. 2. I lived in New Zealand for a year. 3. I want to open my own Restaurant/ I love to cook! 4. I want to go to Australia,Germany,Italy,Mexico,Russia,Africa(and Much More) 5. I am almost full German. 6. I like all types of music. Okay More Than 5 =D. 7. I believe in one nation under God. I ♥ God 8. I love to read ever since I first read the Twilight saga and the Host. 9. And my favorite color is Green!=] 10.I have started two of my own books, one is close to being done =D11. I am leaving for Germany next July ♥;This is me;♥ Photobucket

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----///-\\\----If you have ever felt
----///--\\\---Have FELT THE PAIN
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
When everyone started reading the twilight books I thought it was overrated! Thats all my friends talked about. Then I went and saw the movie and I liked it and then I started reading books and now I am hooked! I sware I have read those books at least 30 times no joke! And then read New Moon and then Breaking dawn more then that because those are my favorties Okay heres how I look at it. I am Team Switzerland because they both do things that piss me off lol. Like Jakes pity parties all the time and Edwardleaving and other stuff for both of them. Then they both do things I love. And they both look amazing to me! There both very very very Attractive! Well Taylor is more then Rob haha Photobucket
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I am Mostly like Alice! I love fast cars and i love to admire them lol. I love to go shopping. And i am alway like helping people out in some way. And i love to be out going. I am also like Bella i can be a Danger Magnet just depeds on the day of the week lol. And i can be really calm when i want to be.And i am torn between Team Edward and Team Jacob. My friend argue about it all the time! I will do whatever it takes to to keep my friends and family safe even if that means i have to suffer. I can be like Emmett at times because i can be really Obnoxious. Lol And not afraid to fight someone. I can also be like Jake, ill tell you excatly what i am thinking. My best friend and I always say we love eachother =] He is great! 3>My Favorite Cars<3 My Dream Car<3 Photobucket My favorite 2010 Car(2nd favorite car!) Photobucket This was Dyllann's Favorite car and its one of mine too! Photobucket
Favorite Books
TWILIGHT SAGA! + THE HOST! = AMAZING BOOKS BY MEYER! Other books that are breath taking are: Hush,Hush; Shiver; Linger; the Immortal Series; House of Night Series; Dear John; Crank; Glass; Burned; Kissed By an Angel; Got anymore that you think i should read? Well let me know =)
What is Your Favorite Music
Three Days Grace

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Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
My Favortie Movies Include: A Walk to Remember; New Moon; Eclipse; the Notebook; Dear John; 50 First Dates; Avatar; August Rush; Push; Iron Man; Iron Man 2; Dark Night; Fools Gold;Transformers 1&2; G.I. Joe;The Bounty Hunter; P.S. I Love You (or anything with Gerard Butler! =D;D;
My Favorite TV Shows Include: Two and Half Men; Vampire Diaries; Super Natural; Tyra Banks Show; Mecry;So You Think You Can Dance;

Check Out These Sick Dances from So You Think You Can Dance!

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Favorite Quotes:
1. Do you remember when you told me that I didn’t see myself very clearly? You obviously have the same blindness. (Bella) 2.So ready for this to be the end, for this to be the twilight of your life, though your life has barely started. You’re ready to give up everything. (Edward) 3.He called you pretty. That’s practically an insult, the way you look right now. You’re much more than beautiful. (Edward) 4.Do you want me to bolt the doors so you can massacre the unsuspecting townsfolk? (Bella) 5.When someone wants to kill you, you’re brave as a lion — and then when someone mentions dancing… (Edward) 6.Emmett enjoyed having me around — he thought my bizarre human reactions were hilarious… or maybe it was just the fact that I fell down a lot that he found so funny. (Bella) 7.I think that boy is in love with you. (Renee) 8.Oh, a sadistic vampire, intent on torturing her to death, sure, no problem, she runs off to meet him. An IV, on the other hand… (Edward) 9.You can sleep, sweetheart, I’ll carry you. (Edward)) 10.Do you think I could walk down the street in the sunlight without causing traffic accidents? (Edward) 11.Bella, I’ve already expended a great deal of personal effort at this point to keep you alive. I’m not about to let you behind the wheel of a vehicle when you can’t even walk straight. Besides, friends don’t let friends drive drunk. (Edward) 12.You’re intoxicated by my very presence. (Edward) 13.Are you still faint from the run? Or was it my kissing expertise? (Edward) 14.He grinned his crooked smile at me, stopping my breath and my heart. I couldn’t imagine how an angel could be any more glorius. There was nothing about him that could be improved upon. (Bella) 15.Are you referring to the fact that you can’t walk across a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over. (Edward) 16.About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him — and I didn’t know how potent that part might be — that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. (Bella) 17. And you accuse me of dazzling people-poor Jacob Black. (Edward) 18. I hear voices in my mind and you’re worried you’re the freak. (Edward) 19.Do you think if I ran him over with my truck he would stop feeling guilty about the accident? (Bella) 20.You scared me for a minute there. I thought Newton was dragging your dead body off to bury it in the woods. (Edward) 21.What if I’m not a superhero? What if I’m the bad guy? (Edward) 22.So did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what? I’ve never seen him act like that. (Mike) 23.Real? Does that make me imaginary? (Jacob Black) 24.Did you know that 'I told you so has a brother Jacob? His name is Shut the hell up. (Bella) Vampire Diaries 1.You made out with his mother and then you beat him to a pulp. You're gonna have to do a little better than "I'm sorry." (Caroline) 2.I do believe in killing the messenger. Know why? It sends a message.(Damon) 3.It's Founder's Day. I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.(Damon) 4.I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and the eye thing you do.(Elena) 5.You successfully cured him of anything interesting about his personality.(Damon) 6.What do you think your mother would say if she knew you were dating a vampire?(John) 7.What did you think you were gonna find? Isobel with a cigar and slippers?(Damon) 8.Stefan likes puppy blood... little Golden Retriever blood with floppy ears. That's his favorite.(Damon) 9.I don't hurt people. I don't do that. I'm the good brother.(Stefan) 10.I'm not sad. I'm frickin hungry!(Stefan) 11.Why don't you just walk up to Sheriff Forbes? Ask her to tap a vein?(Damon) 12. I just wanna spend as much time with you as possible.(Stefan) 13.You seem awfully chipper lately. Less doom and gloom. More pep in your step.(Damon) 14. We have a problem, Stefan. And when I say problem, I mean global crisis.(Damon) 15.I have this hunger inside of me that I've never felt in my entire life.(Stefan)

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Favorite Activities
I love to cook, read and write stories. I enjoy traveling, and learning new things, of coarse I love driving and spending time with friends and family. And going to the movies =) I love going to the gym, I try to go whenever I am free. I go to concerts a lot and work at them sometimes. Playing soccer and tennis, sleeping is wonderful too! Watching my favorite shows.=) Josh Turner in concert =D 8/3 I met him while i was working near his tour bus, he is so nice!Photobucket Photobucket From the Styx concert=] 7/29 Photobucket Photobucket

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At 6:33pm on September 5, 2010, Alyssa said…

I Love Him <3 but demon is sexy!
At 11:30pm on August 20, 2010, Miss Amanda said…


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