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House of Night is now friends with Jenny Dawn and jalisahoward
Apr 21, 2010
House of Night is now friends with ruby, Zoey Redbird, rpec56253611 and pepsi!!! more
Mar 1, 2010
Jordan Black-Storm. and House of Night are now friends
Feb 4, 2010
House of Night is now friends with Melissa and Zoey Redbird
Feb 4, 2010

Stark, Erik and Damien are all taken. Everyone else is single

Zoey Redbird
Zoey is 16 years old. After meeting Nyx in a vision shortly after her change, Zoey is given an affinity for all 5 of the elements (wind, fire, water, earth and spirit) and her mark is filled in. Zoey has adult vampyre tattoos that extend from the Mark on her forehead, over her cheeks, down her neck, over her shoulders, down her back, around her waist, across the palms of her hands and across her chest.
Our Zoey is fiercely protected by Erik and Stark, her warriors and (in Erik's case) consort. Unless we trust you, if you are talking to her, they will be there too.

Stevie Rae Johnson
Stevie Rae Johnson is Zoey's best friend. Stevie Rae died just a few weeks after Zoey joined the House of Night, but she didn't die indeffinitly. She becomes undead, a violent, evil, bloodthirsty creature that has almost no humanity left. Zoey and Aphrodite help Stevie Rae get her humanity back and she comes back as a new kind of vampyre: one with filled in, red marks. She is the first Red Vampyre. She also is the High Priestess of the Red fledglings and has an affinity for Earth.

Erik Night
Erik Night is breathtakingly handsome (Black hair, blue eyes) and a talented actor. Erik is Aphrodite's ex-boyfriend. He is excessively protective of our Zoey and is usually acts as her vampyre consort during rituals. He has sworn to defend her until the day that he dies.

Erin Bates

Shaunee Cole

Shaunee Cole and Erin Bates, though not related and in fact of different races, are psychologically so connected that everyone calls them twins. Their valley girl banter, though predictable, provides some comedic diversion. They are both rich and always wear designer clothes. Shaunee has an affinity for Fire and Erin has an affinity for Water.

Jack Twist
Jack Twist is always around when the group is in need of an AV guy, or with a package of travel tissues from his 'man purse'. Jack has a Goddess given gift, but it is rather different from the others gifts: Technologic Mastery. Jack shares ownership of James Stark's giant Labrador Duchess.

Damien Maslin
Damien Maslin is very intelligent and very warm hearted. Damien likes to use very long words that usually confuse the group. Damien has an affinity for Air. He is very faithful to all his friends but especially Zoey, who often comes to him for advice.

Aphrodite LaFont
Aphrodite LaFont in the daughter of Tulsa'a extremely rich mayor. Aphrodite used to be very concieted and selfish, but since hanging out with Zoey and her friends, she has become much kinder (although the Twins still annoy her at times). Aphrodite's gift from Nyx is prophetic visions (but they are painful). She also had an affinity for earth for a short while, but she was only holding it for Stevie Rae.

James Stark
James Stark (call him Stark), is the second fully changed red vampyre. He also pledged to be a warrior of Zoey's. Stark died in Zoey's arms not long after joining the House of Night. Stark's gift from Nyx is that he never misses his mark. Though he never misses his ability is as a double edged sword. He is capable of never missing his true target in his heart and mind not necessarily the object in his eye sight. After a terrible accident he gave up archery until Zoey spoke to him and helped him through his issues. Now as Zoey's warrior he remains by her side through everything and even sacrifices his own happiness for whatever is best for her.

Elena Gilbert
Elena has just been changed and isn't used to being a vampyre and often hides her mark. Her powers scare her.....she needs someone to help her realize that being powerful is a good thing. Her mom and dad died in a car accident a little while back

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