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"Dear [...] || The Best Memory We've Had, Has Got to Be [...] || Forget the World and Be With Me for A Night […] || Be My Girl/Guy […] || My Favorite Part of You Would Have to be [...] || If I Had to Describe You, I'd Have to…"
Apr 29, 2011
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Apr 26, 2011
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"||. :)<3|||V"
Apr 24, 2011
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"||Sorry if my replies send twice||"
Apr 23, 2011
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"|| I walked downstairs, calling my Mom as I walked. She was in the kitchen, presumably making herself some coffee after a long night at work, she never bothered to catch up on her missed sleep in the daytime, like most people would do. She prefered…"
Apr 23, 2011
ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ left a comment for ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ
"||{ I laughed soft of adoably as he licked my finger, and I pulled my finger quickly away as I laughed, and then prodded his nose cutely, once. After my laughing had subsided, we just seemed to lock eyes for a little moment, but it felt so much…"
Apr 13, 2011
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"Be back in thirty minutes.. :) ♥"
Apr 13, 2011

1HistoryEssay-3ScienceAssesments-EnglishRevision..=Slow replies :'(

Miss Rosewood...Miss Alessandra Rosewood

Name: Alessandra Viola Chase Rosewood.
Goes By: Alessandra, or Al.
Nicknames: Ah, now you're really asking.. Al, Aly, Sissy[Rhoan only], Aley[Nathan only], Lessa, Lessy, A, Les, Andra..
Age: I'm eighteen, love.
Birthday: I get a year older on April 29th, the day of the Royal Wedding,don't let the frickin' future heirs get in the way of celebrating this gal' turning nineteen! [Laughs]
Nationality: British-Australian. My Mother was British, and my Father was, of course, an Aussie, easy, 'ey mate?
Birthplace: I was born in Victoria, Auz.
Parents: Erika Renee Rosewood and Chase Raye St.Clair
Siblings: Jaydon Lucas Rosewood [14] Khloe Olivia St.Clair & Krystal Melrose St.Clair [Both 16], Harriet Delilah Rosewood [19]
Brought up in: Well, now it may get a little confusing, brah, I was born in Victoria, Australia, then, when I was only a few months old, my Mother was promoted, she worked at the Australian Vogue headquaters in Sydney, but with the new promotion, we moved to, in my opinion the most gorgeous city on earth, Milan: the Fashion Capital. after living there until my 6th birthday, my parents after long feuds divorced and my Mother moved back to her home country, England, as did my Father by moving back to Auz, so..I guess I was brought up..all over.
Living currently: In a traditional seaside apartament in the United Kingdom.
Relationship Status: Currently, single, brah.
Any Complication: Uhm, not really..I just got out of a long relationship, with Blake, Yeah, it was like a slap in the face; Im aware.
Looking: nope, Im not some desperado! [Laughs]
Crushing: Well, there's this guy, and he's sweet, handsome, incredible and just perfect..he's an old friend of mine, but I guess new feelings were revealed here...
 Crushing on: His names Nathan..if you must know :)
Crushees: {laughs softly} Im pretty sure I have an admirer ;)
Imprint: Woah,..Im only human, calm down.
Imprintee: No one, Brah.
Taken since: _/_/_
Engaged since: _/_/_
Married since: _/_/_


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At 1:05pm on April 29, 2011, ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ said…

Dear [...] || The Best Memory We've Had, Has Got to Be [...] || Forget the World and Be With Me for A Night […] || Be My Girl/Guy […] || My Favorite Part of You Would Have to be [...] || If I Had to Describe You, I'd Have to Say [...] || Think I'm A Jerk […] || Think I'm Hot […] || Wish You Never Met Me […] || Are You There For Me […] || Do You Want Me To Change […] ||| Let Me Take You Home […] || Take A Shower With Me […] || Sleep In My Bed […] || Let Me Take Advantage Of You In Your Room […] || Make Me Breakfast […] || What Would You Do, If I Died […] || Love Me […] || Forget Me […] || When I Look At You I Want Too […] || I Want You To Know [...] || I Can't Get Over How [...] || I Love It When You [...] || I [...] You || One Day [...] || I Think You Are So [...] || I Wish [...] ||

Yours Truly [...]

PS: [Whatever You Want To Say]

At 2:27pm on April 27, 2011, ™ [[wяσnged яιgнтs]]" said…
 Nathan ;;-
[[ I felt her slip something onto my wrist and I looked down to see the bracelet that I had seen her wear almost everytime we've been together . I smile wide and chuckle softly at her words ]] Well at least your my sappy mess and I love you for it Aley , I love you with all my heart [[ I kissed her softly letting my lips linger on hers before kissing her forhead and smiling like a damn person gone high , I really couldn't help it right now I was just so happy . I squeezed her hands gently in mine and looked up as the sun began to slowly go down ]]
At 3:06pm on April 26, 2011, ™ [[wяσnged яιgнтs]]" said…
Nathan ;;-
Aw babe well it's not my fault if I find you so unbearable attractive ! [[ I sigh playfully and smirk softly . I feel her push my head closer to hers and kiss her back lovingly and tenderly , I just couldn't get the feel of her lips on mine out of my damn mind and kissing her would soon become an addiction and I knew it for sure. But the thing was that I didn't care ..... I wanted her to be my addiction, to be the only girl on my mind and the only girl I wanted to get close to . I wanted all of that and more with her ]]
At 6:41pm on April 24, 2011, ™ [[wяσnged яιgнтs]]" said…
Nathan ;;-
[[ I strain my ears to listen to her speak . I knew it was something important by the war she stumbled over her words , she always did that when she was either nervous or had something to say ; I pick up the end of her sentence and smile wide . I reach out and tilt her face back towards mine gently with my hands forcing her to look at me now as I looked back at her ]] Well Aley , I've fallen for you too .. and pretty damn hard aswell [[ I chuckle lightly and take out a breath feeling great after telling her how a really felt about her ]]
At 7:43am on April 24, 2011, ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ said…
||. :)<3

At 7:16am on April 24, 2011, ™ [[wяσnged яιgнтs]]" said…
Nathan ;;-.
[[ I chuckle softly and shake my head when she says that I'm amazing ]] I'm pretty sure I'm not , I mean I'm the laziest person on the planet and people say I'm way too much of a push over [[ I frown alittle then shrug and smile back at her as I feel her play with my fingers . It looked pretty cute seeing her lean back and intertwine my fingers with hers ; it felt so ... natural and normal being with her like this , which was odd seeing as whenever I had been out with other girls it usually got really awkward and uncomfortable sitting with them in places like this ]] but you on the other hand your absolutely perfect Aley [[ I nod and smile wide almost completely sure that she was going to argue that fact ]]
At 4:24pm on April 23, 2011, ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ said…
||Sorry if my replies send twice||
At 3:27pm on April 13, 2011, ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ said…
Be back in thirty minutes.. :) ♥
At 2:22pm on April 11, 2011, ΞαιℓδδαηdгαღΞ said…
Read, Reply, Delete. That's the drill.
-Make comments L o n g and be D e s c r i p t i v e please.
-All comments will be answered, but always the longest and most i n t e r e s t i n g ones will get my priority and attention.
-Double/multiple commenting is fine; I might have missed something.

Follow these rules, we'll get on awesomely:)
At 4:30pm on January 31, 2011, It's a fairytale ending.™ said…
[grins] i heard that[tickles you][ites lips and says" some one got real pretty"]

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