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Beth- Kiss and tell! Everybody else! And you're at your best! When I'm making! Making baby steps! My favorite song! It's by You me at Six! It's Kiss and Tell! Love it! <3

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
All- We are a true pack! Family and Friends! Brothers and Sisters!

Summer- Haha! I got ya Le-Le!
Leah- Shut the HELL up!... That does look like me though! Dammit. Summer! You love to annoy me, don't you?!
Summer- Yep*smirks*
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
All- 4 times!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
All- Jacob! He's a wolf too!

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Which Character Are You Most Like?
Boys- Jacob!

Girls- Leah!
Favorite Books
All- Everything!
What is Your Favorite Music
All- Everything except yodling!

Theme songs for us!

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Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
All- Don't have any.
Favorite Quotes:
All but Tara- All Twilight ones!

Tara- Grrwoow!
Favorite Activities
All- Hanging out with my pack family!
Imprinted- And our imprints!

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At 5:26pm on February 6, 2010, Howling Wolves Pαck™& Fαmily said…
We Read. We Reply. We Delete.

The pack!

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Did you know that every

night before you go to sleep
there is one person of the

opposite sex thinking of you?

They want to kiss you,

they want to be with you,

they are always thinking about you,

this is all true and not fake.

Annie! Our cousin! She hangs out with us a lot!

Name- Rachel Diane, James Louis, Mindy Lauren, and Miranda Hanley Sakes
Status- Rachel:Taken... The rest- Single
Siblings- Each other
Imprint- Rachel: Kaleb... The rest: No one
Extra- All: Nothing

Name- Macey Noel, Lacey Hannah, Bryan Jordan, Ryan Kaleb Greene
Status- Lacey: Taken... The rest- Single
Siblings- Each other
Imprint- Lacey: Chace... The rest: No one
Extra- Lacey: Plays guitar, sings, and loves CChace to death... Macey: Plays guitar... Ryan: Sings and plays drums... Bryan: Plays drums

Name- Parker Weston Robertson Jr.
Janey Rachel Cale
I'm addicted to Smarties!
I have a huge crush on someone!
I'm 15(I'll be 16 next week)

Rani Evanell Cale
I'm the one that likes to poke things with spoons!(I'm not aloud to use a fork!)
I ♥ Blake!
I'm 16(I'll be 17 next month!)

Ellie May Montgumery
I'm really random! I can disappear when ever I want! You never know where I'l pop up next!
I imprinted, but we aren't dating... :(
I'm 17!

Juliet Leanna Montgumery
I have to keep my sister in line... :P
I'm single!
I'm 17!

Carson Lora Liberty
I imprinted twice!
I ♥ Chris!
I'm 16!

Anny May Little
I'm a little strange...
I'm single!
I'm 15!

Danny Bethany Little
I have a motor scooter!
I'm single!
I'm 15!

Laylynn Paris Korson
I love to swim!
I ♥ Aj!
I'm 15!

Loriliy Kay Korson
I love Sweet Tarts!
I'm single!
I'm 17!

Madilyn Kelly Grey
I'm a twin!
I'm single!
I'm 16!

Meredith Nicole Grey
I'm a twin!
I'm single!
I'm 16!

Harmony Candace Zorloe
I love to swim!
I'm single!
I'm 18!

Hope Kaitlyn Zorloe
I play piano!
I'm single!

Lilah Mary Seas
I'm the most random!
I ♥ Drew!
I'm 17!

Tara Lucinda Black
I will shank anyone!
I'm single!
I'm 17!

Laney Marie Lions
I'm addicted to Sweet Tarts!
I ♥ Justin!
I'm 17!

Jordan Aiden Montgumery
I'm a football player!
I ♥ Tinsley Blair Quileute!
I'm 17!

Barret Marcus Montgumery
I'm a baseball player!
I'm single!
I'm 17!

Jason Tyler Liberty
I'm kinda boring!
I ♥ Cassie!
I'm 18!

Brayton Mark Grey
I play the drums!
I ♥ ●The Real Nessie Black●!
I'm 16!

Rayton Bryce Grey
I play guitar!
I ♥ ♥Nessie Cullen♥!
I'm 16!

Allie Jean Cooper
I play 17 instruments and I'm addicted to Smarties! Janey is my bestest friend ever!
I'm single!
I'm 15!

Shay Lena Park
I'm best friends with Allie and Janey!
I'm single, but I'm crushing majorly on my best guy friend ever!
I'm 16! 17 in 3 weeks!

Joshua Mitchell Holmes
I'm awesome!
I'm single!
I'm 19!

Daniel Connor South
I'm cool!
I'm taken!
I'm 16!

Kayler Lisa Park
I'm Shay's sister!
I'm ♥ Taylor!
I'm 18!

Steven Derek Call
I play piano!
I’m single!
I’m 16!

Mikey Edward White
I have a brother!
I ♥ Alexis!
I’m 17!

Kyle Jason White
I play baseball!
I’m single!
I’m 16!

Katie Jaycee Jacobs
I love to sing!
I’m single and crushing on a Taco! *laughs*
I’m 14!

Lexi Idale Jacobs
I'm Katie's sister!
I ♥ Austin! <3
I'm 15!

Emma Kaylee Corrbitt
I'm Lexi and Katie's cousin!
I'm single!
I'm 15!

Sean James Lark
I'm the oldest!
I'm single!
I'm 20!

Taylor Brittany Lark
I'm Sean's little sister!
I'm single!
I'm 17!

Lucas Ray Holmes
I'm a football player!
I ♥ Sarah
I'm 19!

Chase Taylor Tate
I'm a drummer!
I'm taken by Kenzie!
I'm 15!

Melody Langston Robertson
I'm engaged and I have 3 beautiful chirldren(triplets)!
I ♥ Dylan! <3
I'm 15!

Jake William Black
I'm the Alpha!
I ♥ Bella Marie Swan!
I'm 19!

Taylor Anthony Black
I'm Jake's twin!
I ♥ Renesmee Carlie Cullen!
I'm 19!

Nikki Connor Robertson
I'm Melody's only little boy!
I'm too young to have an imprint!
I'm a day old!

Delilah Rose Robertson
I'm Melody's baby!
I'm too young to have an imprint!
I'm a day old!

Sarah Lovella Robertson
I'm Melody's baby!
I'm too young to hanve an imprint!
I'm a day old!

Devy Karlin Mace
I'm Chance's little sis!
I'm single!
I'm 15!

Chance Colton Mace
I'm Devy's older bro!
I'm single!
I'm 17!

Beth Lillianna Jacobs
I'm Lexi's twin sister!
I'm single!
I'm 15!

Annie Marie Jacobs
I'm Lexi and Beth's cousin!
I'm single and crushing!
I'm 15 1/2!

Lea Penny Kur
I'm Lena's older sister!
I'm single!
I'm 16!

Lena Zae Kur
I'm Lea's little sister!
I'm single!
I'm 14!

Carley Lee Black
I'm Jacob and Taylor's little sister!
I'm single!
I'm 16!

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