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Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"the new pics of Breaking Dawn Part 2 are nice but kind of too standard.I´d like something more epic & spectacular that shows the films scale"
Jun 14, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"I am really happy that they turn New Moon into a graphic novel as well. the first was fantastic and way better than the film. must have"
Jun 14, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"okay thats it. I swear to god, the next person who includes me in a bloody chain mail instead of writing to me directly will be deleted ."
May 19, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"If anyone wants to follow me or contact me on twitter, you find me under @William_Spike"
May 19, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"Also i dont follow ANYONES rules. If I add you that doesnt mean I HAVE to comment. I comment if I want to - on MY terms."
May 19, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"I wish people would stop including me in these massive chain-mails. Adress me PERSONALLY and not like this."
May 19, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"weakness isnt something you are born with. You learn it."
May 19, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"Only the strong survive because only the strong deserve to"
May 18, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"HOPE: Wow you are really good at that whole death and dismemberment thing WOLVERINE: What can I say ? I´m in a mood today."
May 17, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) left a comment for HarLeigh Russell
"argh you are doing it again! You are always apologizing for every little crap! If you apologize one more time I will delete you. I dont have any use for meek and weak people like that."
May 17, 2012
HarLeigh Russell left a comment for Wolverine (James Logan Howlett)
"Hey sorry "
May 17, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"I´m that special satin dress that comes from Paris,France. i´m your throbbing sex aid toy that simulates romance"
May 17, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) left a comment for HarLeigh Russell
"hey. how come you ask me everyday whats up? that makes the conversation kind of redundant doesnt it?"
May 17, 2012
HarLeigh Russell left a comment for Wolverine (James Logan Howlett)
"Hi :)"
May 16, 2012
HarLeigh Russell left a comment for Wolverine (James Logan Howlett)
"Hey what up "
May 16, 2012
Wolverine (James Logan Howlett) posted a status
"The total blast! You should be here, even the devil shows up sometimes.All those flags and all that beauty. Only up here I am free as a bird"
May 15, 2012

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
passionate, loyal, fighter, impulsive, fun-loving
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I first read Twilight in March 2009 (before seeing the film) and although I liked it, I wasnt a fan yet. Only after I read New Moon in the same month did I become a huge fan. Right after that I read Eclipse which became my favorite of all the books and eventually right after that I read Breaking Dawn. I also read The short second life of Bree Tanner which was an awesome book and much more of a "real" vampire story than the main series. I loved it. I also later got the graphic novels and of course the official guide. I read Twilight twice, New Moon 5 times, Eclipse 7 times and Breaking Dawn once so far but plan to re-read BD soon.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Neither. At least not in terms of relationship with Bella. Bella has a very important love with both of them. I am Team Jacob but only for Jacob the character, not Jacob the relationship for Bella. I love Jacob as a character, I identify very much with him and so I am all for Jacob the character, regardless who he is with. In the same way I am also "Team" Alice, meaning I am an Alice fan as well. She is my yin to Jakes yang in the Twiworld.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Most definitely Jacob Black. I identify with him inside out.
Favorite Books
Path of destruction, Rule of two, Dynasty of evil, Dark Lord, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Twilight-Saga: The official guide, Twilight graphic novel volume 1 and 2, Complete Harry Potter saga, Lord of the Rings, The Hellbound Heart, Christine, Carrie, Dracula
What is Your Favorite Music
Die Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen (rockbands from germany), Avril Lavigne, film scores from John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky and Howard Shore. generally a fan of punk and rock but also pop.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
TV Shows:

Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, The Vampire Diaries, Home Improvement


A lot. I am a big moviefan so there are dozens of favorite movies from all kinds of genres. Here is just a selection besides the Twilight films (since it should be obvious that I am a fan of those):

Marvel and DC superhero films
all films from James Cameron
all films from Quentin Tarantino
all films from Michael Bay
Horror films (slasher and splatter)
American Pie (theatrical films)
Underworld series
Die Hard series
Star Wars saga
Lord of the Rings saga
Harry Potter saga
Favorite Quotes:
"I wasnt born to follow you or anyone else"

"You missed a spot" - "Cant miss a place you never been"

"if someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back"

"There are several earths now and meek hasnt inherited one of them"
Favorite Activities
watching movies, listening to music (as well as playing music), reading comics and books, chatting and posting on the internet, hanging out with my best friends

The Story of the Wolverine

Birth name: James Howlett. Born around 1880 in Alberta, Canada as the son of Elizabeth and John Howlett though it was later revealed that his biological father was actually the Howletts estates groundskeeper Thomas Logan ,who had a secret affair with James mother. James was born as a mutant (homo superior, beings with advanced DNA giving them special abilities) and his abilities (feral senses, powerful healing factor and retractable bone claws housed in his forearms which can be unsheathed through the skin between his knuckles) first manifested when he witnessed his birth father murdering his adoptive father in a jealous rage, prompting James to kill Thomas with his claws. his mother,traumatized by these events, later took her life and James -now wanted for murder- had to flee the estate along with his friend Rose (who would later become his first love). They escaped to colonies in British Columbia where they established a new life for themselves and James took the new name "Logan" to mask his true identity since James Howlett was still a wanted killer. He became a young man who earned himself the nickname "Wolverine" because of his tenacity and his unwillingness to ever back down.

he also found great love with Rose until his half-brother showed up to take revenge for Thomas Logans death. During a fight between them Logan accidentally impaled Rose with his claws and was forced to flee yet again.

He later found a great love with the blackfoot native american Silver Fox until she apparently was brutally raped and murdered on Logans birthday by the feral mutant and killer/assassin Victor Creed aka SABRETOOTH who for some reason was obsessed with torturing Logan. Logan tried to avenge his love but suffered a humiliating defeat.

He went to China where he was trained in the ways of the ninja and samurai by the mutant samurai Ogun before he returned to north america where he was drafted into the american army to fight in World War I. He also fought in World War II where he met the american super soldier and future superhero CAPTAIN AMERICA for the first time.

After the war Logan became a member of the black ops CIA-team TEAM X where he surprisingly met Sabretooth and Silver Fox (who hadnt died after all but had lost her love for Logan due to brainwashing by the government) again and was forced to work with them. During this time the members of the team had false memory implants given to them, which is why Logan would not remember his true past for many decades and was essentially turned into a cold-blooded and extremely deadly killer. After a particular mission in Berlin,germany in the 60s the team fell apart and Logan and Victor (Sabretooth) became sworn enemies.

During the 70s Logan was kidnapped by the clandestine Weapon Plus-organization and used for their WEAPON X-program, whose purpose it was to create the ultimate living weapon against to counter the looming "mutant-threat" in the world. Logan was deemed the perfect candidate and was subjected to several brutal experiments to turn him into the Weapon X. This was eventually achieved when the completely indestructible metal Adamantium was grafted to every single of his bones and his bone claws were replaced with much sharper adamantium claws. Logan only survived this procedure due to his powerful healing factor. Afterwards his mind was erased to turn him into a mindless weapon and so Logan became the deadly Weapon X, who was sent as a living weapon on several missions for the CIA.

However ultimately Logan broke his new programming, killed everyone in the facility and escaped into the wilderness where he turned into a more feral state and lived in the wilderness like an animal for years until he was found by farmer James Hudson and his wife who took Logan in and helped him to regain his humanity. After the Hudsons got killed, Logan went back to the woods and lived with a pack of wolves for a time before he headed back to Canada where he started to work as a special agent for the canadian intelligence agency Department H and also was recruited into the first canadian superteam called Alpha Flight.

In 1995 Logan, who was now primarily known under his codename WOLVERINE (using his former nickname as his codename) was dispatched to the canadian rockies to stop the Hulk (aka Bruce Banner who transforms into a powerful,green raging giant with limitless strength whenever he gets angry) and the beast Wendigo from causing destruction. Wolverine engaged both in battle and helped defeating Wendigo and survived fighting the Hulk (which almost no human being is able to do) which earned him great respect and fame, even outside the Department.

In 1997 Wolverine was sent to assassinate the powerful telepath Charles Xavier (founder and mentor of the X-Men, a team of young adult mutants that was trained to protect humans against mutant attacks and bring about a peace between humanity and mutantkind) but Xavier instead erased that order from his mind and convinced him to join a new team of X-Men to rescue the original team. Wolverine was impressed by Xaviers integrity and commitment to his dream and so he agreed, seeing something truly worthy fighting for in xaviers dream. Wolverine later accepted Xaviers offer to leave Department H and fully join the X-Men when he found a sense of family in the team that he had never felt before. his decision was also influenced by meeting Jean Grey (one of the 5 original X-Men members) who he fell in love with instantly - in fact she would become the greatest love of his life. This however became very complicated since she was already dating the team leader Scott Summers aka CYCLOPS (and in fact even married him later on after Logan left the team for a long period of time to take care of some personal problems). Despite this Jean developed a very close bond of friendship with Logan and they shared a very powerful secret romance with each other, which however wasnt consummated since she was in a relationship with Scott who never really knew how much Logan and Jean seceretely loved each other. Jean felt always incredibly torn between Scott and Logan. While she truly loved Scott and ultimately decided to marry him, she also shared a powerful love with Logan (which for the most part remained secret and unspoken for the sake of peace in the team) whom she never stopped loving, even after she was married to Scott.

Things took a terrible turn when Jean became the host for the god-like cosmic firebird called the PHOENIX FORCE. Although Jean could control the Phoenix within her and was now much more powerful , posessed the ability to control molecules,fly, create cosmic fire (in fact she was now one of the most powerful beings on earth) and gave herself the new codename PHOENIX she eventually sacrificed herself to save the lives of the X-Men during a mission. She was believed to be dead which devastated everyone but especially Logan and Scott. However soon after her death she returned to life and seemed fully well. But this turned out to be a genetic duplicate of the original Jean, created by the Phoenix Force to preserve its host body. The duplicate however didnt possess Jeans strength of will and was quickly consumed by the Phoenix Force, with anger and hatred turning her into an evil ultrapowerful goddess of death - the DARK PHOENIX.

When Dark Phoenix threatened to destroy entire worlds (and she actually did destroy an entire planet, killing 5 billion living beings on it) the X-Men (who at the time didnt know that this wasnt actually the real Jean) were forced to fight her to the death to save the world. In the end it was Wolverine who was the only one capable of taking her down because of his indestructible bones,claws and his healing power. Believing her to be the real Jean he killed her and ended the reign of the Dark Phoenix but thinking he killed his beloved Jean tore him apart inside and afterwards he quit the team to deal with this tremendous loss.

However than the real Jean (whose body had been put in a healing cocoon by the Phoenix Force after she had scarificed herself) returned and Logan returned to the X-Men, happy that Jean was live after all and that Dark Phoenix hadnt been the real Jean. Although Jean resumed her relationship with Scott and married him, the powerful emotional bond of friendship and secret love between her and Logan also remained.

While Logan and Jean were on a mission together in the carribbean they finally gave into their feelings for each other and kissed passionately. they expressed their romantic feelings towards each other (though they didnt sleep together) while they were in the carribbean but when they returned home decided that for the sake of peace and her marriage to Scott to not act on their romantic feelings for each other.

A few years later when the evil being Xorn (who had assumed the shape and powers of the mutant foe Magneto) killed Jean with an electromagnetic hit Wolverine slipped into a total berserk state (Wolverine has a very dangerous feral nature within that he always tries to control) and decapitated Xorn on the spot. Once again he was forced to see his great love die before his eyes and it began to take its toll on him.

Several years later when Scott was in a new relationship with new X-Men member and powerful telepath Emma Frost, while Logan was still unable to move on from Jean, suddenly a weakened Phoenix Force reappeared and resurrected Jean against her will and tried to take her over. With Jean not ready to be alive again and ripped from the beyond the Phoenix easily took her over and so this time the real Jean turned into Dark Phoenix. Wolverine tried to kill her again by stabbing her over and over in the chest (something that ripped his heart apart inside) but he only weakened Jean and strenghened Dark Phoenix by that. In the end all of the X-Men channeled their entire love for Jean into the Phoenix which gave Jean enough power to gain absolute control over the Phoenix and she was transformed into a being of pure white energy, the "White Crown of the Phoenix" - the purest and most good and loving version of the Phoenix. Half Jean/half Phoenix. She then rebuilt everythign that had been damaged with her limitless cosmic power, said a tearful goodbye to those she loved and ascended to a higher plain of existence, the so-called "White-Hot Room" (a realm that is the nexus of all realities). She hasnt returned ever since but there is hope by her loved ones, including Wolverine that one day she will. Jeans place in the team was taken by Rachel Summers, who is the daughter of jean and scott from an alternate future who came to our reality several years ago. She looks almost identical to Jean and was also used at one point by the Phoenix Force as a host but was later left by it again without dying and remained a member of the X-Men

Wolverine remained with the X-Men and became a most famous veteran on the team. In 2005 after 99 % of all mutants lost their powers (during the so-called "Decimation" event), Logan instead regained all his previously lost true memories.


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Who is the Wolverine?

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 7:00pm 0 Comments


Wolverine is a character from the fictional Marvel Universe, which is a so-called Multiverse, meaning there are many different parallel universes (each with its own continuity). The main universe is the 616 Universe, which is the universe and continuity of most of the comics published by Marvel Comics which exists since the early 60s. All of the ongoing series are part of the 616…


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At 10:45am on July 5, 2012, mary said…
-casually strides up to you- Hey hey just thought i'd pop by and say Hi, we havent spoken for ages, hope everythings cool...
At 7:09am on May 18, 2012, Aaïsha said…

hmm... ok

Seriously its not my fault if you have to put all these things on you... 

At 5:08am on May 18, 2012, Aaïsha said…

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Oh I'm sorry for the mistake... its just that its kind of confusion, but I understand now.

I like the X-men, they are cool... So you like all those stuff the fighting and all that( the other side of you)

Yeah I got it....

the life story.... how long is it?

At 8:19am on May 17, 2012, HarLeigh Russell said…
Hey sorry 
At 8:40pm on May 16, 2012, HarLeigh Russell said…
Hi :)
At 10:35am on May 16, 2012, HarLeigh Russell said…
Hey what up 
At 5:54am on May 16, 2012, Aaïsha said…

hey sorry for the late reply...

yeah I changed it..

I don't really want to kill anyone, I'm not like that.. it was a joke.

Oh another universe... Ok so you is replying to me, Logan or the other character?

At 6:49pm on May 15, 2012, Kaylee said…

Hey I did apologize and greet you twice. you never answered back. I just thought you might want to talk.


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