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Jay and Tabby Call™'s Friends

  • The Redwater Siblings/Pack
  • Kyle The Musnster!
  • Jake, Carter, and Selly Black
  • Justin Drew
  • Jasmine Winchester
  • Marnie and Sophie Cromwell
  • Delilah & Andrew Blackwater
  • Jessica Emilee Black
  • Taylor Cullen's Coven
  • ╰☆╮Rosalinda Larissa Beth James
  • _●Selena Parks●_™
  • The Fabulous Pack
  • Taylor TwiJonasBieber
  • Lizzie
  • Jacob Black and Pack

Tabby: *sits in the backyard and hugs her knees*

About Us! We're Twins!

Name: Jason Liam Daniel Call
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single,
Siblings: Tabby,
Favorite Song: That Should Be Me
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Thing To Do: Play Guitar
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Place To Hang Out: Basketball Court
Nicknames: Jay,
Best Friends:
Thoughts: "Another place to humiliate the family again...."

Name: Tabitha May Jessica Call
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single,
Siblings: Jay,
Favorite Song: Today Was A Fairytale
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Thing To Do: Sing Along With Jay Playing His Guitar
Favorite Sport: Field Hockey
Favorite Place To Be: The Aquarium
Nicknames: Tabby,
Best Friends:
Thoughts: "A new home. A new town. New friends. Everything is wrong."
Her Story: My life is complicated. When I talk, it’s as if my thought does not count. When I think, nobody cares about what’s going through my mind. I speak through song. When I sing, I only sing the truth. Why, you ask? Well.. it all started with a bell.
I come from a family of six. Two sisters, and one brother. My parents got divorced when I was about three. Every single day, I would hear a bell, and it meant that my mother needed me for something. She was always nagging me about friends and other small details in life. She never bothered to hear my opinion in anything. I started getting tired of it and went to live with my dad for a while. After a long time, I started missing my brother and my sisters. My dad would always send them video messages of him and myself being random and funny. That is of course, until the day when I heard that last bell.
Orange blazed throughout the room, sparks everywhere in sight. I thought this was the end for me, I couldn’t talk. My voice just couldn’t find the words to escape this nightmare. I dozed off because of the heat. I can’t stand being warm for a long period of time. The last thing I heard before drifting off into a trance, was the small ding of a bell. When I woke up, I never spoke a word. Not one. My brother was waiting in the room the whole time. He was playing his guitar softly and when I sang my feelings, he smiled and I have been singing my feelings ever since.

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