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"ok when i was about 8 i was obsessed with them just like im obsessed with twilight. but then i listened 2 other singers and i forgot about them and everyone else i knew did but then they came back with a tv show and new songs and EVERYONE i knew…"
Aug 9, 2010
Mary Alice Brandon replied to Jessie Cullen<3's discussion Why do u hate the Jonas Brothers!?! in the group Anti Jonas Brothers
"I don't hate them I just don't like the way they sing. All these girls love their music and think he's cute and he's not and it DRIVES ME NUTS!!"
Aug 7, 2010
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"I agree with you liesss, people need to stop being so rude to a person who was just curious,i will try to answer Jessie Cullen<3 question as best as i can, see i don't like them because their music is bad the lyrics are so superficial and…"
May 30, 2010
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"I don't like them because they are terrible singers!!They sound like they're going through puberty and they also sound like girls!!I also don't like how people gush on how "HAWT" they are,when they're(to me) ugly."
May 21, 2010
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"im with you girl...i just totally love the Jo Bros...."
Mar 29, 2010
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"dats funny"
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Moriah Antionette replied to Jessie Cullen<3's discussion Why do u hate the Jonas Brothers!?! in the group Anti Jonas Brothers
Mar 26, 2010
Moriah Antionette replied to Jessie Cullen<3's discussion Why do u hate the Jonas Brothers!?! in the group Anti Jonas Brothers
"i dnt like them bcuz there misic is anoying.if u r a jonas brothers fan, y did u join the anti jonas brothers fan club?ur asking wat did they do 2 me 4 me not 2 like them when if we dnt like there music what did they do 4 us. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mar 26, 2010

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I love twilight!
I'm on team edward!
I love love love cats/kittens!
I do whatever I can to make everyone happy!
I love helping others/volunteer work!

When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I read it first in '08.. Ummm, i read the whole series once.. I've seen the movie 3 times
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!! Edward is Bella's true love and he is so considerate and caring and loving and everything Bella needs. Jacob has some nice moments, but alot of times he is a total jerk and his thinking is so messd up.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I'd say I'm most like Alice! :D Maybe Bella too! Maybe a girl version of Edward too
Favorite Books
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, more!
What is Your Favorite Music
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Favorite Quotes:
"What if I'm not the hero, what if I'm the bad guy?"
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb"
Favorite Activities
being with friends and family, talking to friends and family, helping others, caring for my kitten and cat, talking about twilight, some sports...

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At 1:18pm on September 2, 2009, Lil lou said…
hey thanks for the add
At 7:55am on September 2, 2009, Kealyn said…
Did you get my email?
At 6:21am on August 30, 2009, Kealyn said…
Dear Jessie,

It doesn’t matter that it took you awhile to reply to my comment! I have busy moments myself. So don’t feel guilty about it. I completely understand it.

And WOW you wrote me a pretty long comment! Haha I will try to write you a long one back as well!

And you haven’t send me your email address yet. You have mine don’t you? And it doesn’t matter that it’s childish. It’s a way to communicate with each other, and that is what counts.

And I two or three of my TTS friends want to participate in the roll play. So it something nice is going on then tell me! And then I’ll ask my friends if they wanna join too.

Ahh I understand why you are a bit scared of large dogs. I had a different experiences when I was younger. I was bitten in my eye by a dog. I was extremely lucky. He bit in my eye lid. If you pull the skin beneath your eye down you see that red part, and I was bitten in there. I luckily didn’t loose my eyesight. But it was a small, little, aggressive dog who bit me.
After that I was a little scared of dogs, but I’m past it now. I see animals just like humans. Some are nice and sweet and other don’t. So I just every animal and human separately.
But I do understand why you are scared. Hopefully you’ll meet a nice dog someday, so you’re heart will be completely won over again.

So you are scared you will chicken out before you would go bungee jumping. Haha, maybe we can do it together. I think I would be scared as well, but I would definitely do it. I would only be scared before jumping. When I’ve jumped I will enjoy every second of my dive. I think you will have that as well. It’s just like skydiving. I wanna feel that freedom, the air around me, I wanna laugh, it might even heal me. I really am gonna do it one day!

And how sweet that you and your dad both enjoyed rollercoasters! It’s always sweet to have a special bond with your parents. I’m very happy and lucky that I’m close with both of them as well.
Haha and maybe we can go to a themepark together! Only my brother goes in every attraction just like me. The rest of my friends and family go in only a few things. When I’m in such a park I was wanna do everything. Hopefully Rinoa will enjoy that as well later on. Then I can bring her along!
And while you and I are in a theme park we’ll go to a space shot as well! I’m almost anxious to know what your opinion is about that.

And yes, our mind is.. ‘special’. Our thought go in every single direction. But that’s the beauty of it as well.

Ah, it make sense you are pretty close to your dads side of the family. Almost my entire family lives in a small town, but I just don’t click that much with my dad’s side.
Though something tragic has happened two weeks ago. My uncle died of cancer. He was diagnosed two weeks before he died, and within two weeks he was dead. It was so sudden. Last Monday we buried him. His wife died six years ago, so I hope they are together now. But it did felt good that our family was united and was carrying this grieve all together.

And yeah, Dumbledore was in every book, except the last one. It’s my birthday September 9, and I’m getting all the Harry Potter books in English and hardcover. I have them in dutch, but I really want them in the original language their written in.

Yeah, it’s always difficult to see a book transformed into a movie. Especially it’s hard for the viewers who read the book as well. But I do have respect for the directors who try it. And especially for the ones who succeed in it.

Ah, it’s great to hear Sophie and Jade are a bit closer now! I’m happy they are getting a little better along now.
Haha and how sweet they made a rampage in your closet! It must have been fun to watch them. The cat who still lives with my parents is just like that as well. When there is a closet open she jumps in them. When kitchen cabinets open, she is in them. Always sweet to see them play.

Haha so sweet were both morning persons!

So you and your friends liked to play pranks on one another. And the make up thing is a classic one. The same goes for tooth paste. Thtat’s really burning in your skin when you wake up. I’ve been lucky they never did anything to me. Once a girl in my class had a slumber party and all the girls of our class were invited. And everyone was playing pranks, but they didn’t do one of me. :P. Maybe because I have such a fierce expression ;)! Just kidding.

And fantastic that you have more friends who like the saga as well. I wish I could chat with some friends about it.

So your friends are on team Jacob. I don’t believe in the whole team things. I have read the saga several things and wrote every hint down I could find. Bella gave her heart and soul to Edward. In New Moon, when he left, she’s longing for hi. Her body aches for him. In her pain and still disbelieve she goes to Jake. But when she hears he’s a live she runs into Edwards arms. In Eclipse there is the kissing scene in the wood. Right after the kiss she wants to die, because she feels so guilty. But she doesn’t need to think about it. Edward is the one. She does break down in the end of Elicpse. Crying the entire night. But after one night she is passed it in away. She was devastated when Edward left. And when she found him, she was whole again. She still had pain, but she was whole. Jacob helped put back the pieces, but only Edward good heal her completely. In Breaking Dawn they marry. And then Renesmee is born. If Jacob truly loved her, he wouldn’t be fixated on Renesmee. Renesmee is ‘his’ girl. And then Bella says that everything falls into place. Finally it’s like it’s supposed to be. This is how they’re life work. How they can be together.
And Jake did have a crush on Bella, but it wasn’t bone deep. The crush came to life in New Moon before he became a shapeshifter. After he became a shapeshifter the suddenly had a great responsibility. He had to protect the tribe, suddenly his thoughts weren’t private anymore. He became huge, he didn’t had time to adjust. And he was so, so angry. And then suddenly the as hole Edward returns. He is so mad that he wants to bug him. Hurt him. But taking Bella away. And a lot of things are going on. They don’t have time to think their thoughts and feelings over. So it’s a bit emotional mess. But after Nessie is born everything false into place.
So no.. In my eyes there is no team Jacob, there never has been.
I often say, if people really believe that.. then have the read the same books as I have read?

So what’s your opinion about it!

And I haven’t heard of The Cradle Will Fall. But it seems like a good book. Right now I’m reading the Host. I have just a few pages. But I’m curious how that book is.

Well I’m gonna end this comment now. I’m gonna eat something and watch Formula 1 after that! I hope it’s going to be a good race!

Talk to you soon!

At 5:38pm on August 14, 2009, Iqra Qureshi said…
hey katie whats upp
At 1:47pm on July 28, 2009, Kealyn said…
Dear Jessie,

Thanks for your comment again :). Nice to read such a long one from you! And you haven’t send me your email address yet. Did you change your mind or did you forgot? Doesn’t matter either way! :). But I hope I can send you some new pics soon. I’m kinda proud of her, and I’m proud to show her photo’s to you! But you don’t have too of course.

And I’m glad your happy with our friendship as well.
And it’s very handy to keep the desktops besides each other! Thanks for finding the right word!

And you explained the roll play thing very clearly! Thanks. And I would like to be in a roll play with you as well. Send me a day when you’re gonna be there and then I’ll be there as well. I’m curious how I will experience it. Hmm.. But we must figure out the time difference between our countries. But I’ll sure it’ll work out!

Yeah, opposite’s do attract. He is the love of my life and I wouldn’t change him for anyone in the world. And we both like animals yes. Haha but mostly different animals. Ever since I saw Beethoven as a child I wanted a St. Bernhard. Two if I’m honest. So that if we’re not home they have the company of each other. But he doesn’t like them. A friends of him breads American Bulldogs, and Edwin wants two dogs of him. The dogs of his friend are very kind and sweet. But I’m not sure how American Bulldog’s are towards children. I still need to figure that out. But no matter, we will get some dogs in the future. Hopefully Jasper will adjust to it without too much trouble. But we’ll see how it goes.

So your definitely going to the Grand canyon as well someday. Great that we share a bit of adventure to discover this world. I must admit I would like to bungee jump as well some day. Or skydive. Skydiving seems like such a free and wonderful thing. I always do anything. Go in every roller coaster and all, but sometimes I am a bit scared, but I’ll do it anyway. Because if I don’t do it, I’ll regret it and I don’t want that either. I hate space shots, but I go in them every time. Haha I’m always scared the thing will go off the pole and then we crash. Haha such an idiotic thought, but it always goes through my mind.

Ah, I understand it better now why you don’t like driving some times. I think I would experience it like that as well. Then I think I would get the feeling I was driving 24/7 and that’s not a nice feeling.
So your very close to your family members? I have a very close bond with my mother’s family as well. I don’t click with my dad’s side of the family, neither my mother or my brother. Sometimes I wonder how my dad could be a child of my grandparents. He’s so different from his parents and brothers and sisters. But it doesn’t matter! :). Although we don’t click, I do respect them.

And I really LOVED the new Harry Potter movie. There is a little less action in it. But there’s a lot of humour in the movie, and the relationships are getting realised in that movie. And that gives some hilarious moments.
Well you wanna know the shocking part? If not then skip this sentence! But Albus Dumbledore dies in the movie. You’ll see for yourself how it turns out, and who does it and all! Haha, and in the last movie, well two, we’re getting part 1 and 2, you’ll see how everything is twisted again! :D!

And I agree with you. The books or the Twilight Sage, or book, was much better then the movie. The movie wasn’t bad but I preferred the book. The same goes for the Harry Potter series. A lot of things are left out. Of course you can’t bring every chapter to live. But the books contain more details and I always like that better.
But I really, really liked the movie Atonement. They really captured the magic of the book, and put it into a wonderful film. Though some things changed, small things.. I almost liked it better. And Keira Knightley and James McAvoy did a wonderful job. They really blown me away in that movie.

Haha, yes, my cats could be partners in crime together! I reminds me now of the new Disney movie which is coming. G-Force, it’s about guinea-pigs who save the world!
And I’m glad Jade accepts Sophie more and more every day. Before you know it they’re sleeping besides each other the entire night!

I really had a smile ear to ear, I sill have that smile, when I read your story about Jade and Sophie. Haha, Jade really handled it well. And Sophie is very brave. I wish I saw it myself as well. I’m sure they will get along soon :).

And thanks for trying to send me a pic of Sophie. I’ll send you my email in a private message and if you have it then you can send it. But if it’s too much trouble, then don’t do it. Don’t feel obligated or anything like that.

Yeah, Rinoa was born in the middle of her night. Haha. Edwin always stays up late, he’s really a night person. So we joked before my labour when she would be born. Well she chose the night, so she’s a really daddy girl! Haha. I prefer to wake up earlier. But well.. I must be honest … these days Edwin has to kick me out of my bed, otherwise I won’t get up! I can sleep all day long. I don’t know what it is. Rinoa is really sweet, sleeps the entire night, and I’m still tired. Well enough complaining!

And I’m happy to hear that you can get along with your cousin Cora. Do your friends like Twilight as well? I only have 1 friend who likes the saga as well! Everybody else doesn’t like the books!

And which book of Mary Higgens Clark are you reading now? I know I read one book of her. About a widow. … But I can’t recall any more details about the story!

And I’m happy to hear that you and your mother are so close. You really had great times together. I’m also very close with my mom. I really love.

Well I’m ending this comment. Rinoa is crying and I’m gonna bathe her!

Talk to you soon! Hugs and kisses!

At 6:59am on July 24, 2009, Kealyn said…
Dear Jessie,

I would love to send you more pics. But is it okay if I mail them to you? Can you send me your email address through a private message? And then I’ll send some pics to you right away :). And we’ve been indeed friends for a while now! I’m really happy that I met you here on this website.

Haha, it’s indeed funny that we work on the same way with typing comments. I also find it easier. I have the Twilight Saga on the background and my word document on top of it, so that I can read the comment and immediately write a comment back. It’s so much easier. I explain it not clear at all, but I do hope you get my point :).

And roles plays do sound fun. But do the people who participate in it to pretend that they are a character from the book? Or do your own characters and make up a story of you own?
And it sure is a way to make new friends. And I think you develop your creative side even further if you participate in it. I’ll check it out next week.

And it’s wonderful that your mom and dad went op vacation with each other. I love it as well, to just hop in the car and see where I end up. But me and my husband are pretty different from each other. I like sight seeing, nature, and all. And he doesn’t really like that. Haha so we never find something we both really like! Once we went to a wild life park with monkeys, we both did enjoy that!
And I would love to go to the Grand Canyon someday. My dad has been there twice and I love the photo’s he made there. So I’m definitely gonna visit that place sometime!

And Rinoa already knows my mom. When my mom enters a room or talks to her she starts smiling immediately. Rinoa isn’t shy. She doesn’t cry when others pick her up who’ve never seen her before. She’s really easy going :).

And I really love driving. Not that I have to do it everyday, but I really like long drives. When I’m driving, I really get relaxed and calm. It really helps me out. When I’m mad I’m not speeding up, but just try to enjoy the drive and see the things around me.
But I couldn’t do it everyday. Nine hours is long, but I would drive it once in awhile.

So you’re friend loved the movie as well. So you haven’t read the sixth part yet? I know the shocking part. I was shocked as well when I read the book. And tonight I’m going! I’m really anxious and can’t wait to see it. Haha, sometimes when it comes to a movie, I’m just a little girl :).

And you have a little kitten! How sweet! I’m jealous haha. I always have a cat myself. A black one, it’s a girl and we called her Jasper. Yes a boyname.. but my dad always talked about his cat when he was a child. They had a Siamese cat, and they named him Jasper, and I was kinda addicted to those stories. So when we got our cat we called her jasper. A bit nostalgic. A year later we got another cat. Mostly grew, but she has a bit of white on her paws and chiln, and ‘chest’. And they really, really didn’t get along! Never. We called the grey one Casper (Yeah, yeah original isn’t it ;)!) But Casper always teased Jasper. Jumping on her, if she was sleeping, waking her up and take her place. When I moved out and went living with Edwin I took Jasper with me. And she finally blossoms again here. So sweet to see!
And I love the names you picked out. Jade and Sophie. Both girls I think :). If you want too, then do you want to send me a photo of Sophie?

And it was fun with my niece yesterday. We chatted a lot and in two weeks she’s gonna visit me. And she has seen Rinoa before yesterday. Rinoa was born at 02.15 am, and the next day she and her boyfriend visited us. We’re pretty close. It was really a lot of fun.

And yes, everyone loves to see her. Especially because she smiles so much. Every ones hearts melt when she smiles to them. So sweet to see. But every time when I want to take a photo of her smile, she stops smiling! Haha, just like she’s playing with me!

And if they have the books you definitely should read them. And all the De Kleine Johannes books are good. It’s really a trilogy, just like the Twilight Saga!

Well the sun is finally shining a bit. I’m going to the mall, nice info but I just got my period, so I need to pick up some extra tampons! And there is a small fair, maybe there’s a second hand book stand again.. So I’ll see if I can score some books!

Talk to you soon and enjoy this weekend!

Hugs and kisses,

At 10:53am on July 22, 2009, Kealyn said…
Dear Jessie,

And the pics on my page are my daughter yes. I will post some new photo’s of her soon. She has grown a lot since then. She’s now two months and almost two weeks old! Times goes by so fast now she’s in my life. But I enjoy every second of it.

And yes. I really is annoying when your comment disappears. But I’m writing it in a word document now, so I cannot loose it now!

So you delete those dreadful send through messages as well. And I never participated in the role play forums. Was it fun when you were still active there?

And happy to hear you feel better in your new class now.

And me and Edwin are staying in the Netherlands. But we want to go to Valkenburg in the Netherlands. There’s a lot to do there. We can visit caves underground and other stuff. So I’m really looking forward to go there.
And were still debating if were are gonna take Rinoa with us. My mother really want’s to babysit on Rinoa a few days. But I don’t know if I can miss her yet you know! Haha, I’m a little scared if I don’t take her with me, that were home the next day! But were still thinking about it :).

And my friend doesn’t live close by. Well, not to long either. She lives like two and a half hours away with the car. Not to far, but not around the corner as well.

And it was real sweet and considerate of you to stay in a hotel then. And lucky you that it was very fancy. Wasn’t it a bit expensive then? But I’m glad you had a good time there!

And I like the Harry Potter books. But not as much as the Twilight books. I’ve only read the first four books of Potter more then once. And the other books just once. But I want to order then in English in the future, and then I’ll read them again.
The books of Frederik van Eeden are extremely good. One book is called: Van de Koele Meren des Doods (My bad translation: From the cold lakes of Dead). It’s about a young girl who grows up as an adult. And she goes through a lot in life. She goes through a lot of mental issues as well, and kills herself in the end. It’s so good written. Even though it is an old book, the author did an amazing job. Another book, well actually three, are ‘De Kleine Johannes, part 1, 2 and 3. It’s about a boy who discovers a world apart from the world we know. Also with a lot of psychology aspects as well. Van Eeden was apart from an enormously good writer also a psychiatrist and he truly understood his patients, and you can read that in his books. If they are translated, I would really approve them to you. But you must like his style. the books are written in the 1900 – 1910, I believe.

And how’s been your week so far? Have you done anything interesting?
I haven’t don’t so much so far.
But tomorrow I haven an doctor’s appointment and in the afternoon I’m going to visit my niece with my daughter.
And on Friday night I’m going with my brother to the new Harry Potter movie in de cinema. We both like the movies. Do you watch the movies as well? Or don’t they interested you at all?

Well I’m ending this comment now. I need to start prepare the food for tonight! Talk to you soon and if I don’t speak to again before the weekend.. Have a nice weekend! I hope you enjoy it!

Talk to you soon,

At 8:33am on July 15, 2009, Kealyn said…
Dear Jessie,

Argggggggh! I just lost my entire comment to you. I wrote quite a long one, and then I lost it. Ah, her another go.

It doesn’t matter that it took awhile before you replied back to me. Sometimes I’m busy as well, so don’t feel guilty. I’m a patient woman!

And you went to New Jersey, lovely. I’m happy to hear that you had lots of fun and enjoyed it. And it doesn’t matter that you mostly relaxed, sometimes that is better then doing then different things in one day. So I’m glad you have fun with your friend and her cousins!

Ah, so I’m not the only one who is a little to busy to be here enormously active. And the forward mails are so annoying. At least. I don’t open them even up anymore. Just delete them. I hate when you get a list which says, if you don’t sign this, you’re not a true Twilight fan. Like a list like that proves if I’m/we are a fan or not. No.. Maybe we are a bit more mature for that!

So you were also a more mature for your age when you were a child. But luckily you went a grade up. You must have felt much more comfortable there, or not?

And I truly hope my friend is still thinking of me as well. I still miss her. But right now this is the best for both of us. Otherwise we’ll only hurt each other and destroy whichever is left of it. And maybe we will get friends again. But I am not ready to take the first step again. It will only end in pain. I do hope she will.. not that I am so smart! .. mature a bit. Not that she’s immature. But we’re on different levels right now.
But thanks for your kinds words. If she would only think of me, that would make me very happy.

And so far I haven’t done much in my vacation. I chatted up with some friends and worked in the house. But in a few weeks me and Edwin are gonna take a short vacation. And I’m really looking forward to that.
And this Friday I’m going to visit a friend of mine. I’m really looking forward to that. And Rinoa is coming with me. Edwin had other plans so were just going with the two of us.
And I’ll hope you will have much with your friend as well if you’re going to stay nearby for a week. Maybe this is too much curious question. But can’t you stay in her house? If it’s too personal then don’t answer it :).

So we’re both not writing so much. Since my daughter is born I haven’t had much time as well. But only write if your inspired okay? At least. I even can’t write without begin inspired. How is that with you? I’m almost certain it works in the same way as you? But can you ‘force’ yourself to write? Just curious.

So you like Mary Higgens Clark and James Patterson. I read some books of them. I’m not a huge fan, but some books are really good. Hmm. And I have kinda a wide taste in books. I love the books Virginia Andrews wrote herself. And some of the early written books of the ghost writer. You can sense her style still in that. But he is still writing under her name, and silly me, I’m still buying the books (I have them all), but they are .. not good anymore. But it’s kinda a habit to buy the book when it comes out. I’m also into the fairy tale stories of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. I also like the Narnia Saga of C.S. Lewis. And to say in that genre. I also have read the Harry Potter books which I liked. I’m also a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. And Milan Kundera is an excellent writer as well! I’m also into science fiction and my favourite authors are Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov. I’m also into some dutch writers: Frederik van Eeden (he wrote in the 1900’s, I love his style). Haha and as child I was a big fan of the teenage books of R.L. Stine, I have quite a collection of him.
And I love so so much more. Let me know if you like any of these writers.

Well I’m gonna end this comment now. My daughter needs to get a bottle.

Talk to you soon, and again, it doesn’t matter that it took awile.

At 12:38pm on June 26, 2009, midnight said…
Do you like roleplaying, and like to roleplay? WELL, theres a website just for you!Its called:

its all about twilight, and all about roleplaying!!!So, have fun!
At 11:01am on June 22, 2009, Kealyn said…
Heey Jessie,

Thanks for your long reply. And it doesn’t matter it took you a few days to reply. My internet didn’t work for a couple of days and was fixed yesterday. So it doesn’t matter. Take your time, you must not answer if you don’t want too! Don’t wanna force you.
And I’m not very active as well on the TTS. I only reply to my comments here. And in some topics I participated in.

And yes. Giving readers shivers when they read your poem is important. But I must admit. I liked the first poem more then the second, adapted one. The first one, is short but o so powerful. I truly love it. The second has too much info for me. Especially the 2nd, 4th and 6th sentence. But the info in the sixth sentence isn’t bad. I just wished you would rephrase it a bit. And the last four sentences were just PERFECT! Loved them. Maybe because it reminded me of the first poem.
Do you still wanna share some more?

And yes, we do grow in time. And the difference from when I was a child is huge. And even on that age I thought I was more mature then most kids of my age. But I really did grow in time. You too I think. Well I’m sure you did. You survived a lot :).

Hmm and the story of how my friendship ended is kinda hard to tell. But I will try. We’ve been friends since infancy. Her mother and my mother were friends as well and that’s how we met. We were on the same school until my 16th birthday, and then we both started to work. And later on I got a fulltime job and she decided to go back to school again. And it didn’t matter, we were still close friends. But I did not have a great childhood, and lots of things happened to me. And I got depressed. I lashed out to the people most close to me. And hurt her, a lot. When I finally realized that I was so extremely sorry. I apologized and apologized over and over again. I went to hell and back to her, every single day.
Hmm… before I went depressed, she attempted to kill herself. Luckily she failed and could be helped. I quit school to be there for her and helped her. In her case, she recovered quite quickly. What helped her was to go out a lot and be around people. And she became a happy girl again. And when she was doing bad, she was lashing out to me as well. In my case.. I hated it when I had to much people around me. Didn’t like to go to bars or stuff like that. I couldn’t handle to much stress. And I couldn’t get passed it as quickly as she could. And then she got enough of it, and started to hurt me a lot with words. Her entire family was against me because I was still doing so bad. She just couldn’t handle it that I was so depressed and needed space and time for myself. And then we argued a lot. And I was doing worse and worse, did some bad things, and then my mom ended the contact between us. But it was not just her fault. I wouldn’t have done the same I think. But in this case we were both guilty and both did and said stupid stuff. But he last two years I was saying sorry, trying to make it up to her. And every time we talked about it, she said, well it’s only your fault not mine. And that hurted. Because she made mistakes as well. And she wanted me to take the fall for everything and I just didn’t accept that.
So that’s our story. But I got past the uneasiness and remember the good and fun times. We can’t be friend again. Not until she apologizes. And of course I have a lot to make up for as well, but she needs to take the first step. I can’t stand the nagging on me again. It just hurts to much. Maybe she isn’t ready yet. But the door always will be open.
Because she litterly could finish my sentences. It’s hard. But I will never, never, ever forget her. She still means a lot to me.

And yes, I am truly lucky with Rinoa. To quote Edward: She’s my life now!
And I don’t have the roses anymore. I threw them away this weekend. I got them when she was just born. And they were really dead.

Well a pretty long comment from me! Talk to you soon!


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