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Julia Renesmee Cullen

so I'm writing a book and it would be awesome if you could tell me your opinion about it. This is just the first chapter and honestly not that interesting but if you like it I'll post more :)

“Chloe” My Mom called out of the kitchen. “Are you ready, its time, you’re going to be late… again!”
Well, like always I wasn’t ready. Actually I was still in bed, in the process between staying in bed for a while and falling asleep again.
Obviously this wasn’t what I was going to tell my Mom. I could imagine her coming up the stairs and giving me one of her “lessons”. This was one reason why I wouldn’t tell her, the other reason was if she would give me one of her “lessons” I would be late for sure. So I decided to answer her with a simple “I’m on my way.”
This usually convinced her for a while.
She didn’t make a sound. She probably just didn’t want a fight this early in the morning and I was totally fine with that.
I decided to wake up, it was a total pain, but however I made it. My window was on the right side of my bed, so I sat up and could look out of it. I moaned a little and tried to keep my eyes open.
It was white everywhere. It must have been snowing the whole night. It looked really beautiful but it didn’t really help me get up quirkier. I mean the snow was pretty but for sure it was cold too. I didn’t like the thought of cold that much no matter how pretty it looked. It was still, you know… cold and wet. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the snow, I really loved it. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for cold and wet today.
The view out of the window was amazing. Sometimes I didn’t like the fact that we lived a little out of town, it wasn’t that far but my friends always told me I should move closer. I really loved the old farm, it was so unique and I liked to be near to the nature. The woods seemed so incredible and full of secretes. I loved to walk out there any time of the year.
My mom’s next scream shut me out of my thoughts. ”Chloe, you’re not still in bed, are you?”
She knew me to well, but I wasn’t going to let her win so I stood up, ran to the door and said” No mom I’m not still in bed” with an annoyed voice.
Again she didn’t answer, but I could hear her mutter something out of the kitchen.
I closed the door behind me and went to my wardrobe. I picked out a dark pair of jeans and a blue sweater with a v collar. I put on the clothes and went down the stairs to the bathroom.
I put on a little mascara and that was usually it. My face looked a little tired, but that was alright because I expected it to be much worse.
When I got out of the bathroom, I looked at my cell phone. I had twelve minutes to get to school. I probably would be late… again. I had been late a couple of days last week, usually I came to school on time but somehow I had been very exhausted last week and apparently also today.
I grabbed my bag out of my room, not really sure if I had all my books in it and ran down the stairs. I stopped in front of the kitchen door and went in.
My mom seemed like she was looking for something. She asked “Have you seen my keys Chloe?”
“No mom, have you searched in your handbag?” I held the handbag out for her to take it. She looked inside it and found her keys. Sometimes she really had too much on her mind.
“Well I got to go now. So see you, I love you mom” I reached out for my own keys and went to put on my shoes and my coat.
“I love you too honey” I heard my Mom call behind me. Then I went out into the cold.
I slipped into the front seat of my car and 15 minutes later I was in front of the WHS.
The parking lot was full and I had to search for an empty space. This took me a few minutes and then finally I grabbed my bag and ran into the building.
First two lessons ware math. I came to the door, knocked twice and then entered.
“I’m sorry Mr. Hendrickson.”
“Just take a seat.” He didn’t say more than that, Mr. Hendrickson doesn’t like it when somebody interrupts his class and if he would say anything else it would be counted as interrupting. Don’t get the wrong idea. Mr. Hendrickson had always been a very kind and funny teacher. He is not the youngest anymore and he says he doesn’t even know his age, but really he didn’t appear that old.
I sat down next to my best friend ……………….. and started packing out my math notebook. Luckily it had been in my bag. I opened it and started writing down the notes on the board in front of me.
I’d never been a kind of student that doesn’t talk in class or always learns for exams, but I’ve always been one that had all the notes written down. It gave me the feeling of being organized and capable of keeping my stuff in order. Well, my notebooks may have looked organized but anything else like for example my room was not even close to it.
“Chloe” ……………. said in a low voice.
“What is it?” I asked her.
When I looked at her she had a crazed smile, like a girl would have when she would be asked out by the cutest guy in High School.
…………….. isn’t ugly or anything, but it didn’t seem like the reason for her smile. Well, she is something like five foot eight and is neither too curvy nor too thin. She has pretty brown hair which falls elegantly without any curves. She has dark brown eyes and long lashes. She is a total sports fan and any guy with a bit of taste would like to be her boy friend.
Anyway her being asked out by a guy still didn’t seem like the reason for her crazed smile. It was just that if it had happened on the weekend, I would know and no guy would ask out a girl so early in the morning. That’s not even romantic.
I couldn’t find a reason for her excitement, so I just decided to ask her. “What is it? Are you going to tell me why you are smiling like that or let me guess?”
I could hear the happiness in her voice. “Honestly it would be funny if you would guess a little, but I can tell you right away if you want me to.”
I gave her a tired look and told her. “Let’s go with the second choice”
“Alright, so you know there were exchange students coming to our school?” She didn’t wait for my answer and continued instead. “This morning before math we got a list of the people who will be coming to our class and they also showed us some pictures. So check this out…”
She pulled out a paper from her bag pack and unfolded it. I could see four names written down on the paper.
“There will be coming two girls and two boys.” She continued. “So this guy, called…”
“Anything you want to share with the class?” Mr. Hendrickson was standing in front of our desk and expectantly looking down at us.
Before I could say anything ……………… answered him. “Sorry, I’ll be quiet”
After Mr. Hendrickson turned to the board again, I looked back at ……………. . She was writing down something from the board and I knew she wasn’t writing down everything. She probably just wanted to look like she had been following the lesson.
She wanted to continue, but I told her. “You can tell me latter, class is over in a few minutes anyway.”
We sat quietly until the bell rung. We packed our bags, like always I was one of the slowest and ……………. had to wait for me.
“Ok, where was I?” She started as we were walking out of the door.
“Something with that exchange student, you wanted to say his name, but then we were interrupted…” I told her.
“Oh yeah, right.” She continued. “So this guy, whose name was… well right now I can’t remember his name. It’s on the list, but however that’s not the point.” I gave her a confused look so she said. “He is not the point. So the point is Logan,” she whispered his name “has offered to let the boy live at his place for the couple of months.”
“And you’re so happy about this because?”I asked her.
“Because his sister, you should know her name, is staying at your house” She said with a big smile on her lips. “Maybe the boys will come to your house or the other way around, but no matter which one I’ll be there to. You know the exchange students won’t probably have a car.”
“Oh well I understand, by the way her name is Olive” I told ……………….. .
She looked at her watch. “We have to go to class now or we’re going to be late and not to be mean or anything, I think you shouldn’t be late… again.”
We hurried towards our lockers and picked out our books. Our next class wasn’t together so I said a quick “see you later” and hurried away.
Next class was literature and I sat next to Tess. She is a nice person and a pretty girl. Actually I hadn’t had much of a choice. There was Tess, some cheerleaders who didn’t hang out with so called ‘non-cheerleaders’ and the boys, who were busy gaping at the cheerleaders. So Tess just seemed like the best choice.
Lit passed by pretty fast, so did Spanish.
I enjoy Spanish, although I’m not very good at it. And besides the teacher is funny and good locking. I admit he’s not just good looking; he’s actually really, really good looking. That’s why Spanish always passes by so fast, sometimes even too fast.
Let’s face it. It’s not my fault that I can’t concentrate in class.

Julia Renesmee Cullen

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I'm a dreamer
I love all the Twilight books
I'm happy about having my friends
I can read all they long without even eating in between if its a fascinating book
I m a little weird
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I read it first in 2008. I've read a Twilight book total twice.
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Team Edward
Edward loves Bella like nobody else can love someone <3
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I dont really know but In most tests about it I'm most like Bella.
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New Moon
Breaking Dawn
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The Last Song
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Too much...
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Twilight saga (ofcourse the books are much better)
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And So the lion fell in love with the lamb.
What a stupid lamb.
What a sick masochistic lion.
-Edward & Bella

There is no path to peace, Peace is the path.

Hope is a walking dream.

Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.
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