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OFF.All:We gotta go.We'll be on vaction for a little while so we won't be on until we get back but we will be back.

This is us!!

The names Juliet Anabell Mae Black!!I'm not human.I am a vampire.I'm 17 and I have a twin and a brother and parents and a brother and sister!!I had two kids.Drew and Justin.They are twins.My kids left the site.I also have a son Daniel.My best friend is Alliana Rose Skyhawk.I'm taken by Bryan!I'm probably the craziest girl you will ever meet.I'm outgoing, weird,and dorky and I don't care who knows it.I live it and love it. I do what I want and don't care what anyone else thinks.I love the beach,reading,parties,and hanging with peoples.I hate fake people,liars,cheaters,backstabbers and yeah I think you get the idea.One thing you should know about me though is I love to make people happy.If I can do that then I am happy.Normally I am a pretty happy person but piss me off and it will be the worst mistake you ever made.If there is anything you wanna know about me then just ask cuz I'm not shy.


My brother Jake

My best friend Allie

My son Daniel

My names KARA MELODY ANNE BLACK.I'm 17 and single. I'm a crazy vampire.I'm the girl ur mother warned u about.No kids.Anything else u wanna know then just asked.

Laura Lynn Black is the name.I'm 17.I'm taken by Moon.I'm kinda shy.I really am a sweetheart.I like just about everything and don't really hate anything.I guess if theres anything you wanna know about me then just ask.

Corin Jordin Black is my nameand yeah I'm single .I'm 18 and never aging again.Yeah that right I'm a vampire.I'm not ur average everyday girl.I'm not shy and sure the hale not quiet.I'm loud and outgoing and I love to have fun.Screw with me and I'll mess u up.I like alot and hate not much.Wanna know me then just ask.

I'm Angel Corin Black.I'm 16 and single.I'm probably the biggest flirt u will ever meet.I'm wild,crazy,and fun but also really shy.I'm of course a vampire.I'm a sweet girl but once u get me pissed off u better watch out because I don't take crap from nobody!!!I don't really know what else to say so if u wanna know more about me then just ask.

Hey I'm Cami Rachel Black.I'm 21 and single.I'm definately looking.I can be shy but mostly I'm outgoing.No family except my sisters.I'm very independent and can't be controled.I do what I want when I want and well if u don't like it then tough cookies to u.I love my sisters so mess with them and I'll mess u up.I love parties,hanging out,the beach,cooking,reading,anything to do with the outdoors,and of course guys.I hate rude people,back stabbers,cheaters,snobs,liars,fake people,ect.Like my sister Juliet I love to make people happy.If I can put a smile on someones face then it really makes my day.Um well I guess if u wanna know more then just ask.

Hi my names Melony Jewl Black.I'm 17 and taken by Emerald.I'm sorta shy but kinda outgoing at the same time if that makes any sense.My sisters are my only family and I'm very protective of them.If you mess with them I mess you up!!!I love pretty much every thing and I hate liars,cheaters,boyfriend stealers,haters,posers,backstabers,ect.I'm sorta the quiet kid who likes to party.Don't really know what else to say so if there is anything else you wanna know about me then just ask.

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At 6:23pm on October 6, 2010, xxScenePackxx said…
Bryna: *kisses back* I love you...
At 3:23am on August 16, 2010, xxScenePackxx said…
Bryan: *chuckles* thankx but...your drop dead gorgeous *smiles and kisses you gently*
At 12:11am on August 16, 2010, xxScenePackxx said…
Bryan: well..I'm not scared...and by the way *moves lips to your ear and whispers* will you be mine?
At 4:50pm on July 29, 2010, HELLS WORST NIGHTMARE said…
At 12:35pm on July 29, 2010, Ƭнɛ Ƨκʏнαωκ Ѳяρнαиɢɛ said…
Danny: *laughs* bunny kisses. *pets the bunny*
At 9:38am on July 29, 2010, Ƭнɛ Ƨκʏнαωκ Ѳяρнαиɢɛ said…
Danny: *smiles and waves* hwi momma.
At 10:25am on July 28, 2010, The Dork Pack said…
Bella: oh its your birthday toady. *smiles* happy birthday
At 12:25pm on July 27, 2010, The Swan Sisters~XoXo~(and Jake) said…
Nessa: *gigglez*See this is why we're twins:Mess wif us we've both gots a temper!
At 12:19pm on July 23, 2010, The Swan Sisters~XoXo~(and Jake) said…
*hugs u bac* I kno! And I want u 2 be in meh wedding!
At 5:23pm on July 22, 2010, The Swan Sisters~XoXo~(and Jake) said…
Nessa: I kno!I'm bored right now! *gigglez*Hey,wanna be meh twin?

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