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Karson, Carter, Alyssa, and Alex
  • Karcy nd Carter: Dancin City! Aly nd Alex: Toy Story Land!♥
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Karson, Carter, Alyssa, and Alex's Friends

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Karson and Carter) Karson: Sorry we havent been on!

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
-Check The Text Box Peas- ツ

Karcy and Carty! ♥

Hey people! It's Karcy here! My full Name is Karson Sky Destiny Hope Redwood. Yupperz! Long Name! I am a plain human*pouts lip* Think I'm crazy? Well, I've got new for you, I am! But I'm super sweet! I'm 17. I have no kids and I'm single! My nick names are Fantabulous Dancin Gurlie(only Ms. Dancin Queenie), Krispy Karc (Sheldon only), Karc, and Karcy! I dislike creepers, cheaters, and most of all cursing! Cursings bad for you! Your gonna dieee! *laughs* Kiddo, I am too old for you*giggles* a little 12 year old hit on me! One time a fifty year old man checked me out when i was driving. Geuss what i did? I rolled down my window and yelled, Ya perv! Then I drove away. Yupp. I need my man to protect me from this creeper!

Well, I love to sing and I play gutair! I'm on my way to becoming famous. Yepperz! Well, Hopefully. *giggles* I did a deut with John Mayer. Half of my ♥! I love him! We are really close friends! See?

If you are a guy who just thinks I'm hott and plans to sleep with me and leave, well then leave the page right now Mr. *giggles* Okay Well Karcy has to go now! My candy kingdom is waiting!♥
"Think I am crazy? Well, I am.♥" "I was born in the arms of imaginary friends ♥"


Me and Carty!

Hey! It's Carter! Otherwise known as Carty. I am Carter Drew Micheal Christopher Redwood. I am 18. I am a werewolf. I haven't imprinted yet. My fur is a deep chocolate brown. My nicknames are Dancilicious Cartibear! Only for Ms. Dancin Queenie! Or it's Carty. I dislike preppy girls, desperate girls, and most of all board games. I'm sorry but i hate board games. They are complicated sometimes. Seriously. *chuckles* I don't have any kids yet. Don't attack me just because I am single. I will tell you if I imprint. *smiles* Me and Karcy have had our experience with old people. An old man hit on her, and old woman hit on me. We we just visiting our grandma. *chuckles* Me and Karcy had to hold hands and walk out of there like we were dating. *laughs* Weird right?

Ok, So If you girls are looking at me right now and thinking Oh well I just going to sleep with him and leave him the next morning. Then I'm going to knock on his door the next day and say I'm pregnant and it's yours. Well, no. Sorry but thats not gonna happen here!

See these hott people up here^? The middle one is me. *chuckles* I know I'm hott. But the other two ladies here are my best girl-friends. Not like girlfriends because they're girls and they are my best friends. Ok Well they are Rosalie Cullen and Bella Swan. I love them both. Don't hurt them. Carty has to go! My toy story kingdom is awaiting!
"Truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.♥"

Yeah baby, I'm sexy. *laughs*

Me and Karc. We dressed up for no apparent reason. Yupp we looked stupid. Did we care? Hell, no. *laughs*


Heyyy!It's Ms. Alyssa here! I"m Alyssa Lacey Marie Ann Redwood! I am only 16 :( My older bro and sissy are the bestest! I love them sooo much! I'm the baby in the family so I'm geussing if you hurt meh, my bro and sissy will cut your neck off! LIke my sister I am a boring human:( That could be changed *winks* I am single. Am I looking? I mean if it happens it happens. I dislike heartbreakers, cheaters, and most of all... OLD PEOPLE! They are so scary! They hit on my bro and sissy! *laughs* They just scare me!

So if you yhink I'm hott and your just going to come here and get me preggers and leave? NOT HAPPENING! So, leave the page right now. My bro and sissy will hunt you down!

See these guys up here with me? They are my band and my best guy friends! I love to sing so I starts this band! *giggles* Aly has to goo! My Ice Cream castle needs me to eat it! *laughs* Aly, OUT!
"Hate that I love you so.."

I"m crazy like that!

Me and my wonderful sissy, Karson!


Yo! It's Alex here! I am Alex Daniel Micheal Smith Redwood! I am only 17! I am single and I'm a werewolf. I haven;t imprinted yet so don't worry ladies. *chuckles* I dislike desperate chicks, screaming people (it's very disturbing *laughs*, and legos. I am dead serious. I stepped on one, one time and it hurt so freaking bad! I am the sweet one in my family! I hate it when the chicks go want to go to the beach? And then they tell you they like you, and you just met. Yupp. I am straight. Sorry boys... *laughs*

Ok I know my other siblings have said this too, we are not the kind of people who just sleep with you and then you leave the next day. Ok Well, thats what I'm saying too. So leave now. Only if you are thinking about that. Oh and if you want to have kids with me, I'm waiting till I'm married. *bites lip*

Kay, this is my man, Usher. Yupp The One And Only Usher! *laughs* I sing. He's the guy who I singed my record label too! He's my main man and if you hurt me... Well, lets just say the cops will be coming. So will the janitor! To wipe up your face! *laughs* Well, Alex the Lion has to go to the zoo! Bye-bye!
" I need somebody to love."

Hmm... I look mezmerized... *chuckles*

Me so pimpin in my red car yo! *laughs*

Karcy, Me, and Usher.
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At 11:48pm on July 7, 2010, Karson, Carter, Alyssa, and Alex said…
All: Read, Reply, Delete. That's how we roll.
At 12:12pm on July 7, 2010, Rachel Delilah Isabela Greenview said…
*gigles,claps hands*oh meh gosh..karson u ish meh Fantabulous Dancin Gurlie! and carter...well...yeah*chuckles* just kiddin cartie*hugs him* yous meh Dancilicious Cartibear*chuckles* shall we go dancing?

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