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Hey Im Kath. If you want to talk to the others. Just ask !!!!!!!


Name; Kathrine Mae
Nicknames: Katty, Kitty, Kathy
Age: 17
Status: Single
Imprint: None
Do i have...?
Mum: Yeah
Dad: Yep
Sisters: No
Brother: No
Aunts: Yep
Uncles: Yepery
Bestfriends:Dan and Alex!
Closefriends: ""
Thinking: "What the.."
My Past: I cant rember much as i woke from a coma. My life is so faded. I cant even remeber
my mum or dad

Name; Dan
Age: 17
Status: Single
Imprint: None
Bestfriends: Alex and Kath
Closefriends: ""
Friends: ""
Thinking: "Uhhhh"
Past: I have had thearapy because i start having panic attacks after Kath went into a coma.

Name; Alex
Age: 17
Status: Single
Imprint: None
Bestfriends: Kath and Dan
Closefriends: ""
Friends: ""
Thinking: "I hope she is ok"
Past: I started being worried after Kath was in a coma. But now she has
woken up she is totally different.. i like the new her.. but she doesn't remember me. I
have to make her remember me before Dan.


Hey Im Kathrine. I am writing and publishing a book called "The Awakening" I shall post chapters on here.. Oh and the people on page are also charicters from the book.

This is the cover

The Awakening

Chapter 1 – First Glance

My head was bursting with noise. The voices where hard to make out, I was also annoyed with myself as it seemed that I couldn't open my eyes. It felt as if my eyelids were glued together. I used all my strength just trying to open my eyes, then the darkness engulfed me once again.

I heard noise again, I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry, Almost like a mist. Then noise burst into my head. The people in white coats were shouting words I could not make out.
One girl lent close rapping her arms around me. Then I heard the blowing voice coming from my own mouth. I was screaming.

Three weeks later, After learning to understand what the voices said and finally the mist fading. I was allowed to go home. Wherever home is. These people claim they are my parents but they cant be as I would know my own parents.

We got into this metal box on weal's. It moved about and made a roaring noise.
I sat in the back of the box and put some sort of harness on. We rode the box until we got to this old fashioned house. It had a cobbled path and ivy running up the walls. There were windows and I could see through them into the rooms. One room was pink and girly.

“Whose room is that” I asked in my croaky voice.
“yours sweetie” was all I got in reply. I did not like being called “Sweetie” as only my parents could call me that. Even though these people claimed to be my mum and dad.
They told me to try and remember stuff. But its all foggy.

I have nearly finished the book. I am editing it so ill post little bits at a time.

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At 6:21am on April 1, 2010, Kathrine said…

This girl is amazing. She gave me inspiration for my book. Thanks "zeldaxlove54"..
At 1:45pm on March 30, 2010, Kathrine said…
Put this on your page if your a fan

At 12:33pm on March 30, 2010, Kathrine said…

This is the cover for "The Awakening"

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