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Don't Look Now 

THE name's Slenderman but better known as Slendy
Not human
Not Taken[Not looking]
Just killing

THE name's Jeff
Better known as Jeff The Killer
You Know the story

Forever has insanity plagued our lives. From the beginning of those out of the norm were labeled out of their minds. We look back at the old chiefs and medicine men and what do we see? Men who must have lacked just a few brain cells to think up those crazy ideas. And we’d hate to be one of them. None of us want to be labeled crazy, out of our minds. Insane! It is the one constant fear in humans. It’s what is hiding under our beds, in our closest, at ages so young we still have night lights. It causes us to scream, hide, call for some one else to come help us fight it. Just one person to tell us that we didn't imagine things and we are not indeed loosing our minds. But the truth is we are all insane. Somewhere deep inside, we have all lost our heads and I believe we should embrace it. Don't fight it. Don't avoid it. Don't deny it. Let's all come undone. Don't be what others want you to be. Please yourself and screw everyone else. ^.^




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At 5:31pm on June 2, 2014, Cassie`× said…

Time was her greatest fear, in all it's powerful glory. She, with her silken blonde curls and lips plump like ripe fruit but pink like bubblegum. Not the fear of Oblivian, of becoming obsolete, but of change. She had confined herself to a reality of no limitations, no care in the world. She wanted to capture time in a bottle and savor it on her tongue. To her life had no age, and maybe that was the reason for her lack of fear in death like most people. Often times it was the rather opposite feeling, she welcomed death like an old friend.
She was clothed in a summer dress, adorned with patterns of colorful flowers. Her heels were high enough to elongate the appearance of her legs while remaining comfortable to the soles of her feet. Her hands were covered in white elbow high silk gloves and her sunhat swept in a curve over her eye. At the age of 17 Cassie had probably experienced much more than the average women ever would. Cassie was an eccentric girl suffering from many issues - most notably - anorexia nervosa. Beauty is seen differently in everyone's eyes and in her eyes it meant to be thin. If her ribs were not prominent, pressed tightly to her pale skin, if her stomach wasn't sunken in, if there was no gap between her thighs she would not feel beautiful. Not to mention the voices in her head that made it hard for her to feel otherwise.

It also wasn't rare that she felt urges to commit suicide. She had attempted to before. It was a shitty world here in the UK, Cassie had seen it all, but today, she felt it would be a good day. She had just been released from the rehabilitation center and looked healthy. A little meat on her bones and a touch of make-up. The meds she took helped keep the voices at bay. It had been two months since she'd starved herself, popped a pill that wasn't suscribed or abused any substance for that matter. Her usual wide small was no longer displaced as she walked down the street towards her house, her small heels clicking briskly against the pavement. She was in such a trance enjoying the clear cool breeze that she didn't realize she didn't have the right of way as she stepped into the street. She heard the car first, tires screeching against the asphalt, and then she felt it, the hard metal against her skin. A mere tap but the pain was still there as it collided with her frail body. She knew that she would be okay but still she felt hands weighing her down urging her to stay put until an abulance could arrive. "Wow... it's really nothing." She replied with a dazed smile, her words heavy with her british accent.
At 9:20pm on April 9, 2014, XxToxi¢ WastєxX said…

'The lake.....' It was awfully temping. Hell, it was more than tempting. Before her mother passed, her, 'mummy' and her father basically lived there. This is when life was good, so basically, any mention of a lake drove her crazy. A wave of "chipperness" jolted throughout her entire body, instantly, causing her to grab a strong hold of his hand. It was if somehow she became a completely different person. She was an exceptional weak girl, but seemed to drag him swiftly behind her without a hint of struggle. She continued to pull him through the complaining people she shoved out their way. Yes......shoved! Angry mumbles and swears filled the room but she simply ignored the irrelevant comments and focused on getting them out of there. She didn't end this until they were outside of building. "WHERE IS IT?!" As if she turned into a child she knocked the tray out of his hands and began giggling her head off.  

At 4:30pm on March 1, 2014, Isabella swan said…
Is life always this bad? People you love ignore you? Everyone you know turn against you. Havent already been neglected, it just started? Arent one to be upset, but you are now? Tell me is this normal? Am i going crazy? Maybe even insane?
At 4:12pm on December 27, 2013, кιммι-™ said…

~ To :  ~

Kirsten strolled the dark streets looking for something to do to distract her from the urge of killing for blood. She hide under her hood and covered her left eye with her thick blonde bangs. She didn't talk to anyone anymore so she didn't know anyone in her home town. So many had come and gone and she was still lurking in the shadows. Kimmi placed a hand on a brick wall as she headed down a dark alley seeing a older male following a young lady down the street walking towards her. She waited for the lady to pass but jerked the man into the alley and threw him against the wall glaring at him. "You shouldn't follow young girls around at night. Sicko." She lunged her fangs into the man's neck silencing his yelp for help and smirked letting his lifeless body fall at her feet. She looked at the body and sighed, "I'm a monster." 

At 9:06pm on November 19, 2013, XxToxi¢ WastєxX said…

Matt shoved his hands deeply into his pockets, contemplating non-stop on his younger brother Andy. It's been three months now since he has been in a coma, and Matt couldn't take it anymore. The constant worry. The constant panic. He couldn't rest. He couldn't eat. And somewhere within those three months, he seemed to have lost the joy that shined ever so brightly inside. But after that light worn out, he turned....dark. But who could blame him? Andy was all that he had, since they're parents abandoned them when they were both only three. No one wanted anything to do with the two but cause misery. No one cared. No one loved them. They protected each other through it all. All the pain and hurt that their foster parents caused them. Sure the neighbors knew, but they didn't want to help. They said it was all irrelevant, that those little boys would be okay. That they had their problems too, but they were too damn narcissistic to understand the danger those twins were in. But according to the doctors, they could have died. In and out of the hospital. That was most of their childhood memory, besides being nearly beaten to death over and over again.

At 7:25pm on November 19, 2013, The Recovery™ said…

She groaned as she pulled her jet black hair back into it's messy ponytail, her clothes were now torn to sherds, running away from the hell hounds was a careless act on her behalf, but she wanted to prove to her father and the underworld that she could make it above the ground without killing anyone or herself first, "Well you proved them" she said in a mock tone rolling her eyes, Yeah she proved then alright, by killing off that poor innocent couple back there, she smirked evily as she thought of the way she ripped their bodies part limb by limb and heard each and every one of their crushing bones in her ear, she wiped the blood from her face more, she finally made it into a small town, she looked around her black eye scanned where she was, she heard footsteps and she saw Matt walking away from a group of people, her eyebrows inched together as she had never seen a human guy before, well before her father changed them into these humans fragile little nightmares that was
At 9:15pm on June 23, 2013, Cassie`× said…

"I haven't eaten in a week, I could be lovely"

The hint of her rib cage represented beauty, and elegance. The bones of her spine that embedded it's way past her pale skin repesented poise, and perfect structure. In Cassie's world being skinny was fitting in, being skinny was her ticket out of being bullied, her ticket out of being ignored. She was petite to say the least, an anorexic or border line anorexic in the wise words of her pediatrician. She was seventeen years old and had gotten around more than a forty year old cougar. Sex, besides being skinny was the only thing that made her loved. Her teeth were too large, her breast too small, her hair too fizzy, her lips too dry, her butt too big, the list went on and on. They whispered about her in the hallways. Rumours. some lies and some true. The one about her being pregnant - False. The other about her taking E pills - True. In her youth she had all the stories to tell of an experimental masochist. All she desired was that attention, one facet that would become her humble abode in time's of loneliness when her father failed to leave that beautiful purple bruise that she would stare at all week in awe until it faded away with nothing left to mark its existence but the memory. Or on those nights when no one would touch her in the right spot and send her to a world of bliss that her whole of eighty pounds and five feet could handle. Today was one of those nights, her father had simply not come home tonight, her mother having died in labor was turning in her grave at the female that was her daughter; as dead as she was. It was late, the sky had transformed from a flickering orange, to a crimson red before settling into a deep ominous purple lightened only by the full moon that tainted the sky that evening. Her block was dirty with scattered leaves to which she kicked aside lazily walking until she met a dead end. There stood a boy beautiful, a distant look in his eyes. Cassie felt no emotion in that instant besides a desire of momentary pleasure and attention and then maybe a sharp sense of neglection and pain that would make her feel alive.


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