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:)= NM was great.

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I'm very interesting.
I am very enthusiastic about the things in life.
I didn't read books until I picked up the first 'Twilight' book.(Harry Potter was the exception)
I love to draw, its my passion :).
I am different from the 'typical' girl, I like to make things interesting; never the same.
I do a little sketch writing here and there, but not a lot. xD
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I first read the book, 'Twilight', in October of '08. Then, immediately I just HAD to read the the others.
I have read Each book two times, so far, and I'm currently reading them again. xD
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
I don't really go for a "team", because I think that either way, there is going to be heart-break.(Even though I have already read,and LOVED the books, so I know what has happened.)
However, if I absolutely HAD to choose, I would go with Edward. I mean, he has waited his entire existence to find Bella.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Haha, I would say its a mix. Bella, in some ways, Because I'm very accident prone as well,also how she can stare danger in the face, and not have the reaction any normal person should.
Then I would have to say Alice,because of how excited she gets over getting to do little things for people. She is just so enthusiastic, and I see some of her in myself. :)
Favorite Books
Well, of course my favorite books are the Twilight Saga.
But in those four, perfectly put together books, Breaking dawn stands out a lot to me. I just love it because there is so much change all put together in a short amount of time.
They are all awesome. though.
What is Your Favorite Music
I like classical rock,and some of the punk-style.
My favorite band by far, is My Chemical Romance. xDxDxD
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Movies: I like Action/Horror/Thriller/Comedy. Things like Saw and Harry Potter, and Wanted...etc. You can't forget the Twilight movie,either. xD
Tv: I don't watch too many TV shows, though whenever I do it's things like Animal Planet, or Fuse.
Games: I love the Sims games a lot. And my all time favorite game is GUITAR HERO!! xD
Favorite Quotes:
“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were.”- Kahlil Gibran
"No, Harry. Cedric is gone. I am Edward now. I'm a vampire, but I won't eat you." -Edward to Ron, Harry Potter, Ron Weisly, Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen meet... again(Written by me)
"What?? did.....IT..with a.. a..a...muggle?"Ron to Edward- Edward to Ron, Harry Potter, Ron Weisly, Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen meet... again(Written by me)
"So.. um.. then HOW do you your.. little family? I mean.. that would be like... I don't I was married to a chocolate bar, and had a baby that was a Twzzler..I would eat them!" Ron to Edward- Harry Potter, Ron Weisly, Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen meet... again(Written by me)
Favorite Activities
Drawing,Singing,playing Guitar Hero, Reading the Twilight books, Walking in cool weather, swimming, being around all of the people who I love, myspacing is one of my many weaknesses :):):) Add me if you'd like :).

Harry Potter, Ron Weisly ,Edward Cullen,and Alice Cullen meet...again! ((my home-made short story))

This is a "Discussion" I posted on what I thought it would be like for Harry Potter, Ron Weisly, Edward Cullen(FKA:Cedric Diggory), and Alice Cullen to all meet up one day, after Harry Potter whitneses Cedric Diggory(Robert Pattinson|Edward Cullen)Die in 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. I was bored, but I had a good idea about this, its pretty cool Check it out! Enjoy! xD Love always, Kristen S.

Ron says: "Hey Harry, look at those stupid muggles over there! I wonder why they have so many cars?..."
Harry says: "I honestly don't know, Ron. I bet I could afford one, but I'd prefer a broom,"
Ron says: " Oh, Harry! Its....I can't Believe my eyes!!!"
Harry says: "What?!!! What is it Ron, why do you look like you swallowed a bogie!?"
Ron says: "Harry!! Its...its.... CEDRIC!!!"
Harry says: "Cedric...who? I don't know any Cedr-"
Ron says: " Diggory...."
Harry says: "Impssible..I saw...I saw him...DIE.."

Edward Cullen spots them looking over staring, with amazement, like two starving kids have just spotted a hamburger. (Alice thinks to Edward): What is it they are looking at? I hope it isn't their Porsche I stole...xD
Edward says:" No, Alice..That is Mr. Harry Potter. He saw me die a few decades ago, or he thought I died,I wonder why he isn't aging...?"
Alice thinks: "Oh...what are they thinking?"
Edward says: " They are thinking that Fred probably fed them one of their concoctions again. They think they are hallucinating."
( Edward, along with Alice start to approach Harry and Ron...)
Edward says: Hello, Harry. I am Edward Cullen."
(Ron's eyes are wide and he is looking like he may be choking on a golf ball)
Harry says: "Edward...Cullen? But you are..."
Edward says: "No, Harry. Cedric is gone. I am Edward now. I'm a vampire, but I won't eat you."
(Meanwhile Ron is thinking that Edward is going to eat Scabbers, and wondering where Cedric's|Edward's Accent went.)
Edward says: "No, Ron. I will not eat Scabbers. is much to small to satisfy my thirst."
Ron says:"....?...Uhh..okay..?"
Harry says: " Ced- I mean Edward,how did this happen? Was it....."
Edward says:" No it was not Hermione. Speaking of, how is she doing?"
Harry says: "uh..She is fine. She is following a huge Wolf around, trying to take samples of its blood.."
Edward says: "Well, I think Jacob will be wondering what that's about."
Ron says: "You...You... know the... wolf?!!?..But...whoa..."
Edward says: "The wolf- Jacob- is a friend. Actually, my wife Bella's best friend.
Ron says: "Wife?? You have a... wife? And it's a.... a ... girl? Wow. Ced- I mean- Edward... I'm quite impressed.."
Harry says: "Ron, Shut up! Your doing it again. People, or...vam....vampires, don't want to hear you ramble on and on about stupid things."
Ron says: "Sorry."
Edward says: " Yes, my wife. She is also the mother of my child. My beautiful Renesme Cullen."
(Ron's eyebrows raise in astonishment)
Alice Says: " Yes, and the child is half vampire half human! She is so sweet...She is probably around here somewhere hunting."
Ron says: "What?? did.....IT..with a.. a..a...muggle?"
Harry says: "Ron! Stop being rude, unless you want me to....So, Edward, A daughter? And a Wife? Well, I must say, a lot has happened sense you... uh... died...and were reborn?"
Edward says: "Yes, Harry, Ron. They are both blessed miracles."
Ron says: "So.. um.. then HOW do you your.. little family? I mean.. that would be like... I don't I was married to a chocolate bar, and had a baby that was a Twzzler..I would eat them!"
Edward says: " Well, Its quite easy actually. Bella is not human anymore, She made the change after I delivered Renesmee, and sewed her back up. It took a few days, but its complete now, and were ever so happy. Now Renesmee is half human, but I wouldn't eat something so dear and precious to me, no matter how wonderful it smells."
Harry says: "That makes sense, doesn't it, Ron?"
Ron says: "I'd still... eat them...but them as in my chocolate bar wife, and my Twizzler baby..I wouldn' Edward's family...Blood...ew.. not for me much.."
Harry says: "Typical Ron"
Edward says: "Haha, that is truly a lovely comparison. Sorry, Harry, Ron. but I must be off. I have to go tend to Bella and Renesmee and I must let Jacob..."
Ron says: "The wolf...boy.. thing?"
Harry says: "Ron!'
Edward says: "Yes, Jacob, the 'Boy wolf thing'. I must let him know about Hermione. That she is the one following him around trying to stab him."
Alice says: "It wouldn't matter too much if she did poke him, Harry Ron, he is a fast healer. Very fast. It would probably heal before she got the syringe out all of the way."
Ron and Harry "Oh"
Edward says: "Ron,Alice is my sister. She is married! Please don't have those thoughts. Emmet might attack you.."
(Ron didn't know Edward could hear his thoughts, and he was thinking that Alice was a perty cookie and wouldn't mind being around her for a while longer)
Ron says: "Oh...sorry...I just...Nevermind."
Alice says: "That is kind, you thinking I'm pretty."
(Ron blushes and looks down)
Ron says: "You're,...Welcome, Alice."
Harry Says: " It's nice to see you Ced- Edward.. again. And it's my honnor to meet you Alice. Maybe we will see all of you again?"
Edward says: "Of course, Harry. I would love for you to meet my beautiful Bella,and loving mother,Esme, along with the rest of my dear family."
Alice says: " Yes!! It would be divine! I'll plan a party, send out invitations..."
Edward says: "Alice, all of those things will not be necesarry. Harry,Ron, Tell Hermione I said Hello. It was nice to see the two of you again, as well."
Harry says: " Will do, Edward. I'll send Hedwig after you sometime, just don't eat her,haha."
Edward says: "Of course not, Harry. See you soon,Ron see you soon."
Ron says:"See you"
(Harry and Ron get on their broomsticks, Ron falling a few times and cursing, And then they are off, to Hogwarts, to tell Dumbledore of their evening encounter with Edward and Alice Cullen.)
(Edward and Alice glide back to their cars, and are soon on their way to find Jacob's thoughts to tell him not to worry with the girl chasing him.) The (almost) End.

Haha. This is probably going to be ridiculous to a lot of people, but I thought it would be interesting.Let me know what you think, and If people like it enough, comment on it. Who knows, I may write out the "Party Scene".l. xD- Love always, Kristen ( Read Blog for updates on this Subject!)

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i think you do anamazing job as bella in twilight! Plus, i love your hair!
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hey whats up

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