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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Im a Jonin and Special Jonin ninja
Im 16
I have 4 pets
i play soccer
i love anime
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Jacob cause hes a wolf :3
Favorite Activities
playing soccer and training

Naomi: Hmmm not really sure how I feel about this new update..








  •  Name: Naomi Ozaki
  • Loves to paint!
  • What are you:Ninja
  • Nickname: Make me one? :3
  • species:Wolf, 2-tailed Beast

 R. status: Taken
  • Crushing: Nope!

Looking: No

Cousins With Sakura
  • Me in my 2 tailed beast form
  •  Me in my wolf form^^

 Name: Sakura Haruno

I love fighting!

What are you: Ninja

Species: Human

Looking: No

Crushing: Nope

R.status: Taken!

Cousins with Lexi




Name: Karin

What are you: Ninja

Enemeys: Sakura, Naomi

Species: human

Looking: Sure?

Crushing: No


Name: Simon

What are you: Human..I Guess..

Species: Demon Wolf

Looking: *blushes* none of your business

        Naomi's Pets:                                      

Name: Smokey


                     Dont let his looks fool you! Hes tiny but mighty!

                 He can change into a big wolf, twice as big when he feels his owner is being attacked or when he feels like being the "big dog"

                               Smokey's form:
            His Human form^

Name: Hotaru

                      He is the smallest puppy to ever fight alongside with his owner! He too can change into a big wolf. He can be a lil hyper and can be a clumsy lil mutt <3. He loves to make new friends and hates to have enemies. He gets along with the gang pretty well, except with Miroku. Miroku tens to avoid him sometimes.             

                       Hotaru's Form:




         Name: Scar 

                      Scar is fast and a really good at fighting he gets along with Smokey and Lucky. Scar is Miroku's bother they do alot better when there together. Scar also changes his form he turns into a panther  

Scar's form:



                                                                                         Name:  Miroku

 Miroku is such a sweet cat.  He is an ok figther but with his older brother, Scar, they do great. He gets along with Smokey, but not so much with Hotaru. He is wayy to hyper for him but still loves him.

Miroku's form:




 My Miroku<3


Karin's pets

Name: Ritsuka

Ritsuka is very dangrous hes owner is Karin. He and Karin has been destroying villages together. Ritsuka can use fire and he is bigger than Hotaru in his wolf from, Miroku but not so much for Scar.But not as big as Smokey in his wolf from.


Name: Midori

 Midori is also dangrous,he too can use fire. He is a little bigger than Ritsuka, Scar, Miroku and Hotaru in their forms, but is not that big to Smokey in his wolf form.





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At 7:32pm on January 4, 2014, Felecia said…

(I missed you too! *hugs you back* And dang! I would've added you D: And nah, it wasn't vivian it was a different name, but that's okay! XD And I promise to be on here more often!  I guess I just got really busy with school and then my job and yaaaa, but I'ma be on here more often! *nods repeatedly* cause I loooooove you! )

Felecia: *smiles at Simon and does her best not blush* Glad you liked it

Alice: *glances at Simon once and then looks at Smokey and smiles* You're very welcome. You're also welcome to come with us if you like Smokey

Vivian: Alright, better make decisions now, cause I'm not waitin' around all night

Derek: *pats Vivian's shoulder* You're the same as always

Vivian: *looks down at Derek's hand and raises an eye brow*

At 1:50pm on August 10, 2013, Felecia said…

Ohmygosh, you're amazing! XD I love you even more <3

At 2:52pm on August 10, 2012, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

( sorry i was busy and grounded for mouths idk for what.  But sunday im in england so i try to comment back :D.)

Naruto: *jumps and stops* hmm... were did she go?


Sasuke: * Goes with Sakura to help Tsunade* Karin you will pay for what you did..

*concentrate and uses fireball jutsu on karin*

At 11:52am on June 30, 2012, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Sasuke: Really love ? I can fight at your side Sakura. *thinks its the real Sakura and walkes to her then hugs her*


Naruto:*puts his clothes on and  walkes to lexi* Lexi is everything okay? 

*hugs her * if somethings wrong you can tell me lexi i can help .

At 8:31am on June 19, 2012, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

( still figureing out life i'm so sorry!!! )

Sasuke: What h-hapend? *puts some clothes too on*

*looks than at Sakura* I wil help you, Sakura.. Just tell w-what happend?


Naruto: Whoah... i dreamed... everyday of you Lexi * blushes a little , lays behind her and ask's if she's ready*

Your so bad huh *winkt too so cute*

At 10:57pm on January 25, 2012, ™ Cℓσѕєя † said…

Ciel Phantomhive

-she is wearing a long light pink beautiful gown that flows down to the floor- -she walks around trying not to trip on her dress- -her hair has been pulled up into pigtails and her silver-ish blue hair flows down and ends with little ringlets- -however her hat seems to tilt to one side as her bangs and her hat cover her right eye- -her arms are coated in thin black gloves that almost reach her shoulders- 

At 7:56pm on January 1, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

What type of banner would you like? Umm...there's just normal banners like this:

Or headers, profile pics, and anything else you can think of. Just tell me which.

At 7:17am on December 27, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Zadkiel: ofcourse you can xsmilesx.

I see on youre face is about Love isin't it? xdoesn't laugh couse its normalx


James: Sakura? can i talk to you xwhispers : its about lexi. did she have an crush on Naruto?x

xwhispers quietly so Lexi doesn't hears itx

Naruto:xhes so tired that he is waking up the next dayx

At 10:24am on December 22, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

James: xturns aroundx Huh? Heeey Lexi and Sakura !

i was just looking for an clothing shop >_<' 

But How are you doin? xSmilesx

At 11:34am on December 19, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Naruto: xFinally got loss and walkes to homex

Sasuke: hmm... this is strange... maybe i should go on a mission? xthinks about itx

xsleeps thanx

Naruto: 2 hours later.. xComes home and falles in sleep on the groundx

James: xgets up becouse its the next dayx

Xyawns.x Finally i got back on power :D

xpreses on a buttenx

Doc: so Youre already to get off? xget things loss of Jamesx

James Jup! Ready for new Adventure!

Zadkiel: xwakes upx Why james its so Early...

xSleeps furtherx

James: stands up x maybe i should find some new clothes...  

xsmells on his own shirtx Ahhww Gross.... I didin't it of...

Docter: well see you next timex

James: Omg... Were should i get money? maybe i shoud steal from Zadkiel XD.

xwalks to Zadkiel and steals some moneyx

Hehehe!!!! XD. xwalks to the cityx

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