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Ava~ September 15th

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Aiden~ December 22nd

Cilece~ May 14th

Daniel~ May 14th

Drew~ March 1st

Jadon~ February 25th

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Mar 2, 2013
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<---- Adam|| I Just love her so much....;;♥ [Editing]

Click and Scroll on Each Of the Boxes

Avα Mαrιε Mιchεαls

being naughty is never a bad thing...;♥


When Time Stood Still;; Born September 15, And Yes I Am The Center Of The Universe....Yours And Everyone Else's.
Years Present;;This Vamp Is 25 Years Young. At Least That's What I tell People. But A women Never Revels Her Real Age Now Does She? {Smiles}
Born & Raised;; The Beautiful Country Of Paris, France. Stop By Sometime. It'll Be Worth Your While. I Promise.
Taken;; Not Yet, But I'm Always Looking For The One.

Look What I Can Do;;You Might Say I Am A Controling Person When You First Meet Me, But It Is So Much More Than That { Laughs }. I Can Control Things With My Mind. I Can Move Things, Control People, Minds.....basically Anything. So I Would Always Think Before You Decie To Cross Me. It's No Joke When I Say Your Under My Control.........{ Smirks }


Special Mentions


Adαm Dεclαn Mιchεαls

monsters don't sleep under your bed. they sleep in it...


Always In Your Head;; I'm No Ordinary Daywalker . Sure I'm Fast & Strong But Who Isn't? I'm a Mind Reader, Savy? { Chuckles } I Hear Every Thought That Will Ever Cross Your Mind. Scared Yet?

Miracles Are At Work;; I was Born February 16th A Very Long Time Ago. But All That Matters Is That I'm 21 And Very Legal, Ladies. { Winks } Keep That In Mind...

City Of Lights;; This Handsome Devil Was Brought Up In The High Society Of Paris, France. Don't The Pretty Face Fool You.....I'm No Sap { Smirks }

Head Over Heels;; So There's This Girl Right? *I Chuckle* She's Amazing And Hopelessly Beautiful. I Just Might Want To Make Her Mine Forever....J'Adore Hayley ♥

It Keeps Getting Better;; In Addition To My Mind Reading { I smirk } I Can Freeze Time And I Always And I mean Always, Know When Someone Is Lying. Either To Me Or Somebody Else. Pretty Cool Huh? { I Smile }


Special Mentions


Aιdεn Antσny Mιchεαls

the longer the explanation, the bigger lie...

Heart-Breaker;; Born December 22, This Handsome Beast Is 23. Baby I Could Have You Screamin’ My Name From The Roof Tops { Smirks }. How Does That Sound?

Paris Anyone?;; I Was Born In Paris, France. Don’t Get Excited Yet. When Your Not A Tourist, It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be. Just Another City.

Who Owns My heart?;; I Am Completely Head Over Heels And Married to An Amazing Women.

Only At A Glimpse;; I Can See The Future And The Past, { I smile sofly } One Look Into Your Eyes And I Can See Your Whole Furture Pan Out In Front Of You and Your Whole Past Trailing Behind. There Is Really No Such Thing As Secrets In My Family with Me Around, { I Chuckle }


Special Mentions

This Little Fire Cracker Is My Best Friend And My One And Only Love. She Is Dramatic, Over The Top And Has The Best Personalty Your Money Couldn't Buy. { I Smile } She Is A Bit Of A Hopeless Romantic And I Finally Get My Chance To Be With Her Forever. Who Wouldn't Want Love, Right? And Now She Has All Of MIne. I'd Kill For this Women.....Point Blank ;; ♥♥ Lelia


Cιlεcε Nιcσlε Mιchεαls

insecurity and jealously will destroy you.....♥


Every Man’s Dream;; This Raging Beauty Was Born May 14th. I Can Break Any Man Down With One Look. Amazing Aren’t I?

Doll Baby;; All My Life I’ve Been The Baby even though I have a twin brother. Little Lece is What They Call Me. Well Look at Me Now. I’m 19 And All Grown Up…Can You Handle Me?

Under The Eiffel Tower;; Paris is and always will be my first home. I love it, the fresh faces and scenic views. Come & Visit me sometime {smiles}

Affairs Of The Heart;; Always Waiting For The Right Man To Come My Way. DO You Think Your Mr.Right?........

My Every Thought;; Me and my brother are Special. { smiles } Of cousre, yes we are twins but there is more. There's always more...........See now we have powers. Aside from me and my brother already being able to read each other's thoughts, I Can Project My Thoughts Into Images. But To Counter Act My Brother's Power, I Also Can Inflict Pain On A Person Or Completely Take Away Someone's Pain. Pretty Special Right? { giggles }


Special Mentions



Daniel Ethan Mιchεαls

things aren't always what they seem....

World's Finess;; The Name Is Daniel, But I'm Sure You Already Knew That. { Shrugs } This sexy stud is 19 and that's not changing { smirks }
Twin Telepathy;; I Was Born May 14th. Yes That Means I am A Twin. Me and me Sister Cilece Are Always Joint At The Hip And She Doesn't Think Anybody Is Good Enough For Her Twin.{ Smirks }
Back To My Roots;;- Just Like My Siblings, I was Raised In Paris, France. The City Of Love And Lights.........Come On Over
To Much To Handle;;No One Has Tried To Scoop Me UP Yet, { Laughs } I'm Still Waiting For That Right Women To Stroll On By. But Don't Hesitate To Give Me A Call......{ Winks }

It's All In The Wrist;; My Sister Can Control People With Her Thoughts, But Me I Heal Them. I Can Heal A Person Who Are An Inch Away From Death To A Point Where It's As If The Sickness Was Never There To Begin. I Am Also Empathetic. I Can Feel What Other People Are Feeling And The Feelings Of A Room. I Can Control Which I Want To Feel. Pretty Mind Boggling Right?


Special Mentions


Drεw Xαvιεr Mιchεαls

things aren't always what they seem....


Forever Yours;; The Name Is Drew, But Who Doesn't Know That Already? { winks }. I'm Am The Micheals's In Betweener. You Know, Not The Oldest but Not Quite The Youngest. Born Febuary 4th, I was Destined To Be The Middle Child, But I don't Mind

Always At A Stand Still;; Never Aging Has It's Perks Dosen't It? { Chuckles } Stuck In Time At 20 and Forever Handsome. Sounds Promising If You Ask Me...

Lover's Paradise;; Aaliyah Clearwater. That Is The Name That comes To Mind When I Think Of Soulmate. She Is The Other Half To My Whole And Forever Mine Love.

Four Parts Of A Whole;;Controlling The Elements, That's My Specialty. { Smirks }. I Can Control All Four Elements, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.


Special Mentions

Forever My Love, Aaliyah Is My Heart, My Smile And The Air That I Need To Breathe. She Is The Most Vibrant And Sexiest Woman I Have Ever Met and I'm The Luckiest Man In The World Since I Can Say Her Love Is Mine. Of Course She Has Been Hurt Before, But Who Hasn't? As Long As She Is With Me, It Will Never Happen Again. But Now I Get To Finally Call This
Woman My Wife and The Mother Of My Two Children And I Couldn't Be Happier;; Aaliyah ♥♥♥


Jαdσn Nιchσlαs Mιchεαls



Special Mentions

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At 4:37pm on January 14, 2013, ™Tεℓℓ Mε Yσuя Sεcяεts said…

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At 11:04pm on October 7, 2012, ™Tεℓℓ Mε Yσuя Sεcяεts said…

~Our 10 RULES~

1) Don't comment with just "Hi". We hate that and won't comment back.

2) Make It interesting........make us WANT to comment you back. But Don't do anything too crazy or morbid! We prefer happy scenarios......

3) We like dirty, but we DON'T do casual sex. So DO NOT ask!! Get to know us first, we are great people!

4) We like drama, it adds to the fun.

5) Tell us who you want to comment......all of us aren't mind readers you know!

6) Don't disrespect anybody on our page. If we didn't start with you....don't start with us.

 7) If you see the person you want to comment is in a relationship, PLEASE respect that or we won't comment back. Comment as a friend....we are always looking for besties!

8) We don't like crass comments from random strangers...So DON'T send them!

9) If your not sure your comment sent, please send us ONE comment asking if we got it. Don't keep sending them it's irritating.

10) If you do not comment your mate for a substantial amount of time, they WILL become SINGLE. Do not neglect us, tell us that you leaving or let us know what's going on.

11) Have fun! If you follow the rules, we can become great friends or maybe even something more!

At 7:26pm on September 17, 2012, ™Tεℓℓ Mε Yσuя Sεcяεts said…

September 17,2012: Happy Birthday to Vincent and Carmen Micheals!

At 3:22am on August 17, 2012, ™Tεℓℓ Mε Yσuя Sεcяεts said…
Last But Not Least:: The Name Is Jadon. {smirks} Born February 25, I Am The Baby Of The Baby Of The Micheals Bunch. But You Know What They Say About Saving The Best For Last , Right?
Odds In My Favor:: Being stuck at 18 would probably be a complete pain to some people. But To Me, Its Pretty Damn Sweet. Thank God I Stopped Aging After Puberty Though....{laughs}

Unfamiliar Places:: Though It Is My Birthplace, I don't Remember Much Of Paris. Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love My Country. But I Would Much Rather Be In New York. {Shrugs}

A Lover's Hold:: A Fiery Red-Head With The Personality Of A Firework. Not To Mention Her Incredible Beauty And A Mind You Could Listen To For Hours. That's My Soulmate and I
Refuse To Let Her Out Of My Sight.

A Storm On The Horizon:: With My Family Being A Group Of Powerful People, I Was Not Left With The Short End Of The Stick. I Control The Weather And All It's Branches. Rain, Hail, Sunshine, Or Snow. All At The End Of My Fingerstips. So In My World, Its Always A Great Day In The Outdoors......
At 1:07am on June 29, 2012, Ʋитσʋcнɛ∂ said…

Lelia shook her head as she looked up into Aiden's eyes with love and happiness. He means more than the world to her and she didn't even know how to put it into words. " I love you so much, you know that right?" she spoke softly, meaning every word of it as she bit down on her lip, letting out a happy sigh, laying in bed like this with him after making love to him... Was one of the best things ever. " I don't know what I would do without you and I never want to find out." She said as he was covering over on top of her, taking her hand, cupping his cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb. " You are my hero, I look up to you ever single day of my life and the days that we are not together. I think about you all the time, how much I miss you, wanting your lips against my skin, just to hear the simple words ' I love you' to come out of your mouth." She said, as she licked her lips a little trying to get them wet. " Aiden Antony Micheals. You are the man of my dreams." She said with a whisper, never losing eye contact with you. " And I'm so glad that I get to call you mine."


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