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This kid was like givin me the crazy look cause i was bein crazy like i am and i was like "dnt look at me like i am crazy, i am not crazy i hav already been tested!"

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I saw new moon 3 times and i about screamed each time i saw Aro(because he's sooo hot)
I am overlyobsessed with the volturi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have almost all the volturi lines memoizied!!!!!!!!!
I am awsomely funny and awsome
I am the type of person you call on a bad day to cheer yourself up
I think Aro, Caius, Marcus, Carlisle are hot so don't email me there not real because I would have to go to Volterra and report the volturi on you(along with the wifes)
I am a blonde so don't email me any blonde jokes
My eyes are brown so dark they look black...(hunger like a vampire!!!!!!)
I have a big sorta nose but not to big(AND PROUD OF IT)
I make straight As.... for now......
I am just drop dead gorgous
My selfesteem is a bit to high
I have A TON of friends
I am Michael Sheen's biggest fan
I am the definition of Awsomeness
I love to read so don't email me saying there was this dork reading durring recess or something because if you look close enouf you will probly find out it was me
I am not embrassed over anything really, I am the 1 singing the song that comes on the radio(even though i can't sing)
I play violin(i did not do choir because i can"t sing. I did join because i did not want to make all the other choir people jelous of my AWESOME voice!!!!!!!!)
I love music and everything about it
I want to be a violinist or a libranian when I am older
I live at the moment!!!!!!!!
I am single(can't date till 16 parents said... and i don' plan on lying to them!)
I like typeing in caps and these thingys(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I live in America i just couldn't find it on the list
I make alot of goals 4 myself one of them is "Never make a discuision you'll regret"
Most of my friends want me to be a comeian when i am older, but i have my caree set a Brain/nerve sergion, and Awesome person
I want to make a difference in the world
I want to be a role model for my peers which to some of them i already am
I can't really spell that well so if you can't deciper some of the words i use its because of that reason, so don't go start a bruohaha cause it may end up being a melee
I i lke using big words to act serious!!!!!!!!! ITS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the lighting thief movie best movie ever beats new moon any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!(no enfence!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am chirstan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe in god all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I say like (stuff, thingy, um, like, what,ya, kool(its cool with a k!), awesomeness, sweetness, shabbam!, watchow!, da bomb,) alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My nickname at school is faddodle!
My l.A. teacher makes fun of me cause i hav a bit of an souther accent! and he calls me fadoodle!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
2 times
but i've read the parts with the volturi in both books, i have it memorized(name what paragraph and sentence and word and i'll say it from there!!!!... not really... but i wish i could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Aro, Team Marcus, Team Carlisle, Team Caius but mostly Team Aro and Carlisle!!!!!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
bella because you'll probly catch me trip on a flat surface(it takes skill to do that!! HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW WHO CAN TRIP ON A FLAT SURFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!...besides me...)
emmett because i am awsomely funny
felix because i am again awsomely funny
alice because fashion
Aro because i don't know... were both hot... does that work...?...
Favorite Books
Alex rider seiries
Breaking dawn
more horrorwitz horror
my sisters keeper
Artemis Fowl
new moon(the part with the volturi)
being nikki
princess diaries series
the lighting thief series
the thief lord
ranger's apprentice series
i'd tell you i love you but then i'd have to kill you
vampirates series
What is Your Favorite Music
all music except for 70s and 80s music and 98% OF RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love classical music(you know the stuff with violins and cellos, you cover your ears with your hands... ya that stuff!!!)
I love pop
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
sims 2
harry potter and the half blood prince
17 again
AVATAR(except that the blue people were half naked the whole time, but if you can get past the blue skin they are HOTT... not that i was looken...)
The LIghting Thief(Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Favorite Quotes:
''I love a happy ending but they are so rare'' -Aro
''So what do we do with now''-Aro
''Such a waste.''-Aro
''We do not offer second chances'' -Caius
''You already know what your going to do Aro''-Marcus
"when nothing goes right, go left"-unknown
"who ever said anything was posible oblessly never tried slamming a revoling door"-unkown
"never make a discuision you'll regret"-unknown
"A well spent day brings happy sleep, a well used life brings happy death"-Leonardo da Vinci
Favorite Activities
indoor soccer
Sims 2
Hanging out with friends
Looking at michael sheen stuff(mostly just Aro.. but hes hot in other moives tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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At 9:40pm on September 6, 2010, Madison Of The Awsomeness said…
no prolameoe!
At 1:07pm on August 24, 2010, Selah117 said…
OMG - I miss you! You are so funny! I read your page and laughed...screaming at Aro's hotness *giggles* and he is. *laughs* Don't be a stranger!
At 9:42pm on March 16, 2010, FireFang13 said…
Hey I thought maybe since you were in my Do you believe? group you'd maybe be interested in my supernatural website! If you'd like to join then go here:

Hope to see you there! ^_^
At 5:12pm on March 3, 2010, Madison Of The Awsomeness said…
Kool!!!!!!!!!!!(cool with a k)
At 9:02pm on February 15, 2010, Madison Of The Awsomeness said…
At 3:16pm on February 15, 2010, Selah117 said…
lol - you crack me up Madison!
At 7:14pm on February 11, 2010, Madison Of The Awsomeness said…
Thanks you sound like the 2 awesomest person i met!!!!!!(I am the 1st)
At 5:24pm on February 11, 2010, Selah117 said…
By the way, yes...Aro and Caius and Carlisle ARE hot...yes they are!! lol
At 5:23pm on February 11, 2010, Selah117 said…
Madison - You really ARE awesome! lol You are soooo funny! I just got done reading your profile info and about died laughing! You would totally be someone I would hang out w/from the personality I could pick up on. You are a lot like my bff back home...really goofy and crazy and don't care what other people think and I think that is awesome! You go girl! Be yourself and be proud! She also happens to love Happy Bunny and for that matter...any bunny as long as they look like a bunny. lol
At 6:52pm on February 9, 2010, Madison Of The Awsomeness said…
Ya!!!!!! Finally somebody who agrees

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