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I Am Currently: Offline

Almire Magic Jamie Hathaway-Black-Amorie

Hey There Stranger I am Almire The One Known as The Sweet Twin in This Place. Try Not The Mix Me up with my Darling Sister down there. Now Lets Start off with a Few of the Simple Basics. You already know my full name now let me tell you a few things I go by: Almie, Magic girl, Super star, Red M&ms. My Age is Fifteen and Charming your pants off. I am Not Seeing anyone Exclusively at the moment but I am a flirt so make sure not to fall in love with me if your not sure i'm falling In love with you too.  I have a pretty amazing Family: My mother Juliee Anne Maree Hathaway-Black-Amorie, My Uncle Jacob Allen Black-Amorie, My Aunt Sophia Reese Black-Amorie, andArabella Faith Black-Amorie. Plus my Lovely Twin.

I Am Currently Offline

Sammie Dawson Calla Hathaway-Black-Amorie

Hiya People in The Internet World I am Samatha or Sammie as I am most commonly Known if you didn't already know here are some other things I am Called: 

Sam, Sam in a million,Orange M&ms,Doe Eyes. My Age is fifteen but i'm sure you already guessed that if you read my twins Bio first. I am currently Single and not really looking for anything but someone to love no flings for me. I love my family of amazing Peeps starting with my Mom Juliee, my uncle Jake, my Nanna Sophie, and my aunt Arabella.  Not to Forget My Twin. Anything I didn't Say you'll have to ask to find out.

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At 3:18pm on June 18, 2011, ˩α ƨɛñσяιтα Ƨσρнια♡ said…

Love is somthing shared between two people

Love is somthing you have to beleive in to feel

Love is somthing Dangours and Wonderful

Love is a drug that you never want to quite

Love is somthing i didnt know till I meet you ♥

**To My Lovely Almire & Sammie*

Auntie Sophia Loves yew

At 4:10pm on June 15, 2011, Ħɛя Ƥяιиcɛ Ɔнαямιиɢ™ said…
I love you guys so amazing!
At 6:43pm on August 1, 2010, Яσмαиcɛ ιƨ мʏ ғιcтισи said…


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