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Profile Information

What is Your Favorite Music


Carson) { Thanks Sam }

"I'm Like a Barbie Doll You Can't Play with"


I'm a very straight forword girl. I know what I want and Once I set out to get it - it's mine. Unlike most girls when I see I can't have something i don't want it more. That's the problem with most girls they strive for things to high for them when In all actuality the best thing to do is work your way up. Once I get started i don't stop until I get the prize. So why start something that has reward -or ending at that? I believe that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, but I'm not very patient. I grew up with my mom, I never really had a good relationship with her and that messed me up a little. I guess she isn't that bad but she's not an example of the type of woman I want to be. I guess that's just a great dissapointment that I will have to deal with. I'm strong and I'm smart so I can deal with anything throw my way. But thats only because I was naive at one point and i escalated my way up. I wasn't born this way. I've become me. The person who I've strived to be.

Name ||Evermore Noelle Bluemoon

Status||Single Pringle

Age||seventeen [17]


Birthday||July 3 rd

Song||What The Hell

Artist||Avril Lavigne

" Every Game has it's rules ; And I'm a rule Breaker ; So Game on"

Doing : Club Hoppin With Sam || Arguing With My Mom||Meeting Nahla||Saying My Hello's.

With|| Nahla ||Sam||Mom.

Thinking : If You gave me my fricken space maybe we wouldn't have this problem!

Person on my Mind : Uh No Fricken body?

"The Lights are off and your skin is burning ; I'll keep going 'cuz my body is yearning " 

Theres pretty much no stopping me when I'm on a roll. I've got a passion in me that some people find too strong. I look for exhileration. Things that are new and will keep my heart pounding. I'm not like every guy who just wants to be in the bed with a girl twenty-four seven, because I want to see what else that girl wants to offer besides her body. I'm very serious and ito my music. I love it when I meet someone talented because its something me and that person could share.A love for one particular thing. I'm very hard to cuff, but if your able to tame me you wont be able to get enough. I'm not your typical bad boy and I'm not against love, I just like to take my time and find the perfect person. Someone that I know I wont get bored with that way I don't have to break any hearts. I just want to warn you not to fall too fast because just because I'm nice to you doesn't mean i want to hit that @$$.

Name||Tyler Mac Lautner


Age||Twenty [20]


Birthday||December 5 th

Song||No BS

Artist||Chris Brown

"I know you ain't trippin' ' cuz you already fell for me"

Doing :Nothing Really Getting settled

With : I just got here I'm by myself

Thinking : Nothing at the moment

Person on my mind : No One Yet

"Get Crazy, Get Loud. Be Sexy and proud"

I'm all about Confidence. If you do't think your hot then no one else will. I'm not into dating really. I want to have fun while I'm still young. I like older guys but that seems to get me in trouble so I should probably stop. Call me spongebob ' cuz I go to work! I'm independent and I work as a real estate agent so I don't need need a mans help for anything. I can fend for myself. I keep guys thiking about me 'cuz I'm so fly and I'm floatin sky high. When you see me you should walk the other way because I'm trouble. You'll only last but so long with me in your laugh. I'm a heart crusher and my kisses are

D e a d l y.

Name||Claraben Cassie Rosemarie

Status||Single not looking



Birthday||March 5 th

Song||Fight over man


" whats Sour in your ears but sweet in your mouth? - Claraben"

Doing : Nothing...yet

With : No one...yet

Thinking : Lets see if this place is fun

Person On My Mind : No One Yet

 "Let Me Whisper In Your Ear ; Tell you all you wanna hear"

 I guess you could say im that guy everyone hates. Seems like everyone frowns down at me, yet girls can't get enough of me. I'm a heartbreaker. But the thing is I wont lead you on without warning you first about my bad habits. I drink- a lot. I screw- A lot and I smoke - sometimes. If you have little pet peaves about these things don't even bother trying to change me because thats just who I am. Deal with it. I'm not like other guys who don't have a problem with love. Don't bother wth all the lovey dovey crap I'm perfectly find just having friends. I wont buy you flowers or chocolate on V-day so if you start feeling special or stronger then 'like' just walk away...

Name||Carson Jay McDonald.

Age||Nineteen [19]


Birthday||June 5 th

Song||Cat Daddy


" man I go to work- True winner. Jeans Skinny-Like squidward"

Doing :

With :

Thinking :

Person On my mind :

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