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Rose Melissa Ivashkov-Hmm...Read Spirit Bound and LOVED IT! Can't wait for Last Sacrifice!

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"I am excited for Bloodlines though! More Syd and Adrian!"
Apr 22, 2011
Rose Melissa Ivashkov commented on Edward's GF's group Vampire Academy Fans
"Haha. I could just see the reaction on your moms face. (Okay, that was creepy.)"
Apr 22, 2011
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Apr 9, 2011
Rose Melissa Ivashkov commented on Edward's GF's group Vampire Academy Fans
"Oh no....its Adrian. RM said so on Twitter."
Feb 13, 2011






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October 26, 2010

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At 3:48am on July 21, 2010, Majo Mora LObo said…
i finished spirit bound!! wow, what an ending!! cant wait 4 last sacrifice!! now im reading the georgina kincaid series cuz i just love the way richelle mead writes!!
At 9:28pm on July 2, 2010, Majo Mora LObo said…
oh, and, i like VA better thatn twilight too!!
At 9:28pm on July 2, 2010, Majo Mora LObo said…
yeah, alot!! 4 the moment, i think it s the best of all 5...but im on pg 224, so, i haev to wait and see what happens after!!
At 6:14pm on July 2, 2010, Majo Mora LObo said…
hi!! im from costa rica...they haven´t brought those in english reading spirit bound right now!! i will buy them eventually, but prefer to see if they finally bring them in english like they have with twilight and evernight, and, if not, just order them...:)
At 4:36pm on June 2, 2010, Lauren said…
My parents
At 2:52am on May 30, 2010, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
Oh, yea. Lissa and Adrian? *shudders* Nope. Not meant to be. Lissa does need her FIRE man. Oh that reminds me, I also thought that Lissa and Christians argument was totally STUPID. Stupid, stupid, stupid! But I guess RM couldn’t let Lissa have a happy ending when Rose was suffering from the lose of the love of her life. They have to suffer together, of coarse. LOL.
Oh, no worries. I’M sorry for my ramblings. I ramble a lot. LOL. I just love to talk about things that I’m passionate about, and the Vampire Academy series is something that I’m defiantly passionate about and enjoy. So it’s alright. Talk as much as you like. I’m here to listen! LOL. Um. What do I think?? Well, my theory I kinda… stupid. Well, so I’ve been told. I posted a discussion on Last Sacrifice theories and someone told me that my theory was “stupid and un-likely”. So I think I’d rather keep it to myself if you don’t mind… Sorry, but please. Tell me what YOU think. =]
Well, I’m actually really great! I’m outta school! Yay! Just got out this Thursday actually. Oh, by the way, I’m Anyi. Pronounced ANNE-GEE. Like Angie. My parents just spelled it differently because they wanted it to be unique. Oh, and I’m 14, just wanted to let you know before you asked. =} How have you been and what’s your name?
P.S. You can just reply by message, if you want. Trust me, my reply aren’t gonna get any shorter. LOL =]
At 2:15am on May 30, 2010, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
Oh! You read fan fiction, huh? Me too! But not VA fan fiction. Twilight fan fiction, actually. I think it’s way better, no offence. It seems more… um, mature. See, I don’t get that. You feel in love with OTHER people’s idea of Adrian? You know, that’s not the REAL Adrian. That’s just what other people THINK he’s like, not what he really is. Only Richelle’s version of him is what… well, REALLY is. I’m sorry. It’s just MY point of view. I’ve talked to people like that. They “fall in love” with other’s people idea of Jacob and then they turn Team Jacob. I don’t get it. It’s FANfiction. FAN! OMGEE! So you write fan fiction? That’s so awesome! You should let me read some! Well. If you'd let me.. x)
Ahahaa. Again, she never mentions Adrian because she doesn’t want to give the ending away, right? She still wants her readers to believe that Rose and Adrian MIGHT have a chance together, right? And let’s not forget that little foreshadowing were Sydney asks Rose if the “Cute guy” was her boyfriend. It’s clear that she was interested. Well, I don’t know. Maybe I’m making myself believe stuff that aren’t. LOL. It’s just I want someone awesome to end up with Adrian, just like you! And Sydney would be that awesome chick, I think. LOL. But we do hope that he ends up with a lovely lady that sweeps him of his feet! ’Cause he clearly could never pull it off. LOL. OK, OK, I know that was lame. x)
Indeed. It could be ANYONE! And we’ll never know until December comes! Ugh! December! Come quicker, please!… Pretty please?…. Pretty, pretty, PRETYY please?! LOL.
At 2:01am on May 30, 2010, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
Really now? I've always liked Adrian. I mean, i'm not cheering for Adrian and Rose to get together and alll, but i have nothing against him. He's actually pretty sexy and naughty. And i love that! Especially when you just finish reading something REALLY intense and you need SOMETHING to make you laugh. && i also love that he's always there for Rose, even when she ditches him time and time again for Dimitri. That shows he truly cares about her. But that'll just make it harder when he sees that he doesn't stand a chance against what Rose and Dimitri have. Which is: TRUE LOVE! LOL. I'f you haven't noticed, i'm a hard-core believer in true love. Not only in fiction, but in real life too. It's because i've SEEN it. With my parents. So i TRULY, TRULY believe in it. x)

But back to Dimitri, you ACTUALLY thought that our lovely Miss Mead would let our object of affection die?! No, no, no! She’s not that cruel! Have some faith in her. LOL. Noo. I never believed that Rose had stalked him and just FIN! Nope. There had to be a happy ending, right? And I didn’t believe there’d be a happy ending with Adrian. Sorry. So I was just like “Alright. Sure. He’s DEAD! OMD (Oh my Dimitri)!” Please note the EXTREME sarcasm. LOL. See, here’s the thing, I’m a bookaholic. I’ve been reading books since I could spell my name. No joke. So some things that writers write are kinda predictable, trust me. For example. I ACTUALLY predicated that Dimitri was to become Stirgoi. I SWEAR I did. People don’t believe me but that’s there problem. But anyways, there had to be a twist in the story, right? And what did that weird witch lady say? “You will lose what you value most”? Um, his soul! BINGO! So, there’s my extremely long explanation as to why I never believed Dimitri died, so I was never cryingmy face off. Which I do instead of scream. LOL. Uh… I just got COMPLETELY off topic, didn’t I? Sorry, I do that a lot.
At 12:48pm on May 29, 2010, Lauren said…
Hi I can't go on fanfiction anymore!!! :(
At 1:02am on May 26, 2010, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
OMg! Totally agree! I DO love the way that Adrian handles himself.. With so much confidance and i also LOVE that he kinda... naughty! LOL. BUt i'm TORN between Dimitri and Adrian.... I loved Dimitir but in Blood Promise.... Uh, HELL no! The way he treated Rose? Serious turn off. Bleh. BUT then, i went to reading the series AGAIN. Just to remember the good times, you know? And then i loved him again! 'Cause i saw how bad-ass he was, and his protectivness... *sigh* I just find that sooo sexy. LOL.
AAAND you are totally right! Sydney and Adrian?! Totally gonna end up together. Remember when they had that web chat? And Sydney asked Rose if the guy she was with in Vegas was her boyfriend? I was like "Ha! She is so intrested in him! They're gonna end up together!" LOL. It's these kinda clues that you have to look for. Foreshadowing... I would much rather Sydney and Adrian to have a happy ending, then Adrian with Rose. Sorry, but i think that Rose and Dimitri are just.. Meant to be together! Soulmates! That's right! I've always admired that... That's why i'm Team Edward! 'Cause Edward's Bella's soulmate! LOL.
Alright... Who killed the Queen?.. I'm not really sure. I've had a lot of thought about that. But i don't think that Richelle Mead would make it someone as obvise as Victor. I think she'd do someone that no one really paid but attention to.. Ya know? Be sneaky about it. Well, at least that's what i would do.

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