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When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
New Moon-3
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Which Character Are You Most Like?
Mix of Bella, Esme and Rosalie.

I am Clumsy, Stubborn. Can be Mean at times but am Compassionate as well.
Favorite Books
Twilight Saga
HP Series
Fallen Series
Hunger Games

Classics: Jane Eyre, Little Women, Romeo and Juliet
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Some Classical

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At 12:26pm on January 13, 2014, Freedom & Fantasy said…

No Add You Comment-I don't mind who Comments first despite of who added who. If we don't talk, You will get deleted.

We like long, detailed Comments-Paragraphs. No 1 liners. If your comment is 5 lines long, chances are you will not get a reply. We want something that will keep us interested and not make us delete you.

Do not control my characters, or decide on their past-That is my job. If you do this, you will get only 1 warning, if this occurs more then once, I will delete you.

I will use 1 person when commenting-This does not mean you get to ignore my girls. Please respect that. Apart from Nemesis, Anton, God and Amunet-they are the only four people that are a package deal, so this is the only time I will use 2 people when commenting.

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If I have deleted you, it means you did not follow one of these rules.

If you have read the rules and understood, please put "Freedom" at the top of your first comment.

Thank you :)

Hermione Jean Granger, was the name she was born with. Born to both muggles, her whole family was in a shock when she discovered she was a Witch. She is a smart girl, that mostly keeps to her self. She spends a lot of the time, at the library or studying. Some off the Wizards and Witches who think of Muggle Borns as not worthy of being Witches and Wizards, have been prejudiced against Hermione. She is commonly referred to as a Mud-blood by some. Which is a rather offensive term and very hurtful towards her. Even though, she has gotten used to that horrible nickname by now, it still hurts. She tries not to let her feelings be in the open. The only people she can trust are her close friends and her family members. When it comes to trusting some other strangers, she takes a while to warm up to people. Other then that, she is pretty level-headed witch and a person in general. She gives second chances to those who deserve it. She tries to help out the people, that are in need of help and protection.
As for her Education, she goes to Hogwarts which is a wizarding school for people like her self. It is her second home. Her friends and some of the teachers there are like a second family to her. During her first year, she was given a special time turner. It helps her get around her classes, as some off the classes she takes happen at the same time. She is good at keeping that a secret, only her friends Harry and Ron know how she gets around classes from time to time. The others have no idea, how she is capable of getting to all her classes on time and without being seen, let alone heard.
Where her love life is concerned, she is single and she is waiting for that one right guy to come and sweep her off her feet. She is not in any rush, even though it would be nice to have someone to confine in besides her best friends and family. She has no children either, but she would like to have some one day. But first she needs to find someone that will love her for who she is and accept her as she is. She will not change for anyone, she is her self and she is always being her self. Honesty is important to her and not pretending. That is a big turn off for anyone, especially a young Witch.
Prince Caspian X was born in another world called Narnia. A magical world, that can be only be open to those who believe. As a child he suffered the loss of his parents, he was told that they died in a battle, but it turned out that his cruel uncle Miraz had killed them, so he could get the throne for him self. But Caspian was the true Heir to the throne of Narnia. He fought for his throne with the help of the 4 Pevensie children: Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. And he ultimate won his throne back and his kingdom. He put his uncle Miraz into exile and threatened him he would kill him, if he ever came back. He had not seen his uncle since then.Caspian has been described as noble, handsome, brave and merry; he strives for fairness and justice at all times and is a devoted King, by his people. For his love of the sea he is known as Caspian the Seafarer. Caspian has Spanish Desdends: The Telmarines, therefore he has a strong Spanish accent.
His education came about at the basic levels: enough so he could communicate and understand his people. He was taught by his old family protector. Told stories of the Queens and Kings of Old. The myths that came about around 1300 years before he was born, by which time, early versions of books came about and basic craftsmanship of books: All hand made of course, therefore books and education was more cherished by the Loyalty and people in his kingdom, it was not something that he was used,and not his people either. He is a very skilled horseman, archer and warrior in Narnia. His people and even younger children that want to be warriors look up to him and want to be trained by him. They strive to be as magnificent as he is. To them, he is their hero, their savior and a well deserved King that Narnia has seen for a rather long...long time.
Over his years as Being a Prince and King of Narnia, he has gained other honours for many different things: Emperor of The Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, Lord of Telmar, Baron of Ettinsmor, Duke of the Lantern Wate, Duke of the Seven Isles, Duke of Galma, Count of the Western March, Emperor of the Dragon Island and King of Terebinthia.
Apart from his attraction to Susan Pevensie at one point in his life, he has been single, He is still searching for that one special person. To be honest, he does not care if the girl is of royal blood or not. That kind of thing does not matter to him. The most important thing to him in a relationship is love, honesty and trust. As long he has that with someone no matter what race and blood status, he will be happy. He has children yet either, but he will want some in the future, as he still young and needs to secure his dynasty.
Lucy Pevensie is the youngest off the Pevensie Siblings. And since she is the youngest, her siblings usually thought off her as the most innocent, the one that needed most protection-that point got proven a few times in the past. Yet they didn't believe her on a few occasions, she was a child so they let her bask in her imagination and stories, which they later found out where true. Like her discovery of a new world called Narnia. She stumbled upon that world, when she was playing hide and seek and she decided to hide in a closet, that was covered with a piece of cloth. In a new home...a forbidden room, was the doorway to an amazing adventure that changed her and her siblings life for ever. Lucy is deemed to the one who believes in Narnia the most and she is rather close to the Lord of Time:Aslan. He is her old time friend and saviour in Narnia. She like her siblings were born in England, in a middle of the war, where their father was fighting. She still misses him and her mother who both have died a few years ago now. Because of her age and her believing in Narnia the most, she has been a laughing stock to her older brother Edmund: He said she was playing Childish games and never believed her. Peter was the one brother who looked out for her the most and protected her, from anything and everything possible. Which is why she probably looked up to him the most out of her two brothers. Having an older sister, meant she had a female role model in her life, besides their mother.
As for Lucy's education, she and her siblings were sent to a boarding school in England. They all received a normal education, like most people during the 1940's did. As for her Narnian education, it was pretty much on the basic level, such as the level Caspian received when he was growing up. Even though her Education is the way it is, she is a pretty smart girl and she can solve problems, when she sets her mind to it. She is known to be kind, loving and beautiful. Those are the words that Narnian's use to describe Lucy the most and they find it fitting that Lucy is called Queen Lucy the Valiant. She is indeed a brave young girl and Queen of Narnia. She rules along side Prince Caspian and her siblings in Narnia. She is the youngest Queen of Old, and she loves to hear the stories about her adventures when she is in Narnia.
She is single at the moment and she is in no rush to find someone for her self. She is still young and she is trying to live her life to the fullest. If someone might come along and steal her heart, she will give love a shot. She has no children either, but she hopes to have them one day. Just like Caspian, she will have to secure her dynasty one day. But that day is still to come.
Peter Pevensie is the oldest of the 4 Pevensie siblings and older brother to Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Growing up in a middle of war in England with his siblings was not easy. He feared for his father's life, for his mother's and his siblings too. After they moved away, being evacuated into the countryside just outside of London he knew the responsibility of taking care of his siblings was on his shoulders. He grew up being in the middle of everything-protecting his siblings, having to sort out fights between Lucy and Edmund. Having to console both of his sisters when they were upset about something, to even fighting with Edmund himself or against others during school. He did not think twice, when it came to fighting someone. He would do anything and everything to protect his family.  Even though he does not like to point favorites in his family-he is the closest to Lucy.  He has always been there for and because she is the youngest, most protective over her. He was one of the one who doubted her at first, when she mentioned Narnia to them. Soon after he found out that she was actually telling the truth, he regretted not believing his little sister. He knows she believes in Narnia the most and he is not going to take that away from her. Now that Susan is in America and Edmund has moved out-doing his own thing. It's just him and Lucy that are in London.
He has received a pretty basic education in London, just like his siblings. He and Edmund were in an all boys school while his sisters went to an all girl school. However in Narnia it was a different story, his education there meant he would have to learn how to ride a horse, how to fight and be a proper warrior just like the Narnians there. His skills with bow and arrow also come in handy every once in a while, but he prefers his sword.
In Narnia he has gained many honours, as he is One of the Kings of Old. He is known as Peter The High King  Magnificent over in Narnia. His other honours are:Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel. Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion, Sir Peter Wolf's-Bane. He does not go to Narnia that often Anymore, he only goes there when he is most needed. Lucy is the one who goes there more often than he does-but sometimes he goes with her.
He is single at the moment and he is looking for the right girl to come and steal his heart. He wants someone that he can trust and tell his secrets to, someone that won't judge him for everything that goes on in his life, someone that will accept him for who he is and accept his family. Most importantly who will be honest with him and won't lie and won't be with him because of the glory he has over in Narnia. He has no kids at the moment but he would like some in the future. It's not the right time for kids yet-one day in the future, when he is ready.
Nemesis is not your normal and ordinary girl. She is known as the Forbidden child. Born to two monsters: The Goddess Harmonia, now known as Lillith. And Lucifer....yes Lucifer, the son of the Devil. She has never known her parents, as she was given away and raised by The Gods. They raised her as their own and took care of her and protected her. She had a happy childhood, but at night...she had vivid dreams, it felt so real, it always scared her. A nightmare about two people: Her real parents and their forbidden love. How her mother became broken, when Lucifer broke his promise to her and left her mother for the dead. It's a dream she wishes she could forget, but she also knows that the rumours are true. She has accepted who she is and what she was never supposed to be born. Despite that, she tries to live a normal life...or as a normal life she possible could. At the age of 7, she went to Egypt with her Adoptive Parents: Zeus and Hera, and the rest of The Greek Gods, including her Guard and protector Anton. She loved the desert, the Sphinx and the Mystery of being there for a few years, where she got help with her developing powers: Controlling over Nature and all of the Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. As she got older, she also developed the gift to see into the future, past and present and talk to the dead. She has been cherished by her people, her kind for her gifts, her kindness and spirit.
Her education, is not like normal people's. She had been taught by Anton and the rest of The Gods. Her lessons have consisted off controlling her powers, riding a horse, learning how to fight with a sword, Archery. The sacred language of Latin, and how to communicate through reading and writing with others. The Gods have also taught her the secrecy of dance and how to express her self through it-She is a gifted Dancer. Her movements speak to people, say things that words cannot. She has also taken an interesting in learning how to sow dresses, not just for her self but for others. She knows, it's a job of their slaves, but she has taken it to heart, that she can learn some normal things as well. She treats everyone the same, no matter their status and what bloodline they are from. To Nemesis, they are the same as any other person. Which is another reason, why is she loved so much. They look up to her for many reasons and that is one of them.
Nemesis has never known true love, to her Love seems like a mystery. Like a glass being shattered, which breaks a person when their heart breaks. Which is why she is single and not sure, if she will ever find someone that will accept her and love her for who she is, despite her horrid past and her true identity. She has no children either, but she hoped that when she has them one day, she will do a much better job at raising her child and doing right by that child, then her true parents have done.
Antonio, or as everyone calls him Anton is known as the jokester and a rather cheeky person. He is over 2000 years old, but he does not look a day over the age of 18. He has been raised by the Greek Gods, when his parents got killed by one of the Titans. He was outraged by that fact and he teamed up with Zeus and the others and helped lock the Titans up in Tartarus forever. His heroic actions back then, earned him the title; The Protector of Tartarus and the Realm. He still holds this title, till this day and he is proud of it. When The news of the Forbidden child came about, he was one of the few that was on her side and wanted to protect her-his masters were not outraged but surprised, so they named him her personal guard and protector. He has been by Nemesis's side since that day, doing his best to keep her safe, entertained and happy and from the media's eye whenever they go down to visit any mortals. He views her as his little sister and she is an important person in his life-she always comes first and so do The Gods. They are his number 1 priority and it has been like that for many centuries.
His Education, is along the same basis that Nemesis received. But his mostly focused on Battle strategies, and how to fight like a true Greek Warrior. His job was then to pass down some knowledge down to Nemesis, when she was being trained.He possess a few gifts: He can shapeshift into anything or anyone he wants, if he wants to fool his enemies. Bit when it comes to shifting into another creature, he picked the White Werewolf. To him and his people, the color white means purity and protection. Therefore, him being a White Wolf, makes him precious and sacred. Being the Original White Wolf, all other Wolves are forged from his white healing magic. It is his will, to make the nature more beautiful and sacred with this gift.
Antonio, has no one special in his life-He is Single. He is not sure he has time for love in his life, he has other commitments and priorities in his life right now and since, his life always seems to full, but he might make room for one special girl in his life one day-that day is not today though. He has no children at the moment, even though he loves kids and would like to be a father one day in the future, he does not have time to raise children at the moment.
Wendy Moira Angela Darling is the oldest child of Mr and Mrs Darling and older sister to her two brothers John and Michael. Belonging, to a middle class London Society, she is a girl who is trained to be polite and have good manners.  It is hard to please her father since he is a short-tempered man and does not believe in getting from things off-lightly. At the age of 12-13, Wendy met one particular boy. Peter Pan-He flew into her window one night just watching her sleep, but after he ended up getting hurt and losing his Shadow. Wendy had to stitch it back onto him. It was a start of a wonderful friendship-And it was! He took her to Neverland with her two brothers, where they embarked on many adventures, she even met Pirates, Indians and Mermaids on her trip there. But things were not as perfect as they seemed. Even though Wendy and Peter seemed to be getting on well and her chemistry, there was one issue-He never wanted to grow up. Wendy on the other hand knew she would have to and a part of her wanted to grow up-have a family of her own one day. This eventually resulted in a fight between them two and after Peter saved Wendy from Captain Hook and his Crew, he took Wendy and her brothers back home where they belonged-They have not seen each other since then.
Her education consisted of her going to an Edwardian school which was rather strict and didn't leave her much space of being a very ambitious young lady-her choices were limited during school, but the fact she is middle class citizen, she has wide options of what to do her with her life. She is 19 years old at the moment  and trying to live her life to the full, as much as she possible can. She still helps take care off the lost boys, that returned with her and her brothers back from Neverland.
Apart from her relationship and feelings she had for Peter, she has not been with anyone else since then. Deep down, she misses Peter and hopes that he might return to her world one day. She is single and is not sure if she is looking at the moment, it might depend if someone else might come along and steal her heart, like Peter once did before. She has no Children yet either, but she hopes for them one day. She likes little kids and even though the lost boys are all grown up now too, they were like kids to her.
His original name is James Howlett. As a child, he discovered he was a mutant that had special powers:  Animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound, disease or toxin at an accelerated rate. The healing factor also slows down his aging process, enabling him to live beyond a normal human lifespan. He was shocked at first and driven into rage and pain when his father died-but he was not really his father. James killed his real father, in his grief and outrage. Which forced him to flee the village he lived in with his older brother Victor. Both brothers  tried to get by together on their own, and James came to realize, that his brother was just like him, only had a more evil side. As soon as both of the boys were old enough, they joined the war and they served for many years, they even got arrested at one point, but were let out of custody. 
He tried to move on after the war and he finally found some peace of mind, living in the mountains with Kayla. He felt happy in a long time and she accepted him and loved him for he who was. In his own eyes, he was a monster. But she did not think of him like that. After she told him a story about a moon and his lover Kuekuatsu. The name Kuekuatsu (The Wolverine) stuck in his head and when he faced the loss of Kayla, he named himself the Wolverine. After the metal adamantium got attached to his skeleton and he almost lost his life-he almost lost his memory. Suffering the loss of Kayla, drove him to be the man he is today.
He has never gotten over the loss of her, or over the fact that he had to kill Jean Grey as well. A mutant who later fell in love with, when he was known as Logan. Even though she had asked him to kill her-in order to save people from being hurt by her, he regrets it and the pain never leaves him. He still sometimes thinks that him being a mutant is a curse and that he is a monster that he once had described himself as. Maybe that is his eyes it always will be.
He has not been in a stable or a long-term relationship since Kayla and his feelings for Jean. He is Single and lonely. He has not found a girl to settle down with and finally be happy. Some people run away from him as they cannot accept who he is, some fear him. He is not sure if he is looking at the moment-only time will tell if he will find someone he likes. He has no children yet either. He might have children some day, if the right girl came along.
This man is not as simple as he may look: He may be known by many names, all over the world, in different religions. Everyone believes something different about him, but what they have in common is this: They believe this man is all knowing, all powerful, all loving. Yes, they are all talking about one man in Particular. God. The one and only, most powerful being in the world that created the earth, heaven and hell. Everything that is living and breathing on earth, is his creation-he calls it his masterpiece. He takes pride and time in perfection, yet he has to keep order between Good and Evil in the world. This is because, Lucifer disobeyed him, and the world now has to pay that consequence of there being evil in the world. He hates to punish those who disobey him and those who he trusted once-but that is life. It's something he has gotten used to over his millions of years of being Alive. The only person he can trust is his trustworthy advocate Amunet. She has been by his side and has helped him keep an natural order of things. She has taken Lucifer (Satan's) position after his fall from Grace. 
Education?-He knows everything there is to know. He invented Education for the mortals on earth. It is one of of the many creations he has in the world. He takes pride in it. It's his way of passing his knowledge to others.  He thinks that Education is important for the mind, it trains to have their own belief system and be creative with their imagination when it comes to writing and art and other masterpieces such as Films or Music.
He visits earth from time to time, where he keeps up a pretence to just like everyone else. He always changed his name and it's easy for him to fit in. He knows how to act and be like a normal human. It's something he has picked up over the many years, he has been there. He tries not to stay in one place for too long, as people will notice he does not age and will get suspicious.  He is known to be rather charming and he is a poetic person. He charms the ladies with his poetic knowledge, and magic tricks-or so they believe it is a trick. He is a lover of music and dancing.
As for love, this man has never known true love him self. He has watched people fall in love-people cheat on one another and many other things. But he has never falling in love with anyone before. He has been eternally single. He has no children either-but in away his creations, the mortals on earth are his children.
As For Amunet, she is God's right hand advocate. She has replaced Lucifer, when he disobeyed God and fell from grace. Ever since that moment in time, she was the only person that God could trust. She has been of great help, in helping keep everything in order. When she is on earth with God, she poses at his younger sister. Amunet is many things-She is an Angel of the light and darkness, Goddess of Mystery, master of the Harp and one of the Original women Angels, that never fell from Heaven. Her wings are perfectly intact and pure white as the snow. She is greatly respected by most people she meets, and she has respect for others as well.  If someone hurts her and God-she loses faith and trust in that person. She does not forgive people easily, when someone crosses her.  She barely loses her temper, but when she does it is not a pretty sight.  People who lose her trust, wish they have not, as she and God will punish them, in a way that is suited to what crime they have committed.   If she gives people a chance-it is one chance only. After that, they can forget about getting her forgiveness once again, as they blew their chances away.          She of course is a very well educated woman-she has learned from God.  He has been her personal tutor from when she was a little girl.  She may look young, but she very ancient girl. Her real age is not something she likes to talk about.  She likes to pass on her wisdom as well, just the general things: How to dance and sing. Art techniques, she does this when she is on Earth. People think of her as teacher, when she is there.
When she visits earth, she barely keeps her real name. She mostly goes by Astrid, Syrena, Marianna or Veronica when she is on earth. But in some countries like Egypt, she goes by her real name. Lot of people look up to her as she was named after the Egyptian Goddess Amunet-as they believe, they do not know the real truth, that lies beneath her pale skin and beautiful blue eyes.
Just like her master and tutor, Amunet has never been in love. The thought of heartbreak and being alone like so many people scares her.  She would rather be alone for the rest of eternity, then to love someone who would break her heart into millions of pieces. She is not a mother to anyone either, she likes little kids though. She always seems them on Earth, when she visits.                       



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