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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I'm from Brazil
I don't speak english very well
Love twilight saga
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
2007, 8
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
both, i love them both
Which Character Are You Most Like?
i really dont know
Favorite Books
twilight saga
princess diary
Ensaio sobre a cegueira(blindness)
What is Your Favorite Music
I'll fly with you - gigi agostin
all new metal and eletronic
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
the mummy
knight rider
Favorite Activities
read a book

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At 8:24pm on January 28, 2010, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I hope that they will have the background stories for both Rosalie and Jasper, Jacob kissing Bella and then Bella punching him, Alice kidnapping Bella and spending the night at the Cullen house, Bella’s phone call to Edward while she is there about how much trouble he is in, Bella sleeping on the couch only to wake up to Edward, the whole compromise discussion about marriage, college and Bella being turned. There is just so much that I hope that they have in the movie but these are the main ones I would like to see.

What scenes do you think the actors might or will butcher?
At 9:16pm on January 24, 2010, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I like the way they look in both New Moon and Twilight. I do think though that the characters appearances will fit more in New Moon than in Twilight because of the movie budget increase, but either way they look great in both of them. Ok that one's hard I think with the color scheme of the movie the werewolves’ pop out to the eyes more than the vampires but they both look great!!

What quotes/scenes would you like to see in the movie Eclipse?
At 8:05pm on January 21, 2010, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Yes and No, I mean I liked getting in Jacob's head and seeing things from his POV. I liked seeing how that pack life really was but with Bella being pregnant I had really wanted to hear the entire thing from her POV. I mean I'm not really upset that we don't hear everything from her POV but I still would have liked it. I liked hearing how he felt about everything from the pack to imprinting to all the Cullens and what Bella was doing with her life.

So do you like the way the characters look better in twilight or new moon. And who do you think is better looking in new moon the wolves or the vampires?
At 2:55pm on January 19, 2010, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I think everything in the saga was great!! But if there is one thing that I think should have been left out it would have been that there was no fight with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. I mean we are all lead and amped up for such a huge fight with the Volturi and nothing. I’m not complaining because I’m glad that the Cullens weren’t killed but I wish that they had maybe convinced the onlookers of the Volturi’s misuse of their power and there had been some sort of revolt where the Volturi were replaced or dismissed. Just something that had happened other than nothing.

Did you like in Breaking Dawn where she told book two through Jacob’s point of view?
At 10:34pm on January 15, 2010, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I do think that Alice never had a vision of Bella moving to Forks or meeting Edward and spending their life together. I think that if Alice did have a vision that she would have been able to see Bella and Edward fall in love, but that she wouldn’t know exactly who Bella was or when Edward would meet her. She also wouldn’t have seen Edward and Bella life together as vampires and having a family and all. I mean my basic idea of her vision is the meadow scene from the Twilight movie to the point that they are sitting and talking on the grass and then lying down and just staring lovingly into each others eyes. To me that scene is just so self explanatory of their love for one and other as well as their relationship at that point.

If there’s one thing in the whole saga that you think Stephenie Meyers should have left out what would it have been?
At 7:57pm on January 12, 2010, Bella Swan-Blake said…
NO that's fine...where did you go??
My holidays were good

Well I think that Bella’s power would have been just her self-control. I mean she had such self control after being born as a vampire that it was like she surpassed several new born years that all the Cullens and Bella were prepared for. Yes it may have just been that with how much time Bella spent with the Cullens had prepared her for this life that she was having her “newborn years” while she was human, but I still think that it was a special power of hers. I mean she was able to restrain herself from attacking innocent humans when she smelled her blood even though the fire in her throat told her to suck them dry. So that’s what I think her power would have been and I don’t think that Edward being unable to read her mind should be tied into her power.

Alice says she never "saw" Bella in Edward's future/saw her at all before Forks, that she never even had a premonition of Edward ever having a mate, etc -- do you agree with this or do you think Stephenie was just being lazy? If Alice were to have seen Bella in a vision before she (Bella) met Edward, what would that vision be of and do you think she would tell Edward about this vision?
At 8:54pm on December 7, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think that they wished that Edward would go back to Bella, but they knew how he felt about the situation so the subject was never pushed. I mean Edward felt that he was protecting Bella by leaving so if he went back to her he would only be putting her in more danger. Then since Edward wouldn’t go back to Bella and wasn’t able to let go of the pain they just left him be and didn’t want to push him over the edge and if that meant letting Edward leave and be on his own then they weren’t going to stop him.

Let's cast aside Bella's ability to "shield" people in Breaking Dawn... what do you think Bella's "vampire power" should have been? Do you think Edward being unable to read her mind should be tied in with her power?
At 8:12pm on November 30, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think that if Edward had successfully followed Victoria to Forks that he would have gone to see Bella, but I think that he would have done it so quietly and hidden in the shadows so that Bella would have never even known that he had even saw her again. I think that he felt that Bella would have moved on by then and only letting her see him would only make her more upset and confused then ever. Also I think that if Edward had seen how close Bella and Jacob’s relationship was becoming he would be upset but for selfish reasons like he felt Bella was his and would always be. But in all I think he would have smiled and had been happy that she was able to move on and find happiness again. Not that it had to be love but that she was happy and wasn’t hurting over him anymore, not that he would have known what Bella was actually feeling.

Do you think Esme or Carlisle ever asked Edward to go back to Bella, with how much he was hurting over her?
At 9:23pm on November 25, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I think that if he knew what was in store for him as a vampire and what his future was, I don't think that he would choose not to be one. He became a vampire for a reason and with his long life was able to find his one true love even if they were from different eras. Edward and Bella love each other so much that I think that he would go thru the pain and the life of a newborn all over again just to get to find Bella.

Ok so in New Moon at the end we find out that Edward spent his days tracking Victoria and he had followed a false lead while Victoria went to Forks. Now if Edward had followed Victoria to Forks do you think he would have gone to see Bella and let her see him? How do you think he would have reacted if he saw how close Jacob and Bella were becoming?
At 5:31pm on November 21, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Yes I finally saw it today and I loved it. I am planning on seeing it again!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Definitely that reunited love in New Moon. I think they realize just how much they mean to each other and the fact that they couldn’t live without the other one in their life. I don’t know but it is like the reunited love in New Moon is just so intensified from the love they found in Twilight which makes it that much more romantic. They each know that they are destined for the other one and would do anything to make sure that they can stay forever with each other.

Since Edward didn’t have a choice about becoming a vampire, do you think if he had the choice to go back in time and change it do you think he would want to go back and be a human. Because if did go back and change it he wouldn’t have met Bella his soul mate?

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