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Nicky and Donna Belle M. Bando are now friends
May 5, 2011
Nicky left a comment for KC
"I have not heard of those. What are they about? I am always up for trying out a new book."
May 3, 2011
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Apr 30, 2011
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Apr 28, 2011

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I love reading, listing to music, love animals, favourite is cats and most important, I love family time.
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I have read Twilight, New Moon, Ecplise, Breaking Dawn and The Host. I have only read then once as English novels are hard to come by.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I would have to say Bella.
Favorite Books
Breaking Dawn, The Host, The Walking Drum and The Colour Purple.
What is Your Favorite Music
All types with a few acceptions.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Lord of the Rings, Twilight(all), Titanic, The Matrix.
Favorite Quotes:
For every action, there ia an equal but opposite reaction.
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At 12:14pm on June 18, 2011, Lauralynn said…

I mean for what happened to her it made perfect sense to me.   All the blood shouldn't bother people because they show stuff like that on TV medical shows and crime dramas all the time anymore.  The more gruesome, the better the ratings.  

I wonder if Stephenie will ever finish Midnight Sun.  She had written me in Jan. saying that she had picked it up again and was writing, but she gave an interview in April and said that she was not working on vampires at the moment.  That she was all "vampire'd" out.   She said that she was working on a totally new series, so we Host fans still have to wait for our sequel.  I hate waiting. 

Well, I should go have breakfast and take my meds.  Take care!


Best wishes,


At 12:07pm on June 18, 2011, Lauralynn said…

My parents breed Himalayans when I was a kid so we had cats and kittens at our house all the time.  And any true cat lover knows that you don't live with a cat, the cat allows you to live with it.  They "rule the roost" so to speak. 

Waiting for Breaking Dawn is going to drive me insane!  I'm dying to see what her wedding dress looks like, aren't you?  They say that Kristen chose it herself and she has such great taste in clothes.  

Speaking of Kristen and clothes, that's one of the reasons why I've been so busy this week.  I was just doing some casual browsing on eBay last weekend and you'll never guess what I found when I typed in Kristen's name and hit send?  NUDE pictures of Kristen!  Only these weren't REAL pictures, they were pornographic pictures that someone had Photo Shopped Kristen's face onto.  I was shocked!  And furious!  I immediately contacted eBay and tried to get it removed.  They said they would, only they haven't and every day more pictures are added.  I've called them three times now and I'm at my wit's end as to what to do.  It's bad enough that this is happening, but these pics are out there were any kid could find them.  They are not in the Adults Only section where pics like that are supposed to be.  Do you have any suggestions as to what to do?  I'm willing to listen to anybodies advise on this.  Oh, as of this morning, they now of pics of both Kristen & Rob, and Kristen, Rob & Taylor in a three-way.  Something has to be done to stop this NOW!

Anyway, back to Breaking Dawn, it's my favorite of all the books.  And I agree with you I was in Bella's camp when she went after Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee.  I thought that was kind of perverted in my opinion.  I can't wait to see how they treat the whole Charlie finding out thing.  And they said that they had to tone down her pregnancy and birth because it would have been to graphic.  I didn't think it was too graphic, did you? 

At 11:46am on June 18, 2011, Lauralynn said…

Until people start to do this, the world will never find peace.

Your English is actually pretty good for it being your second language and all.  I wish I could speak another language.  I tried to learn French in high school, but then we moved and my new school didn't offer French.  In college I tried to learn Spanish, but I kept mixing up Spanish and French.  I failed basic Spanish twice.  I think the only reason I got a D- the third time was because the teacher took pity on my.  I never did finish college.  I was called on a mission for my church and when I came home I could never earn enough money to go back.  I want to finish online, but I still have the same problem, money.  I just need to go to one of those financial resource centers and see if I can qualify for any Grants or Scholarships. 

Did I tell you about my kitty?  I love my Lil' Boo!  He's so sweet and lovable and one hell of a purr machine. 

I got him at a Persian Rescue back in 2008 a three days after my mother died.  He is my sweet boy, my little sunshine, my pride and joy.  Can you tell that I love him? I shrink said that my affection for him would only last 3 to 5 weeks and then I would either start to abuse him or neglect him.  I just looked at the man like, " Are you crazy?!"  My family have been cat lovers since before I was born.  

At 11:22am on June 18, 2011, Lauralynn said…

Hey Nicky~

Sorry I've been so long in returning your email.  I've been so busy this past week which is very unusual for me.  I've had some health issues that I had to address.  Went to the doctor yesterday and had a biopsy taken on a growth in my mouth.  Now I just have to wait for the results.  So I'm on soup, pudding and ice cream this weekend, yum!  

I'm glad to hear that you no longer live in So. Africa.  Yes, I'm aware that it is getting very dangerous for non-indiginous people to even show themselves in daylight anymore.  Thirty years ago the world was calling for the end to Apartheid and the terrible treatment of the black people in So. Africa.  Now, it's just the opposite.  Those that suffered under Apartheid for all those years are now seeking revenge and nothing ever good comes from that.  Here in America we did away with the ownership of slaves of all races (though the Black people seem to think they were the only people who were ever enslaved on these shores) back in 1864, and still the Black community uses every opportunity to throw that fact back in our faces.  Reminding us how they were mistreated and abused.  I just look at them and think, "No one has mistreated or abused you.  No one has enslaved you.  True you might have an ancestor that was once a slave, but you're not the only one.  And it was you're own people who sold you into slavery to begin with."  If someone is especially obnoxious I'll tell them about how my family got to America....they didn't come over in comfort.  Oh no.  My family came over as Indentured Servants which was a nice name for White Slavery.  So don't go pointing any figures at me and calling me a racist or give me grief.  It's about time you let go of all your hatred and start to forgive.  Forgive those of your own people who sold your ancestors into slavery, forgive the people who owned your ancestors, and forgive yourself for the way you've behaved towards others because of your views.  

At 5:08pm on June 15, 2011, Lauralynn said…

No, you didn't scare me off, I've just been extremely busy.  I will write back, I just need a bit more time.  Sorry for the delay.  = (


At 7:37pm on June 9, 2011, Lauralynn said…

You should read them in chronological order, not the order in which they were published.  So the correct order would be:

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Bree Tanner, Breaking Dawn.  


Since Steph hasn't finished Midnight Sun yet I can't tell you just were it will fit into the line up.  It starts out the same place as Twilight only from Edwards point of view, but I don't know if she will take it all the way to the end of Breaking Dawn or not.  She's working on the book right now so we will just have to see when it comes out, no guarantee when that will be.  She's also working on The Host movie as well.  

At 7:23pm on June 8, 2011, Lauralynn said…

Dear Nicky,

I'm glad to hear that you finally got the books that you had wanted and that you also got my info on the trailer.  Were you able to see The MTV Movie Awards? Did you get to see the FULL trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 1?  If not, this is the link:


If you have, I'ld love to hear what you thought of the show and the trailer.  


Take care,

Lauralynn = )


At 9:11pm on May 3, 2011, Lauralynn said…

This is my kitty. Isn't he just too cute?!! His registered name is HRH Princes Pudd'ntane Henry Michael Kitty, Duke of York. A mouth full I know, but I just call him my Lil' Boo. 


At 9:08pm on May 3, 2011, Lauralynn said…

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA, that's in the northern part of the state on the coast.  I've lived in this area since 1982 (except for school and mission) but I don't like it.  I'm originally from a small town on the coast of Oregon called Florence.  If you've seen the Twilight movies, then you've seen what Florence was like.  Green, rural, logging town where everyone knows everyone because they all grew up together, went to school together from kindergarden to high school graduation.  I miss it terribly and when the Twilight movie first came out I would watch it over and over again every day for two months just to see the scenery.  The opening shot when the camera pans the desert and then goes over the mountains and it changed to pine covered mountains blanked in snow always makes me cry and then seeing the metal bridge...that's what Oregon is known for, it's intricate metal bridges.  Florence has one of the most famous metal bridges in the state.  It's because it has a hand carved granite foundation and is also one of the few double draw bridges in the state.  It spans almost 1/2 mile over the mouth of the Siuslaw River.

Here is a picture.  It's kind of small I know, but it's the best I could do on spot.






At 3:05pm on May 3, 2011, Lauralynn said…

I posted this to my page a couple of weeks ago:

Those wanting to FRIEND me, please send me a short message with your request telling me a little about yourself and saying why you chose to FRIEND me.

If you want to Friend each other, that's fine with me, but I would like to know a little more about you.  Like were in Portugal you're from, age, schooling, work, family, etc. ? Things like that.  


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