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hey iam the Officail Princess Layla Marie Volturi™

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Well Hello thier my Darling's My name is Layla Maire Volturi iam a Volturi Vampier .gaurd i have a special ability i control the fire and the wind and i torucher pepole to death too..and i also have a special gift too. i paly with danger's weapone's and other sharp thing's .iam APRT OF THE Volturi Coven iam the most strongers't Volturi Princess that ever lived our corss this world too. and if u make me mad u would wana stay away from me once's my eye's are red you would be sorry.i Have a Twin Brother he's name is Demetri Volturi to we are the most stornges't evil Volturi Twin's out of our Family my Mother named is Anabella and my Father name is Louie .we i have to aunt's Chelesa Volturi and Gianna Volturi and two Uncle's Felix Volturi ,Afton Volturi. and i have two Cousin's Caius Volturi, Athenodora Volturi. And my grand Parent's are Aro Volturi, Sulpicia Volturi. all of us in my family we are all stronger and pure evil and the most powerful volturi family ever if u come near us or corss us if u make all of us mad u will have to deal with all of us .
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?

Name: Renesmee Carlie
Age When Changed: I am a half-vampire and have been since I was born 1 year ago.
Age Since Changed: I have been part-vampire all my life.
Location: Just outside of Port Angelas, Washington.
Powers: (I know it's a long list, sorry)
Shapeshifting into objects
Shapeshifting into animals
Shapeshifting into other vampires/humans
Showing others my thoughts
Reading minds through the air
Reading minds through touch
Controling the bodies and minds of others
Sensing other peoples talents
Stealing/Copying other powers
Shocking people through the air
Shocking people with touch
Being able to take away or suspend another person's powers
Magic power infused powers (Because I'm a witch, this makes the power 10x stronger than normal)
Puting images into peoples heads
Predicting the future
Sensory deprivation
Sheild (mental and phisical)
Cloning myself and others
Ability to freeze time
Ability to make thing explode
Ability to run faster than the fastest vampire
Ability to hear about a new power and create it for myself
Giving powers to others
Ability to manipulate the weather and all weather patterns
Control of the 5 main elements (water, fire, air, earth, spirit)
Control of the 3 special elements (aura, energy, and chakura)
Mate: None yet
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
my twin brother Demetri Volturi what can say about him well he is sweet and fun to be with he help me a lot since's mom and dad went away for a while he is the best brother i could ever ask for and iam happy he is my evil twin evil laugh but i will awlays will love him .ps if u try to make him mad u ask for it smile's .
.Demetri Volturi Pictures, Images and Photos

my brother he is a tracker, hi's ability to pinpoint the location of anyone that can keep in contact with him He catches the "tenor" of a person's thoughts, and is drawn to it..
Which Character Are You Most Like?
me duh
Favorite Books

name: Eric Hale Volturi

age when changed: 17

age since's changed: 345 years

location: Volterra

power: teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy.

What is Your Favorite Music
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Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:

name- ♱Annabella Marie Volturi♱

age when changed.- 14

age since's change- 200 years

locatoin- Volterra

pwer- telekanises and mind reading


Favorite Activities
my soul mant Alec Volturi

my grandpa the Official Aro Volturi

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At 11:11am on November 29, 2010, embry call said…
How are you
At 2:59am on August 17, 2010, embry call said…
I'm good thank you
At 11:23pm on August 8, 2010, Alec Volturi said…
Baby I'm back u know that ill always love u and I do luv u ok

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