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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
-I'm Alice Cullen (born Mary Alice Brandon)
-I love my husband Jasper Hale (born Jasper Whitlock) and my family
-I'm a vampire as well as my family and husband and Nessie is a half vampire.
-I have the ability is to see the future, an enhanced version of my ability to have premonitions as a human. However, may ability is limited; I can is only able to see the outcome of a decision once it is made. Due to this, decisions made in the spur of the moment can not be foreseen. I can only see futures involving humans and vampires, but is unable to see those of werewolves or half-breeds, such as Nessie opps...Renesmee sorry Bella
-I enjoy shopping, make-overs, and throwing parties.
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
i don't need
to read it

i'm living it....
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
-my brother of course for bella..
but for me TEAM JASPER all the way..
Team Jasper Pictures, Images and Photos
Team Jasper Pictures, Images and Photos
team jasper all the way Pictures, Images and Photos
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I choose my character...
Alice Cullen Pictures, Images and Photos
Favorite Activities
-SHOPPING a girl can never have to many Things.

-MAKE-OVERS you always have to put an effort to make someone feel as beautiful as they really are..


this is making me to want to throw a party right now...

Latest Activity


everything seems has been like forever!!! char!!!

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About Me::

Alice Cullen New-Moon-Website-alice-cullen-7244946-566-349
Biographical information

Full Name: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen
Nickname(s): Pixie,Little Dark-Haired Girl (by Jessica Stanley),Shortie (by Jacob)
Age: rather not to say..
Died:1920 (as human)
Turned:1920 (around the age of 19)

Physical description

Hair color:Black
Eye color:Golden (Black when thirsty)
Skin color:Pale

Special characteristics

Abilities:Basic Vampire Abilities
Special abilities:Foresight & Clairvoyance


Loyalty:Olympic Coven


Play this Video!!! NewMooncast
Alice's early history is very vague, as she remembers nothing of her human life and woke up alone as a vampire. It is eventually revealed that she was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi and was kept in an asylum because she had premonitions, which intensified into her "special ability" when she was changed into a vampire. While at the asylum she was always kept in a dark cell, which is another reason why she remembered so little. Alice was changed by a vampire who worked at the asylum, in order to protect her from James, a tracker vampire who was hunting her. She and Bella are the only two people to ever escape James. She later had a vision of her and Jasper with the Cullen family. In pursuit of this vision, she found Jasper and the two moved themselves into the Cullens' house. After doing some research, Alice found her grave and discovered that the date on her tombstone matched the date of her admission to the asylum (she had stolen her file from their records), perhaps implying that she was "dead" to her family when they confined her there. Through her research she additionally discovered that she had a little sister named Cynthia Brandon, and that Cynthia's daughter, Alice's niece, is still alive in Biloxi.
Love Story
Jackson RathbonexAshley Greene Pictures, Images and Photos

nicolemissing Pictures, Images and Photosnicolemissing Pictures, Images and Photosnicolemissing Pictures, Images and Photosnicolemissing Pictures, Images and Photos
bittendesigns Pictures, Images and Photosbittendesigns Pictures, Images and Photosbittendesigns Pictures, Images and Photosbittendesigns Pictures, Images and Photos
Alice foresaw Jasper Hale finding her in a vision before he even knew he was looking for her. They met face-to-face in a diner located in Philadelphia, when Jasper was not a "vegetarian" vampire, where she told him that she had been waiting a long time for his arrival. A little bewildered but intrigued with her knowing him, Jasper "bowed his head like a good southern gentleman" and answered, "I'm sorry, ma'am." She offered him her hand, a non-verbal question of whether or not he would like to go with her. He did indeed take her hand, as the sight of it brought him hope "for the first time in almost a century". During their companionship and travels, Alice and Jasper fell in love. By 1950, they found Carlisle with more assistance from her visions and have been part of his coven (olympic) ever since. Alice and Jasper have been together since the 1950s, but are not as flamboyant about their relationship as Rosalie and Emmett are. They are stated to be soul mates and have been married legally once.[4] Their distinctly understanding love is what separates them from other couples, and they are both very protective of each other. Jasper is a new 'vegetarian' and Alice helps him through it. PICTURES:
Me & My men Pictures, Images and Photos jackson rathbone and ashley greene Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
200908211023-tm 3460803775_bb045856d0
Carlisle and Esme
Emmett and Rosalie..
Alice and Jasper
To-Love Me Do (title-Forever)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart &lt;3
New Moon Poster II......For ♥ℓuℓu♥
...Finally a place I fit, a place I shined...
Alice and jasper
alice and jasper...when the moon met the sun
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At 6:07am on May 23, 2010, Real Jasper Whitlock Hale™® said…
Hey Baby,
Long time, i'm missing you heaps!
Hows the family? Whats been happening down there in Forks.?

Love Jasper Whitlock,
At 6:09pm on December 24, 2009, Anabella Cullen Lunzel said…
HEY im good whats up?
At 11:25am on December 22, 2009, Official Bella Cullen™® said…
Hey dear , whats up?????? i've missed you so much qutie??? Im so busy with kinda everythin...

how is Jazz? i miss you guys so much...
*kisses* *hugs*
At 7:09am on December 17, 2009, σƒƒïcïαℓ Lauren B.H.Cullen™® said…
Me Either Auntie Alice*sighs*
she left me abandonned*cries*
At 2:22am on December 16, 2009, Real Jasper Whitlock Hale™® said…
whats wrong?
At 10:27am on December 14, 2009, °°Still belive in white light°° said…
Great! some thing new in your life?
At 4:38pm on December 13, 2009, Official Leah Clearwater said…
hey i know im good
At 8:46pm on December 11, 2009, Real Jasper Whitlock Hale™® said…
ok. thats alright then. =P

At 7:25pm on December 10, 2009, σƒƒïcïαℓ Lauren B.H.Cullen™® said…
Where she go?
At 12:01pm on December 10, 2009, °°Still belive in white light°° said…
*laugh* I'm fine thanks! and you? *smiles*

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