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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I wish i could change my past
Emo and Punk boys are hot ok? thats just a fact :)
I feel like my world crashes down everytime i fly :'(
I dont know where i fit in... i just sit in an open spot by the door when needed
I have a broken heart
me and my cousin agreed i must have some thing for short guys.. inside joke
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
2008 and 1 time for each book
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Both... depends on my point of view at the moment
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Alice and Edward
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Favorite Books
What is Your Favorite Music
Basically any rock
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
dont have any
Favorite Quotes:
"So the lion fell in love with the lamb."
'I may look and sound fine, but im dying on the inside' ~ me
"Real friends dont back out, they step forward" ♥
Favorite Activities
reading, tennis, listening to music, hanging with friends, etc.

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Posted on August 27, 2009 at 11:28am 0 Comments

...V...Put this ...A...On your ...M...Profile ...P...If ...I...You ...R...Have ...E...That crazy ...S...Obsession over vampires!

Posted on August 16, 2009 at 3:58pm 0 Comments

...V...Put this
...A...On your
...E...That crazy
...S...Obsession over vampires! Continue

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At 4:10pm on August 18, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
Lol yeah, I agree. talking dirty is just dumb. and rude.
Me too. and yeah, that's true.
Lol how tall is he? yeah, i'm not super tall. but not short either haha
5'3 and 5'4 are good heights :)
yeah, i noticed that :D i though it was funny too.
that's Sarah :) she doesn't talk too much if she can help it lol
well, my condition helped play a part in it, but other than that it wasn't it. :P I probably wouldn't have broken my leg if i had been all healthy and such. but oh well, the damage has been done :) I'll survive.
I wish you could sign it! :) but i'll sign it for you. i'll make your name look really pretty :)
Yeah, i got lectures. from the docs and my parents. and even Sarah! XD i think that one was the funniest, though. Because she can't stay mad, like, at all!
Yeah, i'm glad im out :) i hate the smell of it, and how everyone acts and stuff. its just depressing to me.
Lol alright :) enjoy. ... do you speak french?
Maybe... I don't really have pictures. lol but, i guess i could email you one or something if you really want... but it doesn't sound bad lol you're curious. :) whats your email?
That would be cool :) I would love to see a pic of my lil sis :)
Haha Alright, I will. You too :)
At 5:57pm on August 16, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
haha oh, alright. I'm glad :) if i ever say anything you dont like just tell me, please. not that i talk dirty or anything, but still...
yeah, sparkly! yeah, its just nasty when its dirty. or when it's slushy.
Lol I'm 5'10''. what about you hun?

Love you too :)
Ah, she left much to be explained, didn't she? L=
Well, it's really kind of embarrassing, truthfully. haha and it was so dumb. I was doing some of my old parkour tricks. =\ i landed wrong a little, my ankle twisted and I ended up breaking my leg. which was actually pretty amazing given my condition, or so the doc's say.But i was in and out of concousness for a few days cuz of the med's they had me on for the pain and crap. I also got this super long, boring lecture too Paige! ugh. I think the was the worst part about it all! lol i was about to die of boredom XD now i have this awesome cast though that everyone has signed. :) lol i guess it was just a big deal cuz of my illness, or what ever you want to call it.
truthfully, i think everyone overreacted, but... oh well :) haha i'm out again, though. so thats always wonderful :)
Yeah, she is. :) especially when she's in the sun. why? hahaha
yep, she does. lol and most people dont know it i dont think. i bet that would surprise her! lol that could be interesint :D oh yes, very tricky ;)
At 4:48pm on August 12, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
Lol yeah, i guess not. :)
Me too, but some people don't lol But that's alright with me :)
I think we were talking about the word "Sucks". not the actual S word lol you just seemed surprised and i was wondering if it offended you.
I like the sun too haha but snow can be pretty because it's sparkley :) ...not that we get snow here but... i think you probably do :)
Love you too :)
p.s. Yeah, she told me that she had told you. but she wasn't specific on how much, so how about you tell me all you know and I'll fill you in if you want me to?
I'm glad you two are getting to know each other, and she really is nice :) I thought you two would like each other, and she's a really good friend. she's the one who helped me when I first moved here and stuff. And most of the english i know she taught me! XD lol she speaks french too, did you know that? :)
At 5:13pm on July 29, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
Those sound like fun gifts hun :)
haha im getting there, i'll be old soon enough
Yeah, i was real messed up when i was younger i guess. but im better now in a way :)
Haha oh whooops, my language slipped ;) no more saying the S word little girl, it tempts me! haha joking. sorry, is it offencive to you though? :(
Well, im glad you're better than you were in the winter, but im sorry you were feeling so bad in the winter too. =\
Love you too.
PS Hun, im so so so sorry that i wasn't there for you this morning, and the past little while! Tell me whats going on, and if it's not too late i'd love to try and help :(
At 7:44pm on July 2, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
Aw, hun im sorry to hear that :( i really am! what kind of presents and stuff did you get?!! :) and yeah, congrats about that!! you're a teenager now! :) ...gosh you make me feel old though! lol it seems like forever and ever ago that i was 13!!!
you are very welcome :) its just the truth!
yeah, me too :) and thank you! haha
Good! don't ever even think about it either! yeah, i know though lol when i was bad, like forever ago ya know, i was depressed all the time. and it really sucked. but mostly just cuz i felt guilty and all that you know? i knew i was doing bad things, and it made me feel terrible. it sucked so bad... :( im glad im not like that any more! because you really do feel terrible. and i really hate that you feel like that! :( because i wouldn't want anyone to feel like that. =\
love ya
At 5:00pm on July 1, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
Well... first of all, if i'm remember correctly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D i wish i could be there w/ you celebrating, but ya know.... lol but i hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday! and i just wanted to let you know that you're AMAZING and you're an awesome little sis :) and well yeah, and a lot more. :)
but you are totally special!! :D of course. lol
Yeah!! :) it's great! and i love it lol but it might not last, so im not getting my hopes up quite yet lol
Awww hun :( Im so sorry to hear about all that! But i would just suggest reading the Scriptures more, Praying, and trying to do happy, uplifting things! :) but please please PLEASE don't commit suicide EVER. alright hun? :( i'd miss you too much! it makes up upset just thinking about it! :( Just always remember that God is with you and there for you (: and he loves you so so much! and me too! :D when you're sad, you can think of me and smile! :) cuz i want you to be happy sis!
Love you :)
Love, Garic.
p.s. and Happy Birthday again!! :) enjoy it.
At 8:05pm on June 17, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
:) haha why thank you. -bows- (; ahaha
lol alright. i'll try not to! for you, okay? =p lol
yes, thank you XD lmbo you're very kind.
and oh my gosh Paige im feeling SOOOO freaking good right now!! it's crazy! wow :) im in a super good mood. woooo. :) hahaha i think im getting better. thats what the docs are sayin' anyways (: and well yeah :D
<3 you too.
At 6:25pm on May 27, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
haha yeah, i suppose. but sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.
lol yeah, i suppose your right hun :) but, im modest, and im alright, right??
sorry hun. but i still dont know everything about here, and my English isn't perfect! haha you just added another word that i know though, so thanks! haha
Byee Paige :)
At 6:38pm on May 6, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
haha yeah, but i can't use that as in excuse, because i knew i was doing bad stuff and i knew exactly what i should be doing. lol not all the time :( sometimes its really really hard...
but isn't it better to be modest than to brag? ;) haha
aww. lol you're so funny XD but i'm sorry that it was really hot :( but i would have been happy to be there actually, just cuz i'd get to be with you more :) and its really humid here in Cali too. and yeah, it sucks. if we didn't have air conditioning we'd all die! xD
...may i ask what muggy means though? lol i've never heard that before...
yeah :) Love you too!!!
At 2:58pm on April 21, 2010, Je T'aime <3 said…
(oh and sorry it took so long this time... like a very long time :( things just arent going well and stuff... but its all okay :) but yeah, sorry it took so long.)

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